Amanda 1, Crocodiles Nil.

Things were a little different yesterday. I didn’t get home to Toothbrush one until this morning. And it was partially due to a crocodile.

 Ok – yesterday had its ups and downs. Don’t they all? Probably – but when you’ve been diagnosed with depression, and you’re trying to fight your way through the urge hide under a pillow for… oh.… the rest of your life… Downs seemto come around waaaaaay too often and easily.

I am a little fed up with people who think I should be some meek and mild person who just sits in a corner somewhere. To you all I say: Bad Luck. Sometimes I wonder if that hasn’t been a major catalyst in why I here amongst the shiny rocks and not back where I came from… People thinking I was an easy target to be told what to do every moment, every time I step outside the door. I may look like I’m still in my teens, at (mother_figure.. shall I say it?) mid thirties. I may be a white-skinned redheaded 5 foot tall female working in the Mining Industry but I can get by, all by my little self.

 Except for changing lightbulbs.

Anyway – lets get out of my head and back into what happened yesterday!

We had a site wide drug test which everyone from my company passed! Very very reassuring.

 We shifted vehicles from one pit to another, it’s a journey of about 12 kms – mostly on unsealed roads and across two railway lines. I have tried to work out who would come off best in a crash between a 50 tonne Cat 773B dump truck and a freight rain travelling at 60km/ph. A lot of me wants to say the Dump Truck, but I’m not going to test any theories.

dump trucks ready to move

But it was a very long day – I didn’t leave site until 1930.. at which point I propositioned the gentleman driving the car, who also was planning a return trip to Darwin that night but it was getting very dark – there’s a whole ‘nother kind of dark in the Territory and there’s these to deal with:

Do not hit the cow

 This girl is a Brahmin cross, known as a Droughtmaster. She’s in terrific condition, she’s quite content sitting in the bush there but they have a bad habit of standing in the middle of the road and that smoky gray colour is impossible to see. And: they are bloody solid when you hit them with a car at 130kph – even a Landcruiser.

Now normal roadkill (i.e. kangaroos) is ok, you can still use your car afterwards, maybe not the kangaroo.. but you usually get to go home. Hit one of these girls (or their larger boyfriends) and … if you’re lucky, you’re walking home.

 Anyway – I suggested, as we had missed dinner at camp (and I think I’m a bit persona non grata despite the admission that “yes, he should have used the tongs”.) that we go to the local pub – Have you seen the movie Wolf Creek? And have a drink, have something to eat and then drive out in the morning. It was a plan.

And to my delight – they had something available on the chalked menu that I actively enjoy eating, and when any of you come visiting the Northern Territory – you simply MUST try:

 Crocodile burgers - grilled croc patty, bacon, cheese, pineapple, beetroot, egg, lettuce!

Crocodile Burgers

 Yes – … I’m eating my way through the laughing logs one by one! Anyway – I ate.. and I munched – I wish I could say I finished the whole thing but it was ENORMOUS. And .. Delicious. Forget “two whole beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun”.  THIS is good eatin’! 

I heartily recommend crocodile to anyone, no cholesterol, no fat.. very tasty! Yep.. so I went back to camp.. slept until about 4 and then came back north… to Toothbrush One only to discover that some utter utter bastard has trained a large yellow crane across my view. Grumpy about this!

So having had a bath, and unpacked a little, written an article for … another blog….. I am going to the post office to collect my packages and then…

I’m going to a lace making group meeting… because.. well… I can!

See all you soon! and by the way – I know you’re all visiting, some from crochet sites (Especially crochetville!)  and some from really weird search terms – please drop me a hello!!!!


~ by SB&C on September 15, 2007.

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