Taking a moment out of the Day

Its just past 10.

Though this wont get finished until later.

This would be unremarkable for most people, but for me it means I’ve been going for five hours already.

The project here on site is to build a dam (I always want to do the Bart bit from the Simpsons episode where they are dressed as beavers “the Dam door!” and Marge scolds him for swearing but I digress…) and we start the working part off (this is after eating breakfast and packing our lunch) with the morning Safety meeting, reminding people of the hazards involved in their workplace (50tonne dump trucks vs the rest of the world) and looking for a focus for the day.

 Yesterday was seatbelts.

Why people cant put on a seatbelt as soon as they get  into a car is beyond me.

And the holders of the Mine lease we’re working on are putting their foot down. And quite rightly too.

Today our focus is separation between vehicles.  Dump Trucks have a max speed here of 40ks. But 50tonnes doesnt exactly stop on a postage stamp.

Trying to encourage/enforce at least a 50metre distance between them, let alone stay clear when they’re going up a ramp is not as easy as it seems.

You only have to watch a Dumpy start to slide a little to realise that things could turn to custard in a hurry, and thens not one thing you can do about it.

 So to take time out I took some photos this morning. 

This is the best one for shrinking to a size that doesnt kill people’s bandwidth.

but still makes you say “wow”. 

Mount Brockman reflected in our dam

 Yep – thats the view from the window here.

 On the Crochet front however…

I have literally turned the corner on the Gown’s bodice. Last night I joined the underarm points together and the rear split and then two more rows of DCs which go so much faster when theres only 316 of them and we’re now back into the puff stitches. 

The bodice is getting there

I have found the Irish Crochet motif that I want for the front: a spray of flowers with leaves. It has some cord/circlework so it will be in keeping with the fineness of the merino.

I am looking forward to getting through the next six rows that make up the border part before getting onto the Skirt..

No. Really.  I am.


~ by SB&C on August 22, 2007.

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