What did I EVER do to you??

Today had all the hallmarks of going to be a Good Day.

I woke up at my usual insanely early time and worked on Arcadia’s Scrapghan which only needs one more square before it gets a border and is done!

 Arcadia’s scrapghan - nearly done

Its been a great learning curve – new stitches.. better joining different colour techinques… and I  have used up a huge amount of yarn that was left from other projects.

I love this square – the butterycream wool checquerboarded A crochet square

with a lilc and a mottley beige.. all from bears and afghans and sweaters… I think I will have some fun with the checquerboard effect!

I posted on the “other” blog…

I was invited to coffee at Jo’s place ( and was incredibly stupid and forgot my camera) and she showed me the huge range of handicrafts that she has mastered: Hardanger, Cross-stitch, Tatting, Knitting and Candlewicking. Its all SO beautiful, you’d just die. And its all beautifully understated, and used to decorate, not overwhelm their flat.

Next time, I’m a taking ma camera!!!!

Then I packed my bag to go to Nightcliff markets as I had promised the mother_figure I would go back to a Thai stall where they sell really top-quality blouses, tunic tops and wraps. Mum bought one last  time they were here in Darwin (escaping the cold of Canberra)  and she asked me to pick up another … if I could first see what they had in her size (Medium – Large).

 We were in luck:

A top for Mother_figure

And this one

And another

And there was this one too…

And still another

After a phone call home to establish which ones she wanted, I went to the money machine to get out $$$$ to pay and…


For no reason – it just went “Galoooop”.

I entered in my pin, I asked it for the dosh.. and it went “Galooooop”. I swear I heard it burp afterwards.

National Australia Bank - You %$!# – That would be this Bank.

Now – For some reason it appears the National Australia Bank hates me.

I do not know why. But all the troubles I have ever had with banks have always been with the National – and I only went to  their ATM because its the only one in the Nightcliff Marketplace. They left me stranded one weekend in Canberra because they cancelled my card “by accident” and wrote me a miss-spelled letter of apology afterwards. (seriously, if you’re going to apologise to someone, getting their name right would be a good first step.  Then learn how to use an apostrophe… the correct usage of “their” “they’re” and “there”  and the one that I cant ever understand why people get it wrong “brought” and “bought”)

They left me stranded one night in Sydney city, after they sent me 5 (count ’em 1 2 3 4 5 ) replacement money cards and couldnt tell me which one worked.

Answer : NONE of them!

My purse was stolen earlier this year and guess which bank’s service people made it sound like I had my purse stolen on purpose just to annoy them? And then in a stunning display of incompetence – failed to reorder a replacement credit card; reordered it but sent it to a branch 4000kms away and then.. failed to get it to me by the fastest means possible – as promised. It took a fortnight.

Carrier pigeons would have been better.

But so… when I am have no recourse but to use their machine… and it chows down on MY money card, like a piece of sushi….

I am allowed to wonder what the hell I ever did to deserve this kind of treatment???

The real issue is that not only was I unable to buy the shirts for Mum – though the stall owner , the lovely Pikun, is holding them for me, but once AGAIN, courtesy of the National Australia Bank, am I stranded with no money until tomorrow.

This has had serious repercussions for driving out to Toothbrush Three tonight…

Hence why I am still at the home of Toothbrush one, having had a leisurely bath.. complete with facemask..

I am going to go in there tomorrow.. and be polite at them.

Annoyingly, I was also unable to go shopping – good thing I had leftovers in the fridge! – for what I really was hoping to pick up today : The Latest Terry Pratchett – Making Money.

Oh yeah.. And I still need shampoo….

 There is no curse in Elvish, Entish or the tongues of men for this treachery!


~ by SB&C on September 30, 2007.

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