A Short Bit of a Blog

Me - cold, undercaffeineated and with hair thats divorcing me tomorrow

This is me – courtesy of my spying computer (Laptop2) at 0603.  

Did you know its possible to be cold in the Northern Territory?

most people know the NT from movies like Crocodile Dundee, Wolf Creek and most recently Rogue. In the perfect movie land, the temperature is about 30C, the humidity is low and there are no flies.

Welcome to reality.

In the morning, its 11C. during the day its 33C. There is no humidity in the middle of the day so you feel the moisture get SUCKED out of you as soon as you walk outside.. this lasts until the afternoon when the humidity kicks in and you end up wringing.

Its also hard on the skin care regime. I would like to thank Oil of Olay and Body Shop’s Hemp Hand protector.

So far so good – no accidents, no incidents, lots of Job Safety & Environmental Analysis going on!

On the other plus side – I have evolved a plan. And in accordance with The Secret, I am asking the Universe to help me. If it is right and fitting that the universe should do so.

And still on a winning note : Crochet!

double crochet in purple thread

The Purple Angel’s body was finished last night!

Angel in Purple Thread Crochet

Now for wings and a silver border and her “Theme”.. Which I have yet to decide on.

And the Lace gown keeps going!!

Hope to speak with you all soon!


~ by SB&C on September 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “A Short Bit of a Blog”

  1. I’m becoming hooked (no pun intended) on your blog – I keep taking a peek to see what you’ve been up to next! Keep up the entertaining updates.

  2. Hey Anne-Maree!!
    Glad you’re enjoying it!!

    I keep noting things down to write about but when I read back through my notes I wonder a) if I’m allowed to post that on a blog ( some companies might not like it) and b) people would NEVER believe me!!!

    See you soon!!!


  3. I love tassles and fringes. Your choice is always perfect so I will leave it up to you! And I look forward to seeing it in real life!!

    Did I tell you the cream blanket with the crochet border has become Mini Arcadia Jr’s ‘blankie’? I pull it up over her when I put her in bed and she immediately gathers it up in one hand, moves it to her face, then the thumb goes into her mouth and she goes off to sleep. Just gorgeous 🙂 🙂

    Just for any other readers thinking I am ‘Mother of the Year’, it’s tucked firmly in the base of the bed so she can’t get it higher than her mouth to suffocate herself! It’s also (unusually for Manda) not fluffy so Mini Arcadia Jr isn’t going to get furballs!

    Hugs, J

  4. Sheeeeshk! Flattery!!! 🙂

    I’m thinking at the moment: it will get tassels.
    And if you’re lucky it may actually get finished this weekend… If I dont go nova and change the order again….

    I’m glad to hear the cream blankie is appreciated by your smallest hatchling!
    *SEND A PHOTO!!!!*

    And as for the “not fluffy” crack : You do realise that this means war ?

    I will be bringing noisy presents next time I come to visit you and the quadrudpeds!

  5. Photo of the rainbow serpent’s snoozing spot is stunning! So good for the soul – and that’s the most important thing. I get black cockatoos with yellow tails flying over the house and screeching at the SMB on the roof as they go. SMB is working on how to grow wings too. She has made it to the roof, where clumping about at 5.00am is such fun!

    As they said in Desiderata – no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should – so I hope it has your plans included.

    Have a fun week and be nice to the dwarfs!

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