Definition of Angst : Cat Stevens before Dawn

Back in the land of Shiny Rocks and the Miners who don’t sing Hi ho Hi ho. Its Monday and I found myself on the Crew bus listening to a song that was older than the person playing it.

“From the moment I could talk,

I was ordered to listen,

Now there’s a way but I know,

I have to go.”

Is it a sign of getting older when you’re listening to people 10 years younger than yourself, whose parents were the generation that this song was written for, comment that this song is how they feel about their said parents (who sung it at their parents) ???

Can you inherit protest songs???


Anyway – Dawn, when it arrived, looked like this:

 Sunrise today 

Be vewy Kwiet,  we’re huntin’ crocodiles (and not because I am hungry!!). I know there’s at least three in this lake.

I’m back in the Land of Shiny Rocks, after a quiet weekend in Darwin.  I drove down last night and realised one of the reasons I like this roadway better is that its a normal road.. and not an embankment with tarmac on top, that drops off after a two metre shoulder.. drops off about three metres either side down to a flood plain. There is NOWHERE to go if a Road train forces you off the road.

And yes – I’m talking about the Roadway into Toothbrush Three’s world.  

For lunch yesterday I went to Nightcliff Markets (I was also on a mission).

 Another great marketplace in Darwin

And I couldn’t pass up the Watermelon.

 Cold watermelon for lunch

Yes – it was as cold and yummy as it looks!

I worked on Arcadia’s blanket, despite my comments regarding waiting for more yarn. I am feeling virtuous as I have used up lots of small odd scraps AND I have learnt a couple of new pattern stitches. A few of the squares are a little wonky – Its taught me a great deal about keeping edges straight, matching sizes etc etc.


I also went nova on the pattern again and moved some squares around.  I may need to ask for opinions to decide if I have got the layout right.  One more thing I have learnt whilst making it up is that I have an irrational love of the Half-double-crochet. I dont know why.. its just the stitch I feel most comfortable doing.

A half double crochet from purlbee

Anyway – I’m here, so far nothing terrible has happened though one guy came to show me the three stitches he had to get in his hand last week when I wasnt here (See what happens when I go to see Toothbrush Three ?) I kissed it better for him.


This started something… I ended up getting hugs from a number of the boys on shift. They’re all much larger than me so I feel like a ragdoll when I get bear-hugged.  I’d like to know how many other Safety Officers get huggled when they walk on site. And how many have managed to reduce the Company’s injury frequency rate to a third of what it was?


I sometimes wonder if its a good thing being a small female Safety Officer in a Mining Camp (two actually) – I’ve been here for over three months, and when someone from another company was chatting me up over a few nights, the “Boys” went to him and pointed out I was “Their Safety Chick”.  


As another interesting point, this particular gentleman learnt an important lesson and that is:  Amanda knows more about computers and finding information on networks than people give her credit for. 


Tip:  If you are chatting someone up, you shouldnt show them your page on your particular hobby’s international website. Not only will they go back to look at you again.. they will also look at your other photos and find out that you have two small boys and : a Fillipina girlfriend.


Nuff Said!!


Anyway – the Big Boss has just come in and said I have to go back to Toothbrush Three…


For a meeting tomorrow morning…


My little house - where Toothbrush Three lives.


This is my room there … With my chinese-yarn-tote-bag (for the immediate WIP) and my rose pink/purple Zhivago backpack (other WIPs). To make the backpack you work with two strands held together and I ended up with exactly 38cm of yarn left at the end.


The cabin is pretty basic but the mattress is comfy and you still get mobile reception courtesy of the Telstra tower at Jabiru.


  Time to go … catch you all soon – and please dont forget to check out the 100 Top Crochet sites .. or What Not To Crochet !



~ by SB&C on September 24, 2007.

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