Day Two – In Which I Report My UFOs


 Not everyone has seen them.

But every creative person has them.

So therefore, I am not talking about the eerily lit aliens-have-landed type space ships capable of intergalactic travel only to come here and get panked on by someone with a large command of witty one-liners.

Un – Finished – Objects.

Those crochet (or indeed, any) projects that you just HAD to start and have either been seduced away or become too frustrated for words to finish.

You know what I’m saying…

That new bundle of yarn that you just had to start with right away (to the detriment of the other items in the basket), sometimes you even bought a new hook so you could start in the car on the way home.

Which in turn gets superseded by the latest cant-put-down-wool or hurled at force when it just doesnt work out.

Part of my job description (which doesnt exist in hard copy… or soft copy for that matter) includes running errands – being the only person on a Mine site who cant drive a Dump Truck ( I can, its just not part of my job description. Which doesnt exist.) I’m the one who gets to drive up and down the highway (130k speed zones rock!) to do “things”.

I have just returned from my latest hop to the halfway mark between our mine site and Darwin where I r’v’ed with someone else and took on a number of CAT parts.

I should clarify – these are bits for large trucks, not  paws and whiskers in a box.

Whilst on the drive I lapsed into that mental twilight (commensurate with safe driving however) and mentally catalogued my UFOs.

Therefore, Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to share with you my list.

I apologise for the lack of photos at this time, but the Great Yarn Muster will occur this weekend and photos will follow..

We’ll start in the Lounge room where technically, yarn should not be lurking but it has infested almost every corner.

On the Dining table there is the sewing machine that does not work (SMTDNW) – I dont know why but its under warranty and when I have a free moment I will return it; but more importantly there are the Bear Bits. Three heads and two headless bodies awaiting the moment that I feel inspired enough to attach them.

One head per bear though – I’m not weird.

 The bag of Bear makings – scraps of yarn from my grandmother (Heather Irene Docwra Heaton who left us 15 Jul 07) and some  50/50 Mohair Wool – for the heads, just fuzzy enough is sitting in the opposite corner of the room though.

That corner is also home to A Large Pile of Mohair. A veritable ALP of Mohair.

Which turns out to be an almost finished Afghan in my favorite “basket” pattern – chain 15 + 3, HDC along, ch 2, turn 90deg left, 2 HDCs in end, ch 2, turn 90deg, HDC in opp side of chain and then commence rounds in dc, ch 1, skip, dc for 5 complete rounds, then a round of HDC, repeat, repeat until its big enough. Add tassels to suit.

Drink Vodka in celebration.

So that accounts for the large pile of Beige Elfin – a limited edition quite thick Mohair blend released by Panda, only available through Big W. Was being sold for 50c a ball at the end and was SERIOUSLY a Good Buy. I have it still in a black/white/grey x 18balls. 10 balls makes a decent size afghan.

There is also a pile of 30 Mohair rectangles (the first repeat of the Basket pattern) executed in a beautiful aquamarine, white, blue and grey mohair called Sentiments.  From the chain Spotlight – (who are my LYS – little competition in Darwin) and they are so very nice to me.  This is a fabulous mohair blend – drapes, good weight, gorgeous colours, nice and inexpensive. So at some stage the yarn needle and I have to make a date to get these rectangles together. 

Theres more Sentiments in the pile – this time in the darker purple and lilac mix. 26 balls and 8 rectangles left over from making an afghan for my grandmother’s nurse.

 And underneath this all is a box of assorted purple, beige, chocolate, lilac and cream yarns that I’m making up as a sampler rug for my good friend Juliet.

If you were to open the drawer of the TV cabinet, you will also find a tendril of golden rayon thread, that is surprisingly heavy. Its heavy because there is 26,000 glass and pearl beads threaded on to it. Its going to be a shawl.


In pineapples with beads across each row and at the top, and on the fringe…

It will weigh a TON.

But be enormously beautiful.

On the floor in front of the TV is a rug that is the free range home to the most recent purchases courtesy of my eBay habit. Theres at least another 200 balls sitting on the floor at present.

Theres the two work baskets – one with mohair scraps and one with baby yarn scraps.

See – I AM organised. Although I’m fairly sure that if you were to fossick in the baby yarn scraps, there’s half a baby afghan in there.

Into the Study/Computer Room /Stash Pit – this where my yarn should live – and theres three baby afghans I know I need to finish. They are all acrylic which I know is easy care but … I just dont like it.

Theres the grey melange vest for my Dad – I started it based on the measurements my mother sent me. Using a Vogue pattern.

He came to visit (He likes Darwin. Specifically – the restaurants in Darwin) a month ago.

And I think my mother is slightly deluded.

Dad is not as fat as she thought he was. So I have the vest to frog and then remake.

ripit ripit.

I also have 9 squares of feather yarn that I have arranged to look like flowers which need to be joined with green chenille and mailed to a friend for her daughter.

I should point out I have been intending to finish this for 2 years now so it may have to go to the top of the roster.

 I guess I’m lucky – I live by myself, in a three bedroom flat. I dont have to justify my yarn purchases to anyone… I dont have to justify my Ebay habit to anyone…

Just wish I could find a way to keep The STASH under some form of control…


~ by SB&C on August 16, 2007.

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