Sleep Deprivation and Drunkenness

Sounds great doesnt it?

Basically, I am suffering from one, and well… I wish I was from the other.

Have you ever noticed how rolling-eyed, thick-tongued drunk you can get on no sleep, too much Red – Bull late in the afternoon on a warm day?

That would be me.

I’ve had so much Red Bull and Creaming Soda, I swear that I can feel my fingernails growing.

We’re today here at the home of Toothbrush Three, I made it out here FINALLY early yesterday morning. I departed Darwin about 3 and then…. Mom, I’m sorry, I picked up a hitch-hiker whose car had broken down.

I know it had broken down – I saw it about 8km back from where he was hitch-hiking the 5kms on to the service station. Dont start me about people who drive in the NT without filling their fuel tank.

For my other Good Deed – I gave him some water – he had 13 kms to hike back to his car.

And then I was driving behind a caravan. In the dark.

Now – Grey nomads looooooove the Territory. These people retire. They sit at home until they’re sick of staring at each other and then: they have a brainwave.

 With little or NO towing experience, they’ll buy a caravan and drive around Australia, very very slowly.

Come on! Its their lifetime ambition. See Australia… In a Caravan….

Anyway – cutback to me speeding along through smoky air (burn-offs..) and suddenly, the lights in front do something *off*. And then there’s much more lights…

and Sparks.

And the caravan in front has jumped off the back of the towing car.

I pulled up (love my brakes – saved me this morning too) and found two “mature” people, husband and wife. Neither of whom had any idea what to do about a caravan that was revelling in its new found freedom, only being attached to its parent car by a chain.

In the dark, wearing my HighVis shirt (if I die being hit by a passing road train – I’ll die colourful), and wielding a jack, I raised the caravan to the level at which the jockey wheel could be swung down, and then rearranged the whole car/caravan mess. In the dark – at 0430.

Easy peasy.

however dot dot dot (i spell them out because I have some issues here)

Maybe I’m overdoing the whole “Safety Officer Thing” but… I pull my horse float (with my horses inside it, using my car)   with one of the larger examples of Toyota’s 4WD family, and I invested $280 in having an electronic brakes package fitted so that the whole thing stops when I need it to.

 These people had underestimated the tow vs weight equation of their Holden and really had no concept of what 1200kg of caravan etc does to your car’s handling.


Anyway – sleep deprivation: when I finally made it back to Toothbrush 3’s little house, I remembered one of the reasons I prefer the Land of Shiny Rocks better is that I like that bed more, and the mattress protector is much more comfysome than this one here. Also – that airconditioner is quieter than it is here. Trust me – its a big issue.

So, I didnt sleep much; which had the plus side of giving me time to work on The Gown. Lack of batteries hinder photos but it *IS* coming along.  Will post some on the weekend when you can, like me, marvel on how so much time can result in so many stitches which have no measurable result!

I have nearly finished the pattern for the Avatar afghan (as promised on ) and I’ll post that on the weekend.

For the entertainment factor, I have also tried to mentally catalogue just how much yarn I have in The Stash and realised that I am seriously approaching that condition known as SABLE – Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy.

If I were to never buy another ball of yarn again (perish the thought!) I would have enough to crochet for the rest of my life. Possibly because I would die from not being allowed to buy any more yarn.

Tomorrow is Friday which means one more night of Insomnia vs The Airconditioner, and then home!

Ooooh… and the post office has goodies for me again!


~ by SB&C on September 6, 2007.

15 Responses to “Sleep Deprivation and Drunkenness”

  1. SABLE LOL, I was checking in to see how your gown was coming along, and to thank you (insert sarcasam) because of you and only you, I just ordered a pattern to do an heirloom Christening gown. I have never even attempted such a project, so before I begin I am considering taking up drinking hard liquor as a sport.

    can’t wait to see your updated pics.


  2. Glad to have you back Barb!!!!
    And very Glad to know that I have been an influence (albeit an evil one *muhahahahwahaha* – thats an evil laugh >:] )on someone else’s crochet habits!

    And just a little piece of advice: if you are going to take up drinking in conjunction with Heirloom Christening Gown – I recommend white wine or Vodka (they dont leave stains). This is an Important Safety Tip.

    Kahlua is almost impossible to get out of merino.

    Ask me how I know this!

    Send through the photos!!!!!


  3. I won’t worry about stains, good thinking though, as I am planning on an i.v. drip of various alcohol while crocheting, that way, no fuss, no muss, no mess, and should there be, I’ll never notice. Or of course it could go the other way, and I could see double or triple stains..

    what to do?

    Really though, I am really looking forward to this project, and thanks for the inspiration. I hope to get going within a week or so. The pattern allows for yarn or #10 cotton, I think I will go with the cotton as I havent used it much except for dishrags..

    I want to challenge myself, I am wondering which will go out the window of the second story first? the dress or me? I’ll keep you posted.

  4. I have white couches (can you tell I’m single, with no kids or pets?) so stains are something that I have become careful about.

    IV alcohol – I like it, I’m digging it! It could be like those morphine-on-demand-self-medicating-buttons : “Oooooh, I feel a tricksy bit coming up *push*push*”

    #10 Cotton is lovely to work with, dont be afraid : Join us – Join us (in my best evil wheedling-seducing tones).

    I would be tempted (and this is just me, so grab your grain of salt now) to use an off-white Antiquey colour, just to give an Heirloom Gown that little je ne c’est quoi. The “bright white” of Cebelia looks great but there’s a milk colour made by (I theeeenk) DMC, that would be divine.

    You’ll be fine – you just have to keep sending me the photos!

    Oh – and dont try and do the mental quantitative surveying of how many rows and stitches will be necessary until you have got halfway through Row three.

    Trust me on this!!


  5. On a total change of subject, and because you seem to read this more often than your email….

    Hello 🙂 We’ve had a whole mm of rain. There was much celebrating. Son is still lame on that front knee – she ‘ricked’ it last weekend so went, very briefly, properly lame, and now she is just back to being cautious on it. No swelling so I assume nothing serious – the sort of thing a vet would say ‘turn her out for a few weeks’ about. So we have.

    Izz and Nero continue fat. Nero hasn’t dropped his woolly bear coat yet. I reckon you could gather, spin and crochet it into something quite…. unique!

    Meanwhile, EI blah blah drought blah blah five month old with yet another lurgy blah blah blah.

    Hugs, J

  6. Hi Manda, well I looked up thread and now realize I am out of my ever loving mind to attempt this as a frist project.

    Perhaps I should just check myself into the nearest mental well being unit and start with basket weaving.

    I bought the pattern off e-bay haven’t gotten it yet but when I get started I’ll let you know.

    I had already thought of using Antique white or Ecru..

    Snow white, will not be a good choice when my blood pressure rises and my veins pop out all over ;0))

    My daughter is pretty much grown so I am going to do this and put it away for when she has kids..I love the guilt factor or making her feel she has to use it.

  7. that would be of not or :/

  8. Barb – you and my mother can join in the whole guilt trip over grandchildren thing!!!

    You’ll be fine! Thread crochet isnt *that* bad!!!!

    Just take hook in one hand, Chardonnay in the other and dive right on in!


  9. okay, I have to take your Mom’s side on this one, you have her grandchildren, I’ll do thread crochet.

    We can face it together, I’ll even throw a baby shower with cute little sandwiches and ladies with personalites of dial tones.

  10. Barb,
    I’ll do you a deal. You find me a Handsome Prince who *doesnt* ride up on his white horse, sweep me off my feet and then after the passionate embrace, say “Look Snow White, I’ve got this thing with Cinderella.. well.. I need to get that sorted and I’ll get back to you”; I’ll fly you over here and you and my mom can have the party together.

    Reading this, Mother_figure??
    Barb’s on your side!

    There are a LOT of toads, frogs? not so many.

  11. Between you and I Manda, I think Mothers want to marry us off, as an excuse to drag out their pill box hats, white gloves and chiffon gowns that look like the upholstery from a car from the late 70’s.

    I mean where else can they get away with that look and a beehive hairdo?

    <just kidding Manda’s Mom)

    Now for a trip to your beautiful Country I am thinking skip Prince Charming I’ll throw in all of the 7 dwarfs! so you get rid of all your high heels and switch to flats, think about the possibilities.

    When you do find your Prince, a word of caution your Mother will be your best friend, its the Mother in Law that should come with a warning label. I married an Italian, and found on the day of my wedding that without my knowledge and speaking Italian my mother in law had changed my whole menu….21 years later (and divorce) I still don’t know what I ate that day.

    I always said if my MIL bought me a pasta maker I’d get the heck out. Sure I went a long with hanging sausages in the basement, I didn’t even mind her arranging my furniture when she let herself into my home with her OWN key..but when she expected me to prepare pastsa from scratch I had to draw a line 🙂

  12. Yeah.. and thats supposed to encourage me???

    As for high heels versus flats… Those are my footwear of choice in the avatar photo. I’ve forgotten when the last time I wore heels was.
    I have a pair of Chanel Ballet flats (well.. they have a tiny heel) used to LOOOOOOVE wearing those. Or my knee high black leather boots with the nifty little career suit.

    Come out to Australia anyway!!! Its perfect this time of the year!

  13. I’d love to visit Australia, only one problem I am terrified of flying, yes, you now know my secret..the last time I flew, I caused such a ruckus they put me in the cockpit with Captain Lynch and Co-Pilot Wilson..don’t believe me? I have pics to prove it lol

    Apparently people panic when one passenger (me) screams the plane is going down everytime it lurched..I really don’t see the big deal, I was only warning people.

    I think what finally had me kicked up into the cockpit was shaking so bad and spilling my tea on the nice ladie’s lap beside me, people really have no patience.

    My Godparents lived in Australia for years and used to send me the most beautiful really is God’s Country.

    My footware of choice? Boulet Cowboy boots all the way.

  14. Now onto Wipple he’s sure cute without ears, he looks a bit like a hedgehog to me, but I would put ears on the little guy..

    I adore your eyore, I know I didn’t spell that correct.

    Have you thought of making Piglett?

    great work Manda

  15. Hmmm. maybe a cruise ship to Australia would be better!!!!

    I think Wipple will be getting ears. Shape and position now are the decision.

    Thank you for the appreciation of Eeyore. I do have the pattern for Piglet (actually Mother_figure does at present!) and its one of those things I think about doing.

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