Every Saturday is Christmas

I know there are people who celebrate Christmas in July, but thanks to the fact I only have mail (eBay!!!)  delivered to one of the toothbrushes, Christmas happens every Saturday morning here!

This morning started out looking like this :


Cold, damp and blowing a GALE.

Which really didnt encourage anything but….*gulp* housework.

In the interests of stash taming I tidied out three cupboards. I made a pile of clothes and things to take to the Salvation Army. I made another pile of rubbish to take to the recycling section at the tip. I packed all the glass bottles (ok.. I like wine …) into a box to take to the NT Craft council http://www.territorycraft.org.au/darwin/index.html  to give to my friend and the artist in residence Natalie Jenkins to be recycled as platters and jewellery. I also fished a couple more bottles out of the building’s recycling bin for her – she likes the more blue range. We were in luck – there was an empty Sapphire Gin bottle!

And I made a pile of stuff to be listed on eBay…. some yarn (being very hard hearted here) and some magazines and some clothes with tags attached I’ve never worn.

So I merrily beavered away, listening to The Corpse Bride while I worked, I love that song “If I touch a burning candle I can feel no pain”.

By the time it was light, and I had made more of a mess than was there before, I decided to do some work on The Gown.  If you read the Crochetville forum, you may have read my post wondering if I was insane to consider making a christening gown from Laceweight merino.

Its progressing somewhat slowly. But here are some new shots – and it has grown another six rows since my last post!

The bodice moving ahead… you can actually see how the trim will work now.

And once its finished (Hah!!!!) and blocked it might look ok!


Its just the math of 4mm per row really really really scares me.

Something else which scared me:

I went to the Post Office to collect my parcels:


You  see – there is such a thing as Santa – he just wears an Australia Post uniform.

And then had the fun of opening them:

The Debbie Stone

The gorgeous Rowan Spun is going to be a shawl – I think. The flowers are to have on hand as they are almost impossible to buy up here.

I’ve pottered around all day, tidying the house and reading my new book in between:


This is going to be a very quiet weekend, just me, the STASH and TV One. Before I head off to visit Toothbrush Three for the week…


~ by SB&C on August 19, 2007.

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