Could I ask for another day please?

This was a weekend that seems to have vanished. I got home Friday..  and pottered about for a bit until I fell asleep about 9ish. Its now Sunday afternoon and all I know is I’m tired and I dont feel I’ve done anything….


My usual level of stupid inability to sleep kicked in yesterday morning and I worked on Arcadia’s blanket which has made great progress… scroll down to the end if you want to see!

 A quick trip to Australia Post so I could collect my yarn haul – heee! heee! it’s all *mine*!!!

A pile of wool

 I treated myself to a ball winder. It was in the post today as well!!!

new toy 

I used my ball winder. I made 168m of rowan spun eventually become a ball.

A finished ball

And after turning 2,000 yds of silk in spaghetti I’ve realised I need a skein holder.. but hey…

So I needed a pick-me-up..

Red Bull gelato

 And then I went home because I had visitors.

The closest thing to a man in my life and his mother!

 Breastfeeding is GoodBaby is sleepy after lunch

And his father – who is 6’8″ and who doesnt mind that the first thing I ask him to do when the family comes over… is change the lightbulbs.

Guy… on a chair

Because I cant reach and I have serious light bulb issues.

See my finger?

a finger

A lightbulb cut it. I spent three hours waiting in an Emergency room for someone to stitch it…. or give me a tissue. There was blood pooling on the floor but I was told they’d get to me.  I ended up calling the vet and I met him at home, and he put three stitches in. I had to promise not to try and bite or kick him otherwise he’d put a twitch on me.

A blown lightbulb and the thought of changing it makes the roof of my mouth go funny. Its the most irrational phobia I know.

Any way… the sharp eyed ones among you may recognise the Fraggles and the Gorgs on the TV behind the Tall Person.

Yes.. I was watching the Fraggles. As the Founding member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Muppets (Fun Fur is Muppet Murder!!!) I have to get regular doses.  Add that to the fact that I bought the new Terry Pratchett today (!!!!!) yes.. I have issues. (Though not as many as Terry Pratchett – he’s bringing up the question of female identity again… this time with golems).

Anyway – the hot news for the weekend: I’ve now finished joining the squares in Arcadia’s blanket.. just have to go round a few times for the edging and its DONE!!!

 Arcadia’s blanket

Woo hooo!!!  (And I goofed here – I’ve posted the picture BEFORE joining, not the one of the joined squares.. sorry!!!)

 But now its Sunday evening… The dryer is beeping at me to say my clothes are done so its time for me to head out again…. Back to Tb3, that view and … adding another 250 kms to the Gown.   I’m beginning to wonder how far it will have travelled before its finished…

Miles to go before I sleep indeed.

Speak with you all soon….


~ by SB&C on October 7, 2007.

4 Responses to “Could I ask for another day please?”

  1. That blanket looks beautiful (even if it doesn’t look joined in the photo?) – I am a bit ‘funny’ with light bulbs since one was changed and then exploded when we turned the light on…

    — Michelle

  2. I love the blanket! I am afraid I am too impatient for afghans, I prefer the shorter projects. lol The baby is adorable but then you knew that. 🙂 I understand about the lightbulbs, you are chatting with the only person I know of that was cut by a carrot!

  3. Hey Michelle,
    You’re right and you have very good eyes!! I photographed it while I had the camera out for Small Person and I hadn’t finished joining it then! Will post the joined photos shortly!!

    thanks for the photos of your work btw!


  4. Hi shellie!
    Glad you like the blanket. Patience isnt so much of a virtue when you do it by squares!
    I shall pass your opinion on to the Small person – who has learnt to hold his head up, smile and get up on his knees behind now… at 7 weeks old!

    Carrots??? that takes talent! I dread sharp bits of candy – I always end up with scratches inside my mouth!

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