15 August 2007 – So What Happens Now?

Welcome to my Blog – I’ve finally got around to doing what I have had in the back of my muddled head for quite a while!

All the best stories start with “Once upon a time…” (except for “Call me Ishmael” or maybe even a description of how someone’s young tongue could not pronounce their name), even the ones with the impressive credits disappearing into space –  so I shall start my story with :

Once upon a time….

I realised it had been seven years since I slept properly.

That for five years I ‘ve been waking up with the words “you’re worthless” ringing in my head.

My so-called career looked like a what-not-to-do Powerpoint presentation, complete with exciting animations.

And my apartment had been taken over by The Stash.

So after a horrible three week period – I’ll tell you about that one later…

I packed up my crochet hooks (and spent a number of hours agonising over which UFO was most appropriate to take to my new life) and left what I knew behind.

Far behind.

what that was – is – again, something I’ll get to later.. 

Anyway here I am..

My life now has the following characteristics:

I have three toothbrushes.

One for each of the places that I sleep :

      a)  My apartment with the spectacular view that The Stash now firmly has claimed as its own. The Stash was given a room – that it shares with Computer One. However The Stash, being the amorphous creature comprised from Mohair, merinos (hey I’m Australian – we have to have some representation from the dominant species) and well – whatever else yarn I liked – has discovered there are no physical boundaries, only those arbitrary delineations between mine and thine, and stay out of mine or you’ll get thine..

Which is why I come home to find the rug in front of the Great Television God looks like a sacrificial altar – heaps of Paris Mohair here, a swathe of the 100% fine Merino (in two colours, peach and pink) there. Some isolated Thread (10# and 20#) maintaining its mercerised dignity amongst the Fluffed. And the UnFinished Objects staging a protest march – hooks bristling from their uncompleted bodies.

The Stash will NOT stay inside its room. And when it knows I’m coming home – it sends out its minions The Patterns to hide and set up outposts to commence the colonisation process in yet another room.

I love crochet.

 (I’ve just begun frequenting www.crochetville.org so I can talk to other people who try not to spit when what we are doing is described as “knitting”)

Its addictive.

But I do NOT know why on earth I have yarn in the Bathroom.

 Especially when its a bathroom I only see occaisionally.

Because my other two toothbrushes are not in that bathroom.

Toothbrush Two lives 185 kilometres south of Darwin, Northern Territory.

In a very little room, with Tv Two and usually Computer Two/Laptop One. The little room is part of a demountable four pack, hiding amongst rubber trees, wild mahoganies and other plants I dont know the name of scratching their living in the RED dirt of the Australian bush.

This is the quintessential Australia that people see in books here. The roads are graded red dirt. The Sunrises and Sunset would make any National Geographic reporter thump his photographer for missing THAT shade of mandarin shading to indigo with the black lace work of the gum trees shaded against it.

 It is old country here – you can feel that in the earth (which is my job now – moving dirt or at least, watching other people do it.) This part of the world has looked the same for aeons, and will keep on with its red red RED soil and scraggy trees.

The large yellow dump trucks?

 They’re just the newest form of dinosaurs on the block..

And Toothbrush Three?

Toothbrush Three lives in another four pack – not so glamourous or picturesque as the other one, but in a much Guccier location – Kakadu.

Only – I’m not there to sightsee.

I’m not there to crochet either but thats what I do in the evenings….

Anyway – thats enough for now, I have to do some more work with Hazards and Risks..

I will put some pictures up soon – if anyone is interested…..

If you are – leave me a hello!


~ by SB&C on August 15, 2007.

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