Did you see it?

A darkening shadow falls across the sky, veiling the white Moon Goddess, leaving only a blood red orb, these are Bad Omens.

Oracles predicting the end of the world, only to look a bit shamefaced when it all comes back again – or worse: smug because *their* god fixed it all right up, so pray to him or we’ll wind your entrails out on a stick to read the future next time.

This means You.


It all bodes ill.

Bodes, bodes, bodes.

Almost the Entire Camp here at Toothbrush Two Land was up and whilst not engaging in sky-clad revelry (and trust me, that’s A GOOD THING), were certainly making merry as the Lunar Eclipse took place last night.


The photos aren’t brilliant (need a camera other than the little Sony Cybershot) but this one is kinda cool. Its Lousy photography but kinda Cool.

  A Bad photo

Yes, if you read my comments on yesterdays post to Mother_figure, we did sing the only song appropriate to the Evening:

“Looks like we’re in for nasty weather,

 one eye is taken for an eye.

Don’t go round tonight, cos this town will take your life,

There’s a bad moon on the rise.”

It wasn’t as funny as the other day when four dentally-suspect Miners spontaneously broke out singing Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang as we bounced along an Outback-red road. That was one of those surreal moments that you’d enjoy but you’re too busy looking for the hidden cameras.

And what really got me: They knew ALL the words!

There were Kangaroos sniggering in the trees, I’m sure.


Since the world didnt actually come to an end,  now for our regularly scheduled Safety Boot Report:

  Todays Safety Boot Today’s Boot is a Rigger boot. They look like very much Motorcycle boots and are steel-capped pull ons.

This morning so far: another couple of tyres blown, to the joy of the Bridgestone organization and our general heartache.

If a journalist wants a good story – do some research on the numbers of Dump Truck tyres available and the price increases in the last few months.

It’s not a good situation.

The other thing that people should know, and I find interesting. In my old life (which we’ll get to) random breath tests and compulsory urine/drug testing was an insult.


How DARE Someone breath test ME?????

There were Acts ratified to allow it.

Here in the land of the shiny rocks and the prowling yellow CATs, however, it’s de rigeur.

  Shiny Rocks Had to get the photo of the Shiny Rock in….

At least it would be if that wasn’t classed as a big word here and I shouldn’t bother them with that foreign stuff apparently. Or – I should be the one who knows it, so they can ask me when they can’t think of the right words to use.

But yes, every morning, all the operators (not DRIVERS, they OPERATE the vehicles, you don’t drive them….. whatever… It’s the same as the “boats” and “ships” argument)  .. all the operators are breath tested. If you are going into the Pit, you are breath tested.

An open cut pit

Drug testing happens randomly but they all seem quite chuffed that they have a negative test on record.

This morning, there was one person who returned a positive test for Alcohol, the level is not important – anything above 0.0000000000000%; you’re going back to camp.

The numbers are only important to determine if you are allowed back tomorrow.

But all miners are happy to blow into the machine, which is calibrated, and there’s not a murmur of complaint.

Why do I raise this? Not just to illustrate safety standards in Mining but…

The question was raised two weeks ago, which made me stop and think – if they have to be breath-tested in order to work, and be paid (a fairly decent wage), why cant those on welfare, or collecting unemployment also be tested before they get given their (our tax) money??

See – Miners are not just dumb Dump Truck Drivers. They are Moon-worshipping Drug-free, Responsible-Alcohol-Using Operators with a Social Conscience.

crochet  Crochet time…

As I only managed one row of the Gown last night, which is not worth showing ANYONE (I mean, you’d need to be a real aficionado of Laceweight yarn to realize how much work is in that) I thought I would talk about Crochet as a whole, its public face and some of the things that really water my flowers instead.

There are so many aspects to crocheting that make it something to cringe at a little (or a lot). The same things that make you cringe at 70s and 80s photos and films.

The hairstyles, the makeup. The boxy suits, the shoulder-pads. The interestin’ earrings.

The Music.

Yep. Makes you wonder what we were thinking.

And how much Ken Done and Jean-Michel Jarre have to answer for.

It’s the Doilies, the Pineapples, the Granny squares.

The overuse and abuse of Granny Squares.

Repeat after me: Rugs, yes, Vests, No.

Its the colours.

Nothing in the Crochet world turns my stomach faster than that ACIDIC aqua blue, the repulsive Turquoise Green and any of the horrible mustard colours.

Actually, I lie.

One thing does and that’s BAD YARN.



Honestly, people!!!

That 100% Acrylic that you bought for 99c at the $2 shop is NOT GOOD YARN.

It’s CRAP!!!

And like bad horses eating just as much as a good horse

    (for the difference: see fuglyhorseoftheday.blogspot.com )

BAD YARN takes up just as much room as GOOD YARN.

And don’t call it WOOL – its Yarn.

WOOL comes from a sheep.

There are some good acrylic yarns around but Really Good Yarn is the stuff you cant get enough of.

It makes your yarn radar twitch when its about.

It’s the stuff you buy on eBay or order directly from someone in Kentucky, who combs her own rabbits and does what ever you do to goats ( No – not that!), and then handpaints it, and spins it and its unputdownable.

It’s the Mohair that is so lemon butter soft I’ll even forgive it for shedding. It’s the natural glow of handspun merino, gently dyed to a colour that you find in nature and not because you added a bit more of whatever chemical was left. It might cost something you don’t tell people to buy per skein but ITS WORTH IT.

Any project made with bad yarn, will be a BAD THING.

Nuff said.

Tapestry Craft – www.tapestrycraft.com.au if you dont believe me!



~ by SB&C on August 29, 2007.

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