A Smoky Sunday – and the Stash gets wot for!

When you last heard from me, I was berating my computer for being dull-witted. (personally, I think he’s jealous, Laptop 2 is here this weekend and it’s a pretty groovy Toshiba laptop with Vista and Office 2007 and a built-in web-cam – which is a little spooky actually. I dont like the thought of my Computer watching me.)

And now its Sunday morning, the view is, as always, divine  though somewhat smoky and The Stash and I have had WORDS.

Smoky sunrise

Those words involved “UFOs” and “WIPs” and “I banish thee to the Gates of Hell – O Evil Fun Fur”.



Yes, I have led a small crusade against Acrylic, Unfinished Objects and Yarn that is hiding because I had a cleanup not so long ago and I was a little creative about where some of the WIPs were PUT. 

And the results are manifold. A new Stash Management Policy has been developed, ratified and now is in place.  On the Weekends, when new members of the Stash arrive, UFOs and WIPs are going to be the focus; not our beloved Lace Gown who has now racked up over 1700km of travelling distance and only made a little progress towards completion. She will rest, in ladylike splendour, before retiring to the country house for the week. 

  The Gown keeps growing. Slowly

The deal is that Gowns are for during the week, the WIPs get my attention on the weekend. I also get bonus points for using up any balls of yarn, double if its from the Stripy Backpacker Sack.

And so it began – I took up a particular WIP and some yarns and Gladiator, the super-extended version, now with even more Russell Crowe to perve on…  And made Bear Body Parts.

Which is where I need your help.


This chap, A Wipplewho I have tentatively named “Wipple” is a bear (?) of my own design. Wipple (or he may be A Wipple; species, not name, you see… not sure yet) has an identity crisis.          

He doesn’t actually look much like a Bear.


Observe Bears B and D.

Bears B left and D right

This is Busby Bear and Digger Bear at their recent Joint Appearance at the Royal Darwin Show. Busby Bear was my very first ever go at making a bear. I followed a basic concept, starting with his nose and increasing every so often and then making his body, which went down to his toes and then his arms… and then the Busby. I took him shopping with me to Spotlight (the LYS) where children were traumatized because they wanted him.


This traumatisation was repeated two weeks later by shopping with my Eeyore. eeyore from the disney pattern

 Encouraged by Busby’s reception and with, obviously, way too much time on my hands, I made Digger Bear.

 For overseas readers who may not know, “Digger” is the Aussie slang word for soldier, and had particular reference to the First World War troops at Gallipoli, Ypres and Tobruk. Try here for more information: www.anzacsite.gov.au And here at YOUTUBE     for a song I once sang at 2am because there was absolutely nothing to do but wait, dressed in body armour on a small fishing boat I had apprehended poaching sharks.  This may give you a hint as to my life before the Dump Trucks. 

Now Digger Bear is special. Not just because I turned people down, people with several $100 notes in their hands, who also wanted Digger Bear, but, I like his face.Digger bear has a nice face   

And I love that song.


Anyway, back to Wipple.


He was supposed to be a Teddy Bear. He is intended for someone small (not our now Four Week Old friend from last weekend but another individual under the height of a metre) and he is supposed to be dressed for work in a Mining site. So I started with the basic pattern and then played with it a bit.  You know what I mean… You’ll just add some repeats here… you’ll try a different yarn there….and hey presto….. you have something that really isn’t a Bear per se.


But he’s damn cute!


 Cute Wipple

What I need from you people, my readers, my critics and my-nonspammers, is an answer to a question that may plague Wipples for generations to come.



Does he need Ears?



You’ll notice that D and B Bears have ears, Wipple, at present, does not. To assist in the decision making process, I have employed the use of clever Ear-Substitutes (peppermints).

 Do Wipples need ears?

So… Does he need Ears?? Please leave comment below or via crochetville.

 Or there’s this idea!

Wipple with Antenna?

 Anyway, whilst Wippling, I used up two remnant balls (the dark blue and the beige), one whole ball (the Cleckheaton Belle fur stuff) and put significant dents in a ball of Orange and a ball of the Shiny White. So I have achieved a little Stash diminishment and completed a WIP. A Wipple even.


This would be more cause for celebration however if this

   Sandyk yarn

And this

    Silk Lace weight yarn

Had not arrived in the post yesterday.


Now the purple mohair is from SandyK11 on ebay – her store is Here (and I should apologise to her for stuffing up this payment as well – Paypal wouldnt believe that I had bought this yarn and didnt include it. I am sorry!!!). I have bought several lots from her over the last two years. Beautiful to work with and the goldy coloured mohair/angora forms the border on two of my afghans. One which is on its way to Melbourne Royal, and the other is on Arcadia’s Purple Fluff. 


 This lovely yarn is intended for the contrast portion on a small person’s duffle coat when her mother send me the rest of her measurements ( hint hint hint). It’s no good saying she’s a 2 year old size. I don’t have a 2 year old, I don’t know.

Anyway – I think I’ll just make it to 3 year old dimensions (I have one of those locally, for reference) and the intended recipient can grow into it….


And Arcadia? You can complain about this yarn via the form below or email… which I do read when I get the chance btw :P!


The lace weight silk…. Barb… Are you there??

Guess what I’m going to do with that??????

white Silk yarn. Irish Crochet here I come!

This stuff is beautiful. It’s also available on eBay. I bought the natural creamy silk and then a coloured lot which… I’m sort of disappointed and I’m sort of not.

I’m disappointed because it’s not like the picture or what was described. It’s much darker, it’s not overly shiny (about mercerised cotton in shine comparison) but it’s still lovely silk (you can smell it, not in a bad way) and I have plans for it, just not what I was hoping to use it for.  So back to the drawing board on that… a little bit….


Anyway – its time for the rest of Sunday… I have a crocheting date with two ladies at Jamaica Blue then have some CDs to distribute to people before returning to the Land of Shiny Rocks & Toothbrush Two to bring my message of Peace, Love and Safety to all my workmates.

    Yes thats me. And a 7tonne bucket.

Work safely or I’ll come get you!


~ by SB&C on September 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “A Smoky Sunday – and the Stash gets wot for!”

  1. I love your posts! You really make me chuckle!
    Thanx for sharing all of these wonderful pics.

    (Don’t be scared of the big eye!)

  2. Glad you’re having fun!! Please come back any time!


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