Hear Ye!!! Hear Ye!!!!

The Small Red-headed Safety Officer would like to make an announcement…

I hereby decree that I’m not taking any further complaints about machinery defects from you guys until I actually get on site.  My memory isn’t that good that I can remember that “the left rubber sproggle has slipped out of the doover and it’s not fluxing the hoopdewhapdit properly which means that i get hot” for an hour or so at 0440.

Also, you could have told me… or better yet – THE SERVICEMAN yesterday, when we were on site. 

Now, its the next day – no – MORNING, Dawn is still 2 hours away and my care factor tends to a)be directly linked to the amount of ambient light and b) inversely proportional to my proximity to breakfast – which I am getting slowly more used to eating.

Quiche is definitely a breakfast food.

You want me to fix something – Write it DOWN….And give it to me.

My anger-o-meter is returning to normalish levels (which could still be considered high by some – usually the same ones who consider me to be aggressive. Two out of Three – Anger, Fear, Aggression – Whaddaya know? I’m on the Dark Side of the Force.) but I have a nasty feeling that it will all flare up again if some kind, considerate compassionate person comes up and asks me in *that* tone of voice how I is. 

I’m *fine*. I may be less *fine* when I get back to Toothbrush Two and there’s no-one at the desk opposite mine but I’m *fine*.

Anyway- a day at Toothbrush Three would be nothing if we didn’t have a photo of the sunrise. And following on from yesterday’s tree silhouetted against the sun, we’ve added a bird.

 sunrise with a bird

 My photos, for those of you who are photographically minded, are getting slowly more technical – I’m using a yellow filter on my shots today.  It’s my yellow safety glasses cunningly held over the lens.

I can honestly say I don’t see the world through rose-tinted glasses.  They’re amber!!

And I can defend it – the yellow correction makes the Kakadu green look like green on the screen.

Whilst doing my morning drive (and the morning wouldn’t be morning if it didn’t involve a photo of Mount Brockman-

 Mt Brockman as seen at 0612

 I’ve been playing with the settings again- can you tell?) round turning off lighting plants, testing road surfaces, checking out windrow heights etc etc I pulled up behind one of the cars that make me firmly believe that Thrifty Rent-a-Car has gone into the Mining Industry (if ever you can’t hire a Thrifty Car in the Northern Territory it’s because they’re all out at the Goldfields.. or beetling around Ranger with flashing lights and flags.

So – if you look at this photo which shows a Dump Truck about to dump its first load of the morning.. Can you see what I’m sniggering at?

 dump trucks and thrifty rentacar

Someone at Thrifty obviously has a sense of humour. 

You do see Thriftys  “T”, “G” and  “F” bumbling around here and I have heard anecdotal reports of a “Goofy” and a “Donald” as well.  If I spots dem, I’ll snap dem.

O God – I haz bin readin I can Haz Cheezburgr too muchs.

Of course,  the thing to show my crochet fans today is…

Dah Dah!!!

 The gown with TWO sleeves

The Right Sleeve is now finished!!!

Apart from buttons, the bodice is now essentially finished!!! I just have to keep doing the skirt. And then make the hat.. and a left bootie, and I’ll be daring here – the right bootie to go with it.   I also have plans for a shawl to go with it – it involves voile or lawn, pintucks and me going around and around and around….. –  similar to the edges on the sleeves. I figure if I hem the shawl, and do a foundation stitch row,  then into that edging do say – three rows of DCs, then kick into the  puff stitches, HDCs, DC-CH-DC, HDCs, puffs again  lot, and then if I’m not completely insane, a row of shells. Sounds ok in principle… practice.. yeah well…

I have worked out what I intend entering in the two big shows (Canberra and Sydney Royals) early next year. The entries close in December so I have to start working out a plan to get everything done for the last weekend in February.  Part of the deal I’ve made with myself  is that I have to use up the yarn I already have.. And patterns I already have…

The Melbourne Show has now finished and as I couldn’t be there, I had a show photographer snap me some photos – Rebecca will be sending me the CD very shortly!!!  She understood what I was asking her to do, blessedly quickly (unlike some people!!) – she knits as well 🙂 .

So as my parting shot today: I ‘m *fine* with anger still in the background, and here –  this is a visitor who went wandering right through the middle of our operation yesterday afternoon…

 Dingo goes walking   

They root through the garbage – she has pups to feed and being a dingo in the Northern Territory can be hard… when it’s not Tourist season.


~ by SB&C on October 3, 2007.

3 Responses to “Hear Ye!!! Hear Ye!!!!”

  1. Armidale Spotlight Count = 0
    Wants you supplies from Bondi Junction Spotlight?

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  3. Ok – thats weird…

    I’m getting used to my “Whatnottocrochet” posts being pinched onto other sites…

    But to have one of my Safety Boots posts picked up because of SAFETY GLASSES is… a trifle strange…


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