Its Friday – Cue the crocodile.

Another 250 kilometres on the odometer; another week finished, this one punctuated by being *angry*.  No dump trucks were injured during the course of the week, so that has to count for something!

Dump trucks waiting

However, it wouldnt be Friday, if we didnt have a crocdile sighting. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a roster somewhere. “Ok – Schnappy , you go lay on the island and wait for her to notice you’ve moved.”

 I dont like wildlife with mouths half their body length

This guy was spotted at 0540 at the water truck stand pipe (we spray the roads with water to keep the dust down). Pardon the lousy photography.. I only knew where he was by the EYES glowing the dark.

The non-reassuring remarks from the Emergency Response team was “He’s only young, he’s about 2m in length. Dont worry , he wont try and eat anything bigger than him.”  At this point, I felt it necessary to mention that I am a whole 163cm tall. 

You do the math.

 After all that, and a whole lot more (including a phone call that is hopefully part of The Plan rolling)_ today finished.  Finally.  The funeral has been announced for Monday at two back in Darwin so I can see the Gown and I will really rack up the distance next week. I will be out at Tb 3 (again), there’s a serious audit coming up.

Having now made it home to Tb 1, and had a chance to ponder: I think theres a kind of madness you experience when driving.. playing meaningful songs , obsessing over things you want, things that may happen, and things that you cannot change.   I wonder if there’s some sort of road safety campaign they could come up with.

“Dont obsess and Drive” “Depressed Drivers Die” ?

I noticed though – as I left the clouds were following me…

clouds today

And this one in particular….

A cloud that followed me for 86kms. I checked.

  does it look like something to you as well?

But I’m home now, there’s packages waiting for me, and I had a bath reading a pattern book that came in the post

New patterns

and I think I’m going to make this one!

rose doily

But not right now….its late.. and I am tired.. although Arcadia’s blanket only needs half a square more to be done and its talking to me….

Will show you tomorrow….


~ by SB&C on October 5, 2007.

4 Responses to “Its Friday – Cue the crocodile.”

  1. Both those patterns are lovely – I will look forward to seeing your progress on the second one. The cloud does look like something to me but I can’t quite define it in words.

    — Michelle

  2. Oh wow, a cloud angel-how beautiful! Glad to hear you are doing better. I haven’t worked on a Christening set yet, I am still on my layette kick. lol Let me know if you want sometime and I will direct you to my photobucket pics of my own work. I haven’t ever entered any contests though!

  3. HI
    I see a dragon in your cloud – angels would be a possibility too. Angels would be kinder, but there again, dragons can be friendly – see Reluctant Dragon.

    Arcadia should love the afghan.

    Baby is even cuter now, too.

    Have a better week than last – and out there a grandmother is tagging along with you and enjoying the ride.

  4. I hope so!!!

    I’m glad other poeople can see something in the cloud…

    just about to go.. will talk to you all soon!


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