Phones ringing in the middle of the night

One those horrible things, one of the worst fears is the phone call late at night.

Last night, the fears were real, and the reality was tragedy for my company.

Whilst driving down (he never drives at night – he always leaves in the morning, WHY did he change that??)  past Adelaide River, (he never uses the Dorat Road – why last night??) our maintenance supervisor and another mechanic were involved in a serious accident.  ( He had just turned 40.. not 30, please, please, get that right).

I can see how it would have happened.. Simon’s Landcruiser, a big white 100 series, with our name on the side.  The one I drove hell for leather to get back the night of the Slide, that brought people out. Swerving..over-correcting..  then rolling off one of those edges that make me cringe about driving in the dark in the Territory.

 The phone calls are all about the same thing… no one willing to believe it but picturing how he could have been thrown from the car.

All indications are that he died instantly. But how instantly is that?

Yes.. he had a wife.. and two small boys… One of whom he had taken to the doctor two weeks and held while the doctor pulled a length of clingwrap from his nose… Funny the things you remember.

The other guy was let go home this morning.


~ by SB&C on October 1, 2007.

5 Responses to “Phones ringing in the middle of the night”

  1. I started reading your blog based on the comments of the Whatnottocrochet site. I know it won’t do his family much good but please give them my condolences from an American lurker. I am truly sorry.

  2. I don’t have any facile ‘feel happy’ words of comfort for you unfortunately – but I AM thinking of you, your coworkers and that poor man’s family.
    hugz from the other end of the country

  3. Hi
    I’ve been thinking about him ever since you called last night – and about you too. It’s something your mind doesn’t want to take in. I’ve been thinking of the wife and children who waved him off yesterday afternoon – and no one had any idea what was waiting. The fates do like their suprises. Believe that instant is instant – I believe if there were a few dreadful seconds when he was aware he would have been so confused and shocked that it wouldn’t register – things I’ve read about near death experiences all say that.
    Am thinking of you – that empty desk in your office is going to be hard to take for quite a while.
    And now you drive extra carefully, pleeeeese.

  4. Manda I am so terribly sorry and sad for his family and you..

    Hugging you from Canada (((((((((manda))))))))))

    Barb xo

  5. Thank you everyone… The whole company is still in a state of numbness over the loss of Simon.

    Our client companies Energy Resources Australia and GBS Gold Australia have both been incredibly supportive, ERA especially.
    The mining community in the northern Australian region is turning out in support of his family but there is still a family of little boys who are going to be heartbroken when Daddy doesnt come home on Friday night.

    Thank you to you all….

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