WARNING WARNING WARNING – Christmas is Coming!

You know the theory that Christmas gets earlier every year?

Ladies and Gentlemen:

 Christmas decorations should not go up in September

Christmas decorations on sale, 16 September.



That means there is 100 days to go.  Kassie, Mia, Chrissie and Jenny (ok – you’re probably too young, Jenny, but hey..) time to start harassing your respective parentals!

Admittedly in Darwin, where we have had Cyclones eat the town on Christmas Day (read about it here) it might be a good idea to start thinking early but … really? September??

Anyway – that was Spotlight Darwin, what passes for my Local Yarn store ( LYS). This is the range they have available… not huge. No boutique yarns, just Panda, Patons, Cleckheaton, Spotlights’ own brand, Moda Dea and threads. There’s no real call for Gucci yarns here so it’s the basics : baby stuff, novelty yarn (HATE HATE HATE) and good old fashioned wool wool.

 Spotlight in Darwin

After Spotlight, I went looking for a book to take out to Toothbrush 3 with me – falling asleep crocheting is proving to be dangerous – I have a deep scratch on my knee. I found one by Anthony Swofford, the guy who wrote Jarhead. Will keep you posted.  I treated myself to sushi for lunch and then came home to work on the WIP known as Arcadia’s purple blanket.

 Arcadia - dont look!

My lounge room looks like a small purple sheep has exploded. And then beige, cream and pinkish sheep tore their fleeces out in sympathy.

Its nearly finished – just needs another couple of squares and then a border. Arcadia – if you would like to indicate a preference for corner tassels or a fringe – this week would be a good time to decide.

I mentioned I went to Lace group yesterday, These ladies have been lacemaking for years and their work is truly lovely. I started taking photos ( see A-M, still working in her Irish crochet!) and then the batteries failed me again…. And the camera phone doesn’t take nice pictures.

Lace makers and crocheting

These are two motifs the lace group had in their collection.



and this one:

 Another Irish crochet motif 

Will definitely be going back to Lace group – and probably will learn to make bobbin lace…. Just because I need something else to fill in the gaps between dump trucks.

Anyway – off to see Toothbrush three this week. Internet connections will be again a little dubious but we’ll see what can be done! Catch you all soon!



~ by SB&C on September 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “WARNING WARNING WARNING – Christmas is Coming!”

  1. oh manda you are evil!

    although i did wake in a cold sweat this morning dreading cristmas! thanks for the friendly reminder, and now that kassie saw she will be haunting me everyday! LOL


  2. Sorry Kris!!!


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