Tuesday – And I actually ate breakfast!

I’m not sure why that is so remarkable but the fried eggs this morning actually looked yummy (hard fried, not yellow globby bits) and they had grilled mushrooms. There’s still something faintly obscene about eating breakfast at 0445, but hey. lunch today : I have cold grilled chicken and lots of veges plus another container of olives, sun-dried tomatoes and a little camembert. Tough life in the Mining Industry!!!

The Peeweescapeview this morning includes a peewee admiring the lake and mountain. Its definitely warmer here in TB 3 land than amongst the shiny rocks.  The world here is a bit different given that we are building a dam for management of water used in the refining process rather than actively digging holes in the ground to find GOLD GOLD GOLD.  The Safety Culture is also a bit different, a little more pissing on trees as peolpe come to mark out their territory… Sometimes being a girl is a good thing (if you’re a James Bond fan, remember Judi Dench’s remark about being able to do her job?).

Motif  In crochet news:

The Royal Melbourne  Show results are in!  I am a little surprised – not disappointed but the three things that I thought didnt have a chance were the ones that placed, and those that I really like got no-where.

The Melbourne Class sizes look much bigger and I really hope there’s some way of seeing what the entries look like!

Anyway – the Baby Blanket (a lemon yellow with a ribbon through the edges and bows) won a Third, the Red mohair throw withthe softsoftsoft border a 2nd, and the Barbie dressed in a Period Costume a Third out of a HUGE class so I am actually really chuffed! 

The Barbie was my first go at doing Barbie clothes.  I actually rather enjoy those… Probably will do some more!!!

A little surprised that the Angel, the Christening Gown (in cream 3ply) and my Lovely Digger bear didnt feature but thems’ the breaks!

Did a fair amount of work on the Purple Angel last night, she now only needs 4 more rows and her body is finished!!!  I also have a cunning plan for her wings – it involves wire!

 Catch you all soon!


~ by SB&C on September 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “Tuesday – And I actually ate breakfast!”

  1. Congratulations 🙂 I look forward to seeing your winning entries.

    — Michelle

  2. Hi Manda congrats on your placings…your work is beautiful..

    I gotta tell you after reading you describe eggs I am skipping breakfast O.O

    would love to see pics of all your work, and don’t forget your sewing machine, there is something to remind you about it, but I forget :/

    hope all is well

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