Wednesday – I think I could have skipped it.

Wednesday was a whole 7 hours old before I filled in safety incident paperwork this morning.

 the australian bush

This time, however, it wasn’t as spectacular as the Wall sliding down two weeks ago.

 (I’m still trying not to say “I told you so” to the Geologists. I’m a bigger person than that. No – really I am!)

This was a kitchen hand who came out to refill the lunch food selection trays and was using his bare hands.

Picking up slices of cold meat from one tray and plonking them down in another.

It’s also not a good idea to swear at me when I ask you to stop.

The first time, I will ask you. The second time, I ‘ll tell you … and the third time… I’ll make sure you don’t have to worry about coming to work tomorrow.

Sounds mean?

I don’t care. Poor handling food techniques, indeed, any breach of established operating procedures and you’re endangering people.

In case you’re wondering – I’m having a pie for lunch.

 Things got worse – try telling truck drivers to stop using the working channel to plan their fishing trip. See what they call you then.  

Anyway… I think today I should show people some more photos.

This is my Rock.

Rock containing non-gold

I’m quite fond of this rock I found yesterday in one of the pits. I have quite a collection of interestin’ rocks on my desk but this one is really getting more than its share of attention.

I hope that your screen does it justice in terms of the grey green gold colour of the metallic sections, the dark red of the crystals in between the striations of rock and the clear quartz crystals that are embedded in it. There is a lot of sparkle and glitter – but I’ve been assured by the Geos that the sparkles are just pyrites. Not the “G Word”.  The formation – a honeycomb sort of look was explained as being due to the extreme heat that caused bubbles and venting through the molten rock. Even some of our more “ordinary” characters have been impressed by the rock. “Makes ya think, don’t it?”

Three things about this rock you can’t tell from the screen are: the density of the rock – it’s amazingly heavy. Secondly, it is very cold. Being so metallic, it soaks up the Air-conditioning and it’s just a lump of ice to touch. Thirdly, it smells. It smells like rusting iron in the rain. And everyone (including our Managing Director) has picked it up and had a good look at it.

Onto Crochet…

Anne Marie crochets

This is the lovely Anne-Marie from the Knitters & Crocheters Group. We did the whole Coffee and stitching thing on Sunday. She is a long standing crocheter who has set her sights on perfecting her Irish crochet technique and really does turn out beautiful work. And this is one of her motifs.

 Anne - Marie and her lovely crochet 

I haven’t worked with Irish Crochet for about two years, since I did some inserts for a wedding gown. I really enjoy the delicacy and the precision of Irish Lace – it’s something you look at one piece, and then find your eye has been trailed away to another section. Each portion is distinct, but united. You have to admire A-M’s patience in learning and skills in producing such beautiful work straightway.

The Gown is still progressing; we’re onto another repeat of the shells. The seventh. At 1.5cm per shell, I’ve stopped doing the mental arithmetic of how many shells an 80cm skirt is going to need.  

The hiccup last night was: I hit a wool join. I HATE joins in balls of yarn.

It throws me right out. 

Once I had cut the knot out of the yarn, I had to frog back a little way to a place where I could hide a join better. I would like to now stand on my soap box and talk about Joins.

Nothing in the world irritates me more than to be given a piece of work to admire, and when I turn it over, or inside out, it’s full of loose endy bits. You will impress me far more than with colour or the absence of fun fur, if you demonstrate the ability to weave in ends!  Get it: Weave in your ends. It’s the sign of a Good Crocheter. (My spell check is telling me it should be “crotchetier”… any thoughts?)

I won a couple of awards at major shows both this year and last and the question was raised why my items won. My advice is very simple: If you want to impress a Crochet Judge (which I am NOT!!!):

Weave in your ends.

Ensure that you use the same dye lot. Or at least, blend very carefully.

Make sure your yarn is appropriate to the design.

Choose your embellishments carefully.


Use the best quality yarn you can afford (dyslexia in action – I originally typed “cant avoid” – I am a true Yarn Addict).

Demonstrate the ability to use more than just one or two stitches. Make “decisions”.

The same is true of knitting. Arcadia’s eldest daughter has one of the few examples of my knitting in existence and I used the same principles there and I thought it turned out ok.

Arcadia can give her opinion…..and if she can send me a photo….*hint*

Anyway – that’s it for today from me.

Please don’t forget to check out the 100 Top Crochet Sites – if you’re that way inclined and not one of the Dump Truck fans!!

I’m back in camp, watching my favouritest episode of The West Wing – In Excelesis Deo.  

Goodnight to you all…


~ by SB&C on September 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “Wednesday – I think I could have skipped it.”

  1. Ahh, the guy deserved it…teach him to mess with you! I hope that your pie was delish! Shame on the fishermen….
    I love the rock, more importantly, on to Irish crochet.I have been patiently waiting to give it a go. I look forward to see your FOs!

  2. Hey there!
    The pie was a Mrs Mac’s Pure Beef and yes it was good!
    I’m working on the Irish Crochet plan! The next Christening Gown (see the beautiful beautiful silk from Saturday? 🙂 🙂 I brought some with me to camp just to pet it!) is going to be silk with irish crochet in the bodice and trimming the skirt!
    Please come back any time! Glad you like my blog!
    Send through some of your FOs!!!!


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