Sick CATS and I get home to see what the Stash has been doing…

Sometimes a problem is so massively horrible that you just know theres not a lot you can say.

This morning started badly : I fell asleep whilst crocheting last night and I woke up in my very own lace weight merino coccoon. 


That is not a good sign.

Normally – I come to work and the morning looks like this:


Which is really fabulous.

But this morning – the world looked like this :

 referred to as “snot”

Which is so far from fabulous, you’d have to pack a lunch to go find it. 

And my heart sank…

Because as the Safety Officer I knew….

Something bad was going to be around the next corner.

And …

I was right.

This is not good.

One very unhappy CAT…

55tons of unhappy looking Dump Truck

Which was made even worse by going around the next corner (I use the term going very loosely – I couldnt move forwards in the mud so we were going sideways)  and finding this:


Another CAT with problems – this time : 2 blown tyres.

The Boss was somewhere between bewildered and bloody furious.

Mr Bridgestone however was thrilled.

Each tyre is worth $9,500 – we needed three new ones.

So I spent my day trudging through the mud and my boots ended up looking like this:

Muddy boots

Apparently I was inches taller!

At the end of the long and wet day, which improved not one little bit,  I got to drive home and fortunately didnt add anything to the ever increasing tally of roadkill ( I feel so guilty when I hit something)and discover that THE STASH is now completely beyond control:

 the-yarns-bedroom.jpg  the-stash-on-the-move.jpg

So my weekend is going to have to involve some serious yarn wrangling!!!

Will keep you all posted!


~ by SB&C on August 17, 2007.

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