FACT: Miners don’t sing Hi-Ho Hi-Ho


Sorry to burst that bubble for you but I can testify from first hand experience in the crew bus this morning that they do, however, sing one of my favorites – Walking in Memphis.

As well as a lot of Hunters & Collectors.


Back in the Land of Toothbrush Two, where we are busy proving that all that glitters is indeed NOT necessarily GOLD.


While I’m here, I’d like to dispel another myth about mining: Gold is not lying around, waiting to be found. There’s lots of NOT GOLD and only a little gold gold gold. Its in the dirt, not nice shiny lumps or orderly seams.

The percentage per tonne of dirt – don’t ask.

That said, we have found some promising bits for the next couple of weeks of digging. 

To summarise the story though:  whatever the percentage is in the dirt, the market is about $38 per gram at present and we’re finding enough gold gold gold to make it all worthwhile.


If you ever get a chance: watching the excavator cutting through the NOT GOLD is spectacular at night because the Sulfites and the Pyrites really make the sparks fly. This is a Digger working early this morning – no pyrites here sorry.


For today’s Feature Safety Boot, I’m bringing you a boot that is simply dying for want of a bit of Dubbin – look at these poor things!!!

 Poor old boots


These belong to one of our younger guys and um.. they are Sad Boots.

The pink spray paint detailing is courtesy of a Pit Tech (the guys who get in and mark where to dig first) when he snuck up on the wearer of the boots, who was asleep at the time.


Hopefully, these are the worst pictures I give you today, there seems to be a lot of voyeurs when I post the dumpy-snuff shots!!


Yes, I have plenty of photos of damaged trucks, upside down trucks, burnt out trucks,  and even flattened trucks. I will post them. But there’s something you should remember:

                         They’re funnier when you don’t know the people involved.


A thread crochet AngelOn the crochet front – And there’s another Angel – I like my angels…

I have brought the Laceweight Gown with me (of course I brought it with me!) and it is progressing nicely. We’re up to the fifth fan repeat (of about 50) and I can really see where it’s going now.

I dont know how much blocking its going to need  – the bodice section, a little, to ensure its flat but the natural “fall” of the fans is really pretty. We’ll see anyway.



The entries for the Big Show have been posted (I’m not going to say who/what/where until after the show) have to wait a couple of weeks for the results!


My plan this week is to keep up with the gown, maybe finish the purple Thread Angel so I can send that to Di in Melbourne, and then start knocking over a few more of the WIPS… cupboard space, you know…

 I have started making my notes for the Avatar Afghan into something approaching a pattern other people can follow and I’ll post that tomorrow. 

I also have to make a hippo.

Some people go to see the elephant.

I volunteered to make a hippo.


Catch you all soon.


~ by SB&C on September 3, 2007.

5 Responses to “FACT: Miners don’t sing Hi-Ho Hi-Ho”

  1. Me again – you could teach the miners to sing “the best things in life are diiiiirrrrty” – a la Paint your Wagon….OK, so I’m a quaint old fashioned thing.
    Good to see that there are more angels in the world. Just been watching tonight’s news – heaven knows we could do with all we can get.
    What’s dubbin?

  2. Its Shoe polish!

    I havent seen the news yet….

  3. Hi Frogrockr!
    Great to read your blog –
    will visit often -keep safe

  4. Hi Julie!!!
    Good to see you here!!!

    Madame Is will be with you shortly I’m sure.

    come back soon!

  5. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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