Tuesday With Toothbrush Two

My first question is: who was it who found my blog using the search terms “toothbrush basket pattern”?

 And secondly: Was it me you were looking for???

Good Morning and welcome to Tuesday.

Our photo this morning is of the Morning Star over the water here at Brocks Creek.

Cant get tired of early mornings when they look like that!

 early over fhd

Where are we at today?

Australia wide – the terrible news is the Equine Influenza. In some ways its reassuring that the various Departments have acted so quickly, preventing horses from moving ANYWHERE around the country but at the same time, the fact that Australia, which has always prided itself on our quarantine protocols, has been hit by EI is quite disturbing.

Anyway Sonn, Isobel, Nero and my half of Tess are all safe and well. This is my favourite photo of Sonntag (Frogrock Revolution) enjoying being out in the Cotter River.

  Sonn glad to be out

And this is Isobel with my Mother.

My mother is the one wearing the hat.


 Isobel and the Mother_figure

My mother likes my Blog because it tells her where I am… 

My mother is also terrified of horses so the fact that she’s holding Isobel is quite remarkable.

If you’re horsy and you know of Dreamtime Oprah, (www.dreamtimepark.com) Isobel is Oprah’s dam.


Safety boots talk.  In my role as a Safety Officer at the home to Toothbrush Two, I’ve been liaising with the other Safety people to reorganize radio channels. I’m waiting for a contractor to come in and conduct six monthly inspections on equipment. I have covered the Project Managers desk in the revised SOPs. And there’s a new Injury Management plan. Its all happening here!

The drivers are driving, the excavators are excavating, the Dozer is dozing flattening rocks – it all makes for a lovely scene: We are making the earth move!

The earth to be moved

On the crochet front:

I actually haven’t picked up my hook since I got here on Sunday night.

This may seem like heresy to the crochet fans but there is a valid reason.

I haven’t had a chance.

Hopefully tonight I can make some real progress!

So as I don’t have any progress shots to give you, I thought we would discuss some of the tools that a crocheter needs that doesn’t actually involve a hook and yarn.

1.         A Hammer. Doesn’t need to be big, but when doing beaded crochet and you realize you have too many beads, you apply hammer to bead and hey presto!

 Problem solved.

2.         Clear Nail polish. When threading the beads onto the thread, I dab a drop of clear nail polish onto the end to make it easier to string them on.

3.         Tweezers. When working with really fine threads, these help to weave in ends. And when you knock over a wineglass on the tiled floor next to the couch, and stand on a shard of glass, you know where the tweezers are in a hurry. It saves bloodstains all over the house as you hop around trying to find something to get the wretched bit of glass out.

Ask me how I know this.

4.         Bead reamer. I think this is the coolest thing. When threading the 26,000 beads for the shawl (which is on the “to do” list), I discovered that the pearl beads weren’t drilled big enough for the Baileys Irish Cream coloured rayon. So I had to redrill every single pearl bead. That was some 768 of them.

5.         Tape Measure. There is a reason why patterns talk about gauge. My advice to any crocheter or knitter is RESPECT THE GAUGE SWATCH, they will save your life/sanity.

 Also – Its so encouraging to know that you have a piece of work that you have been frantically beavering away at for three hours and measure it, to find its only grown 2.3cm.

6.         Magnifying Lamp. When working with #30 thread, weaving in the ends can be tricksy. The lamp has a magnifying glass that makes my fingers look HUUUUUGE but makes each stitch easier to work with. The lamp also helps enormously with black thread.

7.         Box to keep hooks in. I’ve looked at the rolls for hooks. I’ve looked at jars. I found a great padded box at Spotlight. The reason it’s great? I had a major problem with escaping yarn needles and now I can poke ‘em into the box.

Just don’t step on it.

8.         Ironing Board. Amazing how useful these are.

9.         Polystyrene boxes. Even more useful. When stiffening thread angels, having these to pin the angels to hold their shape as they dry.

10.       Clear Spray Paint. I live in Darwin where the humidity is phenomenal. Stiffening thread items so they hold is a challenge and a half. Sugar solutions don’t hold and its unnerving to find your latest creation being munched on by green ants. So far the best method I have found is an initial soaking in a 2:1 white craft glue/water mix, then another two brush overs. The trick is here not to get too much glue so you lose the “shape” of the stitches and not to get it too wet that you dissolve the glue from last time. Once it is set, and you’ve removed any excess, give the Angel, snowflake etc a coat of clear spray paint.

Wait for twelve hours, give it another one.

Wait another twelve hours.

 You guessed it.

Et Voila! The result is an Angel who stands up for herself.

11.       Pins. Lacemakers Pins. Pins that don’t leave rust marks on white thread when you’re blocking. This is Important.

Anyway – that should do us for now. If you have some spare thoughts send some to the people whose horses are affected by EI.

If you have any non-standard crochet helpers please drop me a line!

Otherwise, keep on truckin’ and hookin’…


~ by SB&C on August 28, 2007.

7 Responses to “Tuesday With Toothbrush Two”

  1. Hi Manda, how sad about the horse influenza, I am terrified of horses, haven’t rode in years, but still find them to be the most beautiful animals.

    Your “mom in the hat” remark made me LOL big time, you really should be writing in a profesional media 🙂

    crochet tip, when trying articles of clothing on your pets, in my case my cats, a) keep a first aid kit on hand for scratches to your body
    b) sedate the cat
    c) use a cat that has been declawed and is not embarassed to be seen in pastels

  2. Hey Barb,

    My mother agrees with you on two things – she is still terrified of horses and I’ve been riding since I was five. She actually owns Nero (who is Isobel’s last foal) as she bought him back for me, but she just isnt comfortable around them. She also agrees that I should be writing a book about my life in the mines – Theres a lot of material I’m trying to find time to put into my blog!

    I’m now waiting for the Mother_figure to log in and complain about The Hat Photo and/or Remark!

    And – my question for you is: how many cats are NOT embarassed to be seen in pastels????

    I will have Mom consult our Deux L’orange Chats (is that correct?) and get back to you shortly!!

  3. Oui c’est bon! you’re all ready to move to Canada now, as long as you stay with people with two orange cats, you’ll do fine.

    And I really see no wrong in cats in pastels, it’s not like I put them in polyester ya know. It’s all about the cattitude >.<

  4. I have visited Canada (Vancouver, Banff and Calgary) – once upon a time.. and I have a LOOONG standing email friend ( Hi Mer!!) who lives in Toronto.

    Wouldnt a cat in polyester have the WORST static? I mean – the humiliation of having socks stick to your fur??

    As for cattitude: Our two Orange Mogs are Centime and Pfennig.
    They are active critics of the yarn based hobbies.

    Pfennig’s appreciation of my crochet talents includes treadling the Red throw I made for Mom’s bed and she (Pfennig) also has her very own orange bed rug with a fluffy white border.
    Yes – I crocheted for the cat.
    Centime, on the other hand, is the AntiChrist of Crochet.
    They’re not ears, but small pointed orange yarn-seeking-radar-wool-trackers.
    Whenever I’m home and crocheting, two small pointed orange ears appear from behind the armrest and she grabs my ball of yarn and makes off with it.
    When Mom is knitting, Centime sucks on the yarn so you have the ick factor knitting with wet yarn.
    Double Ick points for the cat-breath smell.

    What makes it worse – I chose Centime.

  5. it could have been a worse photo – at least the hat is covering the face.

    You might like early morning skyscapes but tonight those of us on the east coast and more temperate climes are being treated tonight to an orange moon courtesy of a lunar eclipse. I’m waiting to see what effect this will have on orange cats (les chats orange, I believe). One is outside decimating the moth population – if only she wouldn’t bring them in to play – and the other is keeping the bed warm. So far – business as usual.

  6. Hi Mum!
    You know – I *have* a worse photo of you – its the Heffalump that really really liked you 🙂 .
    We have the Lunar eclipse up here too (its not just for you Southerners!)
    But it was one of those surreal moments when you’re watching the Lunar eclipse and there’s a bunch of miners around you, that you are leading in the singing of …. there’s only one song to sing!
    “Hope you have got your things together,
    Hope you are quite prepared to die.
    Looks like we’re in for nasty weather,
    One eye is taken for an eye.
    Dont go round tonight, cos this town will take your life….
    There’s a Bad moon on the rise”

    Someone just brought a legless lizard round to show me. I wish these guys would come to deal with the fact that no legs doesnt worry me; eight on the other hand- I inhume them with extreme prejudice.

    Love to the mogs!

  7. But you wouldn’t make it through the nanny filters for distributing elephant porn! I swear I didn’t know……
    and I wouldn’t tell ’em about your view on eight legs – that would be asking for trouble!
    Original lot your miners – I hadn’t heard that theme song mentioned down here. I thought you would be facing the wrong way up there in NT to see the moon. We had a mini street party here – with the US kids down the block throwing around many ‘ahsums’. No effect that I could see on our oranges though. One couldn’t give whatname and just sat by her food bowl – other one continued to increase her body count of moffas for the season. Nothing wrong with our mogs!

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