The Seven Deadly Sins of a Crochetier

Its Saturday and I made it home last night amid something that has not happened for a long time.

 It started looking bad as I drove back to Toothbrush One..

Not good

And then it got progressively worse….

its raining its pouring

until I found myself unable to see…

In a Tropical Rainstorm.

The West Season is officially here.  Which has a whole lot of new problems for me to look at on Monday 😦

So once safely home.. after a bath.. answering a huge lot of emails – yes, I do answer the non spam I get sent, and after waking up this morning, I headed to Australia Post and found my eBay haul for this week….

Lots of yarn and the wonderful book by Donna Kooler – the Encyclopedia of Crochet…. if you do not have this book and you crochet  – BUY IT.


Go to Amazon and buy yourself a copy!!!

I spent some time working on Arcadia’s Afghan – I’ll show you a photo tomorrow as  it is nearly nearly nearly finished! and then headed to  Craft Group this afternoon.

We were a bigger group this week.. 

 A-M was thinking hard about her runner…

Anne Maree is thinking

A new lady walked in and asked if we were the Knitting Group because she needed HELP!

 Trish needs HELP

 Her sweater was having collar issues.

Which were fixed…

Dont panic - the Knitwits are here!

Toni arrived with a finished Masterpiece!

Tunisian crochet afghan finished! 

 Its Tunisian crochet with the motif cross-stitched on afterwards.

And whilst we were all talking – and strangely for a Knitting/Crochet group, about recipes. I started thinking about the characteristics and vices, the Deadly Sins we were all displaying…

Lust – The crocheters amongst the group were lusting after my copy of the Encyclopedia of Crochet – which I took to show them…

Gluttony – We all looked at patterns, knowing that we have far more patterns than we can ever reasonably hope to make in our lifetimes.  We also discussed a whole slew of recipes and I ate too many Gingernut bikkies.

Greed – I took… Bad yarn to the meeting to teach people with.. Displaying hoarding.. or avarice….. Rather than use my… Good Yarn…

Wool-pigs, you know where I am coming from.

Sloth – I have a house that needs tidying and I’m at Craft Group 🙂

Wrath – The irrational anger I felt when one member of the group suggested that we make our combined project in… wait for it.. acrylic.. because … “She doesnt like wool”.

Envy – Lillian is knitting a scarf with Dark Chocolate Alpaca…. Need I say more?

Pride – Not only did we have finished items to show each other but i taught someone new to the group how to crochet…

 This young lady is in Year 7 and had tried knitting and crocheting previously but didnt like it… 

By George, I think She’s got it!

 I’m feeling good about the result…

 Oh – yeah – thats the Gown on the next hiding behind a water bottle. I finished a whole repeat of shells and I’m thinking about going bead hunting tomorrow for the back of it 🙂

To finish for the day – This is A-M working on her Alpaca throw… which she has just realised that she has been using the wrong size hook for.

Am frogs 

ribbit ribbit ribbit…

You also have to admire the terribly chic way she’s matched her coffee cup to her afghan!


~ by SB&C on September 29, 2007.

5 Responses to “The Seven Deadly Sins of a Crochetier”

  1. Hi Manda, your hair looks stunning today as always ..

    btw just to let you know everytime I read your blog I spend money, heirloom christening gown pattern, thread, steel hooks, now I just ordered two of the
    Encyclopedia of Crochet books…

    Next thing you know I’ll be buying three toothbrushes for each bathroom in the house O.O

    til my next Manda shopping spree, regards and hugs

  2. Hi Barb!!!
    Dont you know I’m like Galadriel – a serene red head who has an evil streak hidden away?? 🙂

    And as for spending money after reading my blog… you ordered TWO Encyclopedias????

    Maybe you shouldnt read the post for Sunday – I’m going shopping for the Mother_figure!!!!


  3. Yes two which is better than three right? that’s what I tell my husband..

    I have an internet friend I taught to crochet via phone and e-mail, its her birthday next week so I am so glad I read here, she will love it..

    I will look forward to Sunday’s blog and have credit card in hand :/

  4. I’ve tried to argue something similar – but it was about horses… And Dad didnt fall for it either 🙂

    And um… considering what I’m off to buy today… you may want to look away 🙂

  5. I hope the shopping trip was successful – and my finger is hovering over the key to magic some $$$ to you – probably so you can magic them on to the ebay fairies who send the lovely wool. Can’t keep the wool fairies waiting!
    And I am glad you pulled over in the rain storm! Sometimes I’m not sure whether reading your blog is a good thing or a bad thing – just adds to the many reasons mothers have to worry! 🙂
    Keep having fun!!!!

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