Tell me why – I dont like Mondays

There are some songs that stick in your head, and that is definitely one of them.

It is Monday but I’m not thinking of the song because of my animosity for the start of the week (even if my alarm does go off at 0440) but because I was watching The West Wing – Season Four again and that moment in the second episode where Tori Amos is singing and Toby and Josh are soaking wet, watching the news of the pipe bombing is one of the most emotional bits of tv I know. Its stuck in my head…

Its a terrible thing that I watch The West Wing from start to finish ( I mean Season one through to Season Seven) so often but the tv in Darwin doesnt really offer that much edifying viewing and I can concentrate on the crochet.

I drove back to Kakadu last night – fortunately not hitting anything. Last time I did the drive I ended up with a bat sprawled, dead across the grille. Ick factor was HIGH. REALLY HIGH.

Once I was settled and reunited with Toothbrush Three, I took hook in hand and worked on the Christening Gown a little more.

Yes, my friends, I am, I believe : insane (but most of you already knew this) to be attempting a project that is designed to be 80cm long when I’m turning out 4mm per row. I am already doing the quantitative surveying that you do whilst working: 

Each side started off with 50ch.

The sides grow 4dc each row.  I’m now at row 23. Thats 92+50 = 142 stitches per side.

 568 stitches around.

In two more rows I will join together under the arms which means I only have two rows of 150 dcs to work.

In laceweight merino, using a 1mm hook.

God Help me.

but I am starting to get the buzz from the project now.

You know it : the jitters when you have to be away from it and you want to keep working – just one more stitch… one more row in order to see how its growing. I want to be choosing the colour for the ribbon (mint green I think) and making the Irish crochet roses and leaves to decorate it…

I will also give it credit – its one of the more easily portable projects I’ve ever had. Two balls of yarn, 120gms total, a hook and it all fits into a ziploc bag with a photocopy of the pattern.

I am a bit afraid of keeping it clean out here in the Red Centre (and thats not a euphenism at all) so I wont be sitting outside chatting with the boys at night this week!

Enough for now. Some pictures later this evening!

hope to hear from some visitors too – I know you’re there!!!


~ by SB&C on August 20, 2007.

One Response to “Tell me why – I dont like Mondays”

  1. Hi crochet person
    This is just to see whether the system works! Liked the pictures -all of em. Now I want one of the rainbow serpent. Just lurk until it appears.

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