A problem has arisen….

Its Fathers Day (and I haven’t forgotten – Dad’s present, courtesy of Bunnings Hardware is on the bench), have you remembered your Dad today?


I’m calling mine later.

The Blot I’ve found on the Landscape though, is not so much landscape – but a Fridgescape.

I was thinking about Breakfast.

Now in the Land of  Toothbrushes Deux et Trois, breakfast is something I semi-skip – I go in when breakfast is being served to pack my lunch and I make a vegemite sandwich that gets eaten sometime around… 0930 depending on what the CATs are doing.

Or have done.

And whether there’s an Ooops involved.

Noting that any Oooops involving 50tonnes of Dump Truck is never likely to be easy to resolve.


So Breakfast back with Tb One, is something that I also consider optional but I like to indulge occasionally. And in fine style.

After dealing with my usual round of insommaniacal pottering,  I took myself to the kitchen, and opened the fridge and discovered I have a problem.


Can you see it?

Empty fridge


Several problems, in fact.

First , you’ll notice the number of bottles – Tomato Sauce. Blackcurrant Cordial.  Lime Cordial. Tikka Masala Spices. Soy Sauce. Absolut. More Absolut. Water bottle. The Corona twins. The Kahlua hiding at the back and the Seafood Sauce that has collapsed on its side.

Don’t even ask about  why the two different types of Vodka.

Or the age of the Seafood Sauce.


You may note there is a lack of food.

There is:


1 Egg,

2 elderly Limes

2 tubs of fruit in juice

A jar of Asparagus.

And that is IT!

Its not really anything that counts as food!!!!!

Anyway – I’m eating the one of the Pears in Pear juice fruit cups now and then I’m going out…

Once I show you this…


I’ve noted that today is Father’s Day, and I mentioned in a post on Crochetville about friends who were trying hard to have a baby and I told them to hurry up so I could crochet for them.

Three weeks ago, the little one turned them into parents.


I was the first person they told.  They were arguing over which family side to call first and then when turned to the mobile to start calling, my name was not only first in their phone but I was also the closest geographically – I was literally zooming in from TB3 when small person arrived.

Anyway, not only do I claim cuddling rights – the rug that he is lying on – is mine. It’s the letters of the Alphabet done in Puff stitch – I used the Carons Simply Soft one from crochet pattern central and made a few changes.


 crochet ABC blanket

That is it underway with a wooden crochet hook from WoodbyC on eBay (this is the Santa fe in F). It used 22x50gm balls of Panda Holiday 100% Australian Merino Yarn. This is good honest wool, not the “best” quality but it washes really well which is IMPORTANT around anyone less than 60cm tall. It also has a lovely sheen and I do find it amusing when there’s still the odd burr or bit of stick in it.

So its good, without being Good.


Crochet puff stitch ABC blanket

This is the third version of the Rug I have finished, all have gone to people with babies:

My longest standing friend Louise received my first one (which won at Canberra Royal) for her daughter eighteen months ago, my cousin and his partner got the second one for their little boy who has just turned one.  They are a lovely rug – both to make and as a finished item.

I discovered that these rugs have a previously unknown, built-in design feature – the puffs are fantastic for small people to grip onto and use as leverage. Are three week old people supposed to be able to pull their way across the floor?

 Three weeks olds cant crawl but they can swim across the floor 

Now it was Laurel who had the brilliant idea – she cross-stitches. I have taught her to crochet, (and she can – this super trendy brown-burgundy wrap is her first piece)

 First piece  (have to remember to teach her about pattern stitches next) 

 but she prefers cross-stitch. This is the book she has been working on as a sampler for small (and vociferous) one’s room :

 cross-stitch for crochet?  

She was looking at the blanket and said those famous last words: “You know, we could….”

Yep… we could… and we probably will.

  Anyway – more later, I’m seriously hungry as I haven’t eaten since the pizza we ate last night whilst marvelling over how much a three week little boy is like his dad (and not just because he’s keen on being near breasts). Off to find some better representatives of at least two of the major food groups!


~ by SB&C on September 2, 2007.

4 Responses to “A problem has arisen….”

  1. Aaaaaaaawwhhhh! Very cute baby – and he looks smart too. Should you show your mother the contents of your fridge, hmmmmm. I’ll be sending food parcels instead of yarn parcels soon.

    Be nice to the dirt diggers various this week. 🙂

  2. […] by and large.. nipples are.. around… They have a useful purpose (and I have to convince my friends’ son that mine dont work the same way as his mother’s as he unerringly heads for my rack when  I […]

  3. How can I get the A, B, C., pattern for crochet.?

  4. Hi! I have the pattern for the ABC blocks baby blanket that I can see you made for your kids. It is absolutely beautiful! The pattern says that I should use a size D crochet hook with Caron Simply Soft yarn. I can see that you used this yarn. Do you remember what size hook you used? A size D seems too small!! Please send me an email if you remember. I have started this blanket 7 times already (couldn’t find just the right yarn) and the baby is going to be here soon! Thanks!

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