Art and being Angry.

I’m trying to work out if I did manage to sleep last night – I know I looked at the clock at 2350, 0120, 0243, 0340 and 0400.

Add to that, I spoke with people at 2130 – our two apprentices who were both signed on initially with Simon.

They’re 19 – 20ish and if there’s something else for me to be angry with at present;  its the Australian Schools System.

I am angry that we have not equipped kids with words to use when they need them.

I pinch quote from Shakespeare, from Terry Pratchett and anyone else I can think of,  some of those that I work with accuse me of talking down to them – they don’t understand that I talk like this to everyone.. I have some words to use when I need them.


More on being Angry:


I am still angry with Simon for the choices he made on Sunday.. which were so completely 180deg from his normal practices. Not wearing a seatbelt is a choice. A vehicle defect that makes the petrol tank explode is less in your sphere of control than the decision to plug in your seatbelt. Or not.



On more trivial things to be angry about..


National Australia Bank – I haven’t forgotten you!!! but it nots the first time I have been angry with you guys this year.  The service girl at NAB Darwin had the grace to blush when I pointed out the machine is a known problem.


eBay – with everything that happened on Sunday night I forgot to pay for items.. I am angry at myself because having a good record is something important to me and I do apologise to my sellers. I have paid you all this morning!!!!

I am angry with my Kingston Memory Stick. Its a 1 Gig stick and its Full.   I mean C’mon!! You have exactly 25,000 times the memory that my first computer ( a MacPlus with a 40MB hard drive – which I was told I was stupid for buying because you’ll NEVER fill that) How in the name of sweet native passionfruits do you come to be full?

Oh yeah… That would Me…. taking photos…. 

Sunrise over a Mill 

 Like this:

 Working at Mt Brockman  

And this.

 The Sun rises over Kakadu 

And bad ones like this – Product of not sleeping :  nearly finishing the other sleeve trim.

 gown in sepia 

It’s strangely out of focus. And I’ve been playing with the sepia tone setting.


I was glad to have my crocheting with me today – i took it and the two young apprentices (I’ve been told not to call them Paduwans – that’s just being silly .. I’ll do my best Gallic inspired shrug “Eh!”) to talk to a grief counsellor.  Hopefully it will help the boys find their way through their own anger and grief.   They have mentioned that they feel angry that he is dead, that they are angry because he didn’t put on his seatbelt, angry because Simon’s little boys don’t have their father. Here the boys are also bringing up their own anger at absentee fathers and parents who don’t like each other any more.


                That’s a subject for another time, lets find something nice to talk about.



Once again, crochet was a source of fascination for the tribal women here. The local Aboriginals have a great deal more pride in their heritage here, they have kept their identity as a culture better than those you see walking the streets in swearing, cursing, stumbling  clusters in Darwin. There is an audience of bright chocolate eyes watching my hook, and fingers tentatively reaching out to touch my work.


I have spoken with a few ladies at the Community and Medical centres about starting a craft group here during the week.  The Client Company for whom we are building the Dam are really committed (and its not just lip-service like some – I say this feelingly, I’ve been peace-keeping in communities where the Mining corporation didn’t respect the values of the locals. ) to “putting back in to the local area”, so maybe they might sponsor us.  I love the idea of these women making blankets in their traditional colours to be part of square and afghan swaps around the world.

Aboriginal Art if you haven’t seen it properly  (i.e not just on a souvenir, but real in a roadside gallery where they are sitting around in their family groups) is something that can be quite fascinating.  There are three styles I like best. Most all 

 Dot machines


the “Dot” paintings involving coloured dots – usually white, ochre and black in swirls and motifs. (yes.. there’s that  familiar word.. see if you can guess what is brewing in the back of my mind? )

   I also like the “Fur” style paintings – these just look like they’re alive..

numina artand they ripple when you look at them. 

My sister (who I will refer to as “Bob” as I am also a Blackadder fan, and if you are too, you’ll know what her real name is) Bob,  when she visited last year bought herself a fur painting which looks fantabulous when framed.

This one is by one of the Numina women. They are painted locally in Darwin and you can buy them on eBay (for about 10 times the price in store!).


 The third style, and these are something you do have to learn to look at,

 nourlangie at Kakadu

 are the “skeleton” geometric art types where the artist is portraying not just the shape of the animal, but its insides and what it is thinking about as well.  (shameless Pratchett pinch there!).  This is a rock art painting here in Kakadu at Nourlangie Rock.


I have my eye on a painting at the Bark Hut…. It may be my Christmas present to myself. Which is only 84 days away.

With that, and an enormous thanks to the people who have emailed and left comments of support in the last few days.. I’ll sign off in a cloud (ok – its a small whirlwind)  of angry but artistic dust J



~ by SB&C on October 2, 2007.

One Response to “Art and being Angry.”

  1. 1.How are animals and fish represented?
    2.What sign and symbols can you see in art work?
    3.How are natural materials used?
    4.What method are used?
    5.What do you think aboringinal artist think about the environment?

    Please answer today?

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