Something has happened in my Bag. And its Not Good.

You know that feeling? 

Its best characterised by Homer Simpson’s D’oh . 

 On a Monday night, when you open your bag, semi-carefully packed (I say “semi” as whilst it has everything I need, its just all tossed in) on the Sunday afternoon before.. and you can smell something floral.

 Its nice.

Its a natural.. floral scent…

that is horribly reminiscent of ……..shampoo. ….  

And then you reach in. and reach further down and encounter a horrible slimeliness that confirms your worst fears. Your shampoo bottle has gone rogue and you no longer have a) shampoo or b) clean socks/pyjamas/tshirts etc etc.  It took two hours to remove, wash, dry, fold and return everything to the bag, which also had to be washed and dried before I could put everything back.

 And so suffering from a Shampooless state (but with very clean smallclothes)

  fraggle hair 

(this is what I look like when my hair doesn’t like being washed with Dettol Body Wash- Kris sent me some gorgeous photos of her girls pulling faces – I think this is scarier!)  

 I made the drive to Toothbrush Three (that’s ANOTHER 350 kms for the week) yesterday morning, driving through the bush to the sound of Robbie Williams.

Did see something interesting though – ok – it’s interesting for me.. not so much for everyone else :  it’s a Dump Truck on a Road trip. CAT Dump Truck on transporter 

This is one of ours, its being transported from Tb3 world (where we are building the water retention Dam) back to Tb2, where it will be part of our expanding Shiny Rocks work.  

  (For Terry Pratchett and Discworld Fans : Gold Gold Gold Gold… and the chorus : GOLDGOLDGOLDGOLD ) 

The horsy part of me wonders what do you do if the truck doesn’t want to go on the float? Bum Rope and dressage whip? Bucket of Feed? Bucket of premium BioDiesel? 

Anyway – to the sound of  Write me off the list, make this the last kiss” I made it to Toothbrush Three world  – Which leads me to show you this: De Sun rises in de Mornin’

Thats this morning over Tb3 world – the view from  a corner of the dam and of the site construction offices. 

safety Boots - steel capped sneakers

Additionally – this is our feature safety boot for the week : these seem to be the preferred safety boot  for people who are… um… a little heavier than they should be and get sore feet. They are essentially a steel capped sneaker.  I also worry about what happens to them in the wet season.

The boots and their owner.  

All the shifting around and de-shampooing has had a dampening effect on the crochet front however I would like to report a new stage of progress – As I was a little bored with going round and round on the skirt, I decided to start the new ball at the sleeve and work the trim and then the shell pattern rows. I did the row of blessedly plain DCs in fairly fast time, and then went straight into the 2 singles and a 4 loop puff stitch. 

  Which I was working on in the line at the Drive through at McDonalds, to the bemusement of the ‘Welcome to McDonalds Palmerston, Can I take your order please?” girl.

 I should make a confession here. I actually like McDonalds. I allow myself one quarter pounder a week as Sunday nights’ dinner while driving out to whichever Toothbrush is the Implement of Choice for the Week.  If you are thinking you’d rather die than eat McDonalds.. Darwin has a huge selection of restaurants. Really, Eating out in Darwin could be an Olympic sport. However – there is a limit to good takeaway… especially sushi (what I wouldn’t give for a decent Sushi Bento box to eat whilst driving!) So food to be consumed at 120km on the highway somewhere is usually a burger.  

Mc Crocs… That’d be COOL!  A

nyway – back to the Gown.  This is it underway: 

 The Gown being worked on

And now here’s a puff stitch.

 A puff stitch in crochet - 4 loops

 A puff stitch sounds MUCH harder than it is – you just draw up as many loops as you need and the then pull through to the second last loop and pull through again.and this is where we are this morning –
The Gown - now with Sleeves!

Adding the bit of sleeve makes me feel somewhat more satisfied – it looks like something now.

The Gown has now logged over 2,400 kms on the road, its looking better everyday and I still have the Silk and another set of even MORE beautiful laceweight merino at home so thats.. two more gowns… *SIGH*So thats it from me. I have to talk our client company into accepting a new set of Hazard Reduction Measures for the next stage of the Dam this morning. I’d be more willing to accept their premise of “thinking outside the box” if, just sometimes, you could see some concrete evidence of people thinking INSIDE the bloody thing in the first place. Catch you back here soon!


~ by SB&C on September 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “Something has happened in my Bag. And its Not Good.”

  1. oh manda! those pictures were supposed to make you laugh not scream! lol! off to put mia to bed! talk to you tomorrow!

  2. Hi Kris!!!
    They did make me laugh! your girls are so adorable!!!!!


  3. do you do stitch aphoto

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