Another Friday, another update

                                              It is Friday, which means a number of things.

but, first let us look to the East.

 Sunrise in Kakadu

Yes – there is the first hint of that colour.

Its Friday, my bags are packed, I’m ready to go.

I’m on site, talking about safety, reminding people that Dump Trucks are NOT THEIR FRIEND.  That rocks are not good for tyres.  That whilst safety helmets are the grown up equivalent of the cursed orange Stackhat we all hated to wear as kids, YOU STILL HAVE TO WEAR IT.

Its a long day, starting at 0440, which has been good for teaching me a lot of new swear words to say when the alarm goes off. The thought of breakfast at 5, nope, its not good for me either. So I pack my lunch – now, I’m going to make an aside for a word on the food in Mining Camps.

         Its terrific!

I firmly believe that you would have to TRY to eat badly in the two camps I live in (alternating weeks, its almost like  a custody agreement). Salads for lunch, hot food for dinner, its good.

          Toothbrush Two’s camp (south of Adelaide River) is probably my favourite, the variety is excellent, the cuisine, whilst not hugely upmarket is really, firmly, GOOD.  The best I’ve eaten there so far was a Green Chicken Curry with plenty of green beans that I had to go back for seconds on.

Toothbrush Three’s Mealhouse is also very much in the “hot, tasty and plenty of it” category.  Last night ,the main course choices included pork spare ribs, spaghetti and …. salmon quiche. Let me assure you – real men DO eat quiche. And so do small Safety Officers.

Where was I?

Oh yeah – Lunch.

I pack my lunch in my brown paper bag. I go to work. And I spend more time talking to people, looking at the scenery, the dump trucks, the people, and hoping the three wont combine into a horrible bloody mess. 

Next week I’m hoping to bring to you a photo essay on the subject of Boots. Specifically the variety of Boots that you see around the place.

A good pair of boots is strangely satisfying. A Bad pair – it can ruin your whole day. More to come.

Now – for the Crochet fans, who are beginning to wonder why there is so much talk about boots and dump trucks in a Crocheter’s blog, heres my progress thus far on The Gown…..

*cue drum roll*

Last night, dear friends, we reached a Milestone.

Christening Gown

Can you see it?

Yes – I finished the bodice section (as shown) WOOHOO WOOHOO and am on to the THIRD row of the Skirt (another picture to come -battery issues sorry!).

This prompts an entirely new round of quantitative surveying. we have about 80cm of Skirt to make. Each row takes about 20minutes, and is another 4mm further down. 80cm divided by 4mm is 200 rounds (argh!!!!!)

200 rows and 20 minutes apiece….. 40000 minutes… or about 67hours.


Then I have to do the sleeves.

I’m also heavily toying with the idea of making an underskirt/petticoat sort of thing to go with it. From Lawn.. or voile (and there’s a word someone will have to teach me to pronounce before I go to a store) with three pintucks that I then edge in the same bands as the bodice and the four rows that make up the pattern of the skirt. So theres a really lovely waterfall lacy effect.

Sounds great.

Couple of problems.

Firstly – The Sewing Machine That Does Not Work may hamper the sewing segment.

Remind me please, someone to get in touch with the warranty people soon!

Secondly, my sewing skills will need some improving.


I’m still harbouring a suspicion that I’m barmy to be making this at all…..

Anyway. Its back to work for me now…

Or at least – I might go and eat my lunch : Cucumber slices, carrot sticks, slices of Roast Dragon (our family name for Silverside or corned beef. Have a look at it sometime, you’ll understand.) and beetroot.

I *like* beetroot.

Ok – thats it – more crochet tonight when I get home to strangle The Stash some more.


~ by SB&C on August 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “Another Friday, another update”

  1. What a busy week you’ve had, small safety person.
    Back to earlier blog – the most emotional bit for wingnuts has to be when Donna is told that Josh has been shot…yes? no? maybe?
    Glad you’re eating well – although the combination of beetroot and crochet doesn’t bear thinking about…
    Christening gown is coming on a treat – and voile is pronounced to rhyme with oil. Didn’t they teach you that at your posh school???
    I’m still struggling with the knitting needles and 1970s vest. It won’t grow!

  2. dont forget to get in touch with the warrany people, just stopping by to say hello 🙂

  3. Thanks Barb!!! Can you remind me when I’m not 175km from the nearest town??
    In fact I do need the sewing machine (though Mum has offered to help which might be the best idea) to make the petticoat for the Gown…

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