Saturdays should be taken slowly

Have you ever noticed how time is so completely elastic? Hours fly past but the minutes creep past slowly? You’re working away, wondering the day will ever end and hey presto!  its Saturday, 0430 (can you spell insomnia?) and you’re back in the Land of Toothbrush One and working on Arcadia’s Purple Squares.

Arcadia’s squares

I have now got to the point where I think I need a different wool – just to break up the patterny thing I have going a little bit. So I may have to just wait….

I have also fallen in love with this yarn – the colours are just magical.

 Patons Jet - alpaca in lovely colours.

Its Patons Jet – in the “6” Colourway. I have Plans for it.

 Good Wool in a Square

This square is going to be frogged.  And redone…..

I also have plans for the day.

 They include:

Returning the three DVDs of Season One of House.

 Listing things on eBay – I have the clothes, yarn and pattern books that I pulled out about a month ago. I am going to list them today! Additionally, I have some bags I bought in bulk ages ago. I sold quite a few really quickly but I still have some left. They make the BEST yarn totes around, so I’ll put them up too!

Yarn tote

Crocheting. Actually – joining crocheting – I am going to join together some of the squares that are floating around and get them out of the way. That should be three (count ’em One, Two, THREE) finished afghans.

Posting. I have to go to the Post Office this morning.

Blog – This and for… another site….it’s not hard to find.:)

 I have had a couple of emails asking where I’ve been for the last two days so I better show you… This was yesterday morning:

 Sunrise in the rearview mirror - it could be a C & W song

 Sunrise, as seen in my side mirror as I buzzed around the Dam Construction site (and “dam” in front of Construction is not a swear word… not this time anyway).

 I turned off lighting plants, I checked the road surface to make sure its not going to get too dusty, which then obscures visibility and leads to crashes (bad) but it also kicks up dust which smothers the local plants ( also bad) and causes beathing problems for people (bad. B. A. D. ). I investigated the Water Pump that caught fire….

And whilst there I noted – up in the trees and swearing at me:

 Black Cockatoos

Black Cockies. These are the red-tailed black cockatoo, Calyptorhynchus magnificus.

And supposedly are shy of people… They werent too shy to have a dust bath near me.

 Black Cockies having a dust bath

I’m working on a site where they mine one of the most abhorrent (to some) substances in the world,.. and we have gorgeous birds taking a dust bath.

I also had better show you what the day looked like – it was oddly smoky and the humidity is beginning to kick in.

 Mount Brockman - home to the rainbow serpent

This shot of Mt Brockman serves to remind me why they call this area the home of the Rainbow Serpent – the fabled Dreamtime Serpent.  As he moved along, creating the world he pushed up the mountains and carved out the valleys’ But he chose this place to sleep.

I also half expect to see grazing brontosauruses lift their heads up to see what the pink blobs are doing.

So I worked all day yesterday – finishing investigations, meeting with the Project director regarding the next two months of the project. Is it flattering when the Client’s Liaison officer threatens to close down the project if I’m not on site? I would think so if the guy was less of a blusterer.

 Sadly – I didn’t make it home in time to go to the post office but I have the cards to prove I have four little goody parcels waiting for me… I did find a package of patterns from the States (eBay – where would I be without it?) and that I had fun looking through! And this all brings me to this morning and there is still a YELLOW CRANE ACROSS MY VIEW!

My view with a yellow crane

Ok – off to write all little bit more on the subject of bad crochet… then to the post office, the DVD store.. and I need a swim… Its muggy already!

See you soon! Love to hear from you!


~ by SB&C on September 22, 2007.

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