What was that?

At the end of a very long day (I don’t understand why almost everyone I meet thinks they can tell me what to do.. “You $shouldn’t eat that” “You should eat more” “Don’t put your hands to your face like that” “You’re too aggressive” “You’re not serious enough” Go figure), I was standing at the edge of the dam that I like to take the sunrise photos at.  

 dawn over the lake  

I looked across and saw something on the shore of the island in the middle. I wasn’t sure – I thought it might be a log.

 Is that a log?  

I walked around the edge noting the wild pig tracks, the birds – Azure Kingfishers, Jabirus and Woody ducks and enjoying the peace of the Australian bush. Only mildly punctured by the sound of Dump trucks.

I looked across and noticed that the “log” had moved… in fact it had gone…

  uh - oh  

Ladies and Gentlemen… we have crocodiles.

Personally, I don’t like a workplace hazard that walks up and introduces itself.

And I’m really not keen on wildlife you can’t scare away with a stick.


Tonight’s crochet is – of course – the Gown.

Which looks like this at present…

 Laceweight Merino Christening Gown 

A long way to go…

 Crochet - the chain row  

I am still petting my silk – I’m just about there in envisaging the pattern – I think this will be a shawl. I’m thinking a Solomon’s or Love Knot linkage, I need to do some fiddling to see if the colour sections are equal to love knots…..

   Lovely lovely silk 

This is the Purple thread Angel – long promised ( Hi Kris!!! – Sorry I forgot to bring your email with me this week!!!!) She is getting there but I HAVE to remember to pack the pattern!!!!

 Purple thread angel 

So that’s me for the day – its been long, we moved some dirt, I’m tired of idiots and I am going to go to bed, dreaming of how to crochet silk.


~ by SB&C on September 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “What was that?”

  1. there’s an idea for you – crochediles – great for this site.

  2. It sounds like an Alexander type of day. And some days are just like that, even in Australia!
    Tell all those busy-bodies to go jam it – they have spawn everywhere in the world – designed to suck the joy out of it for other people. Yes, they were in my life this week (and for the past thousands of weeks actually). Just feel sorry for them. Evidently I’ve been feeding magpies the wrong food, painting walls the wrong colour and putting my mother’s ashes in the wrong place. YaBooSucks to the lot of em!

    There are people who march to a different drummer, and then there are those who can’t even hear the drum!!
    Moan over.

  3. To Squirrell….

    Yes.. that thought has crossed my mind..
    But I think my new plan of ridding the Territory of crocs one burger at a time could work too!

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