This was going to be Thursday but now its Friday

This was supposed to be Thursday’s post but when your morning involves things that look like this:



Caution Tape



You just know that its going to be a long long long loooooooooooooooooooong day.


Especially, if you know whats on the other side of the Hazard tape.





And you were the one who put up the barrier.





At 2130, when the Pit was closed.





And you know what’s on the other side.





In open cut mining, rock slides happen. It’s a fact of life.

Rock slide in an Open cut pit



And this one is much less scary than it looks.

(bad photography I know but I like playing with settings)

Dump Truck

Trust me.


I walked down into the pit, 20 minutes after it happened. Took a lot of photographs. The geologist and I weren’t prepared to get too close to the scene as there were still a few little trickles happening occaisionally.


I took photos, the excavator operator cut a small ramp so the operators in the machines on the pit-floor could walk out and the geo and I evacuated the drivers of the vehicles on the other side. We had some laughs in the Landcruiser on the way home but this situation could have been far more serious.

Miners around the world are killed in rock slides and cave-ins.


This is an Industry where your safety procedures, your everyday business practices have to be spot-on otherwise someone will get dead.


There’s no two ways about it.

Dump truck and rocks

Our people were lucky, our procedures for dealing with the emergency held up to the test, the Department of Primary Industries, Fishing and Mining was happy, we all get to go home.



The nightmare is that one day, we wont be that lucky.

It may seem mercenary to be going after Gold.

But it’s in everything: Jewellery, computers, telephones, satellites, medical equipment and teeth.


I’d rather no one died so someone else can have a gold necklace.


*shuffle pages* *look up at the camera and smile!* 


And now in Crochet news:


This morning, as I’ve still only made microscopic progress on The Gown, and there’s been a lot more emphasis on the Safety Boots side of my life this week, I thought I would show you the cream blanket that is in my avatar picture.profilepic7956_1.gif This one I made about a year ago because I wanted to use up the 1kg ball of Cream Acrylic (ugh!) yarn that came from my Gandmother’s stash about a year before. Not that I wasnt grateful for yarn at that early stage in my crochet career… but my tastes have matured!


Now, I’ve said it before and I will most definitely say it again: I’m not a fan of acrylic for large projects or garments, except baby things because they NEED to be able to be washed easily, and without shrinking. The reasons are very simple – the “wool look-alike” polyester yarns tend to be scratchy. They have a yucky feel when you take a hook to them and the colours just seem wrong to me. Any project made with these acrylics really just doesn’t shout out about the time and care involved in making them.

Cream Afghan

Anyway –  this afghan is a very simple fan stitch, with a border made from Puffs and HDCS to give it some weight and texture. ANYONE could make this afghan, and it will teach you some lessons about different stitch types (HDCs, Puffs, chains and keeping the tension the same through out) as well as how to calculate repetitions.



This would be a great “first” project for someone wanting to learn to crochet, plus it grows quickly, which is always rewarding.

 I don’t “love” and worship this afghan the way I do some of my pieces but it has some redeeming features.

A simple afghan

Firstly, I like the way it wraps around me when I’m cold and it does get cold here in the middle of the Northern Territory. Secondly, it’s a touch of homeliness for my house here in Toothbrush Two land. Thirdly, it’s easy to wash and that’s IMPORTANT here amongst the red dirt.


Fourthly – I like the fact that this is an example of crochet, but it’s not cringemaking. People see it and want to know about it, because it’s not a horrible colour, because its not the stereotypical 70’s crochet granny-square blanket, but it’s something that people want to touch and look at.

I’m just ashamed that this afghan not lovely lovely wool, 100% Australian Merino from Bendigo Woolen Mills but I’m here in the rough edges of the Northern Territory, and I couldn’t do that to the wool.


Tomorrow is Saturday – and there might be something for me at the Post Office if I’m a Good Girl.


~ by SB&C on August 31, 2007.

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