Things that work.. and things that dont…

Only in the Northern Territory would thongs be worn at a funeral. And yes.. i mean the kind you wear on your feet.

The funeral was much to be expected.  His wife’s relatives all looking grief stricken, his elderly parents shaking, his older sister reading the eulogy. The little boys perched on their chairs, unsure of anything but worried why Mummy was inconsolable.  It was a Catholic service, and that was an interesting thing:  to see how many of the two sites crew members are as well. Noting that I am not, but an Anglican/ Uniting Church upbringing at least taught me which bits to stand up for and when. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to church, I’d go, but the sound of holy water fizzing is so distracting for everyone else.

 The drive there and back was courtesy of the Production Manager Rick, a self-confessed ex-Indian hippy trail follower.  This meant that I could concentrate on the scenery.. and .. woo hoo! –  crochet!!!

About five minutes later, I made another important discovery. I took the Gown from it’s bag,

 The Gown in its bag

ready to make 2 hours progress… and……made a dc.. and a ch.. and a dc… and….glgggggggggggggg………

I can’t crochet in the car.

This is embarrassing.

I get *ahem* car sick.

I can crochet on a plane. I can crochet on a Boat. I cannot… crochet in a car.(Sorry, Dr Seuss)


So Rick and I chatted occasionally – partly about the appalling quality of the road… i looked at how much of the landscape had been burnt – and found where I had parked up the night before for my snooze.

Which is now where I turn to my commenters from yesterday… I appreciate your concern. I do.   However, I couldn’t have kept driving much longer as while Green Car knows the way to and from TBs 1, 2 and 3, he’s hopeless at knowing which white lines he’s supposed to stay between and for some reason, he likes to drive on the wrong side of the road. So rather than drive democratically, I decided to stop.

I elected to stop five kms from the smouldering bits and the wind was negligible so all calculations suggested it wouldn’t get *that* far.

Ok… So… I was wrong. But neither of us were in much danger of being barbecued.

At least I stopped and rested and didn’t try to drive with my eyelids set on “intermittent”.

Oh .. yeah.. Locks…. I’ll get those fixed real soon …. *promise*

Fires are always smouldering in the Territory – they’re not the hootroaring burns that eat houses.. these are just logs that smoke and smoulder.  Then the grass catches  and the leaf litter and the fire moves on a bit..and another log will start to smoulder. The sparks fly in little showers and its beautiful.. but not deadly.

There’s enough deadly things in the Territory.

 Drop off on the side of the road  Like this bit of road I HATE!

Anyway – made it to the Funeral home… no hymns were sung.. just Billy Joel’s The Piano Man.And – they left out the last three lines of The Lord’s Prayer… Is that a Catholic thing not to say “For thine is the kingdom etc etc ”?

The beautiful little boys, wondering where their father is, still makes me angry. Being taken out by a drunk driver is fate playing games (been there!). Not putting on your seat belt is a conscious choice.

Then, we were driving home. Rick and I talked some more, about dinosaurs, Australian history, principles of astro-navigation ( Rick wants to know how to use a sextant – and its something I am qualified in!)  putting on seatbelts and I thought some more about Queanbeyan Show… there are a few classes I’ve decided  to enter.

  So my attention moved from the Gown last night back to a baby blanket I started in Pink 100% DK Merino about . It’s this one

Baby Afghan  from Absolutely Gorgeous Baby Afghans – patterns by Terry Kimbrough and it’s quite easy ,which is why I had it in my travelling work bag. I put on another eight rows (there’s 10 pattern repeats, 6 rows to a repeat –  we’re now at the sixth) and  I’m hoping to have that finished this week. I’ll thread it with some pink ribbon through the eyelet rows and do the border. One thing I hate about DK, is the ends tend to come unravelled very easily, but it’s hard to hate 100% supersoft merino for long. Will post photos tomorrow!

So the photos for today – I want to tell you about another Safety Triumph (brought about by both our company and the Clients). The presence of Schnappy and his family is a well documented issue. And as much as I get told that they’re freshwater and thus *unlikely* to attack unless provoked, I’m pretty sure that their definition of “provocation” would include being stepped on in the middle of the night.  Which presents a problem to the water cart operator.

 No crocs

This is their pond – I can’t see any crocodiles at present but there are tracks on the banks. In the half-light, (not right now) this pond looks like the Lord of the Rings Marsh scene: “Don’t follow the lights.. Otherwise, little hobbitses go down to join the Dead Ones and light little candles of their own” My Precioussssssss.



They built us… Crocodile Proof… i hope so

The Croc Proof Fence.  

“Here we have the Water cart Operator taking in the sun.. it’s ok,  folks.. we’re quite safe here with the fence”.

I have suggested putting up “Caution- Humans” signs on the crocodiles’ side at about slither height.. apparently not.

So that’s today.  A few more hours, it’ll be knockoff time and I can head home to work on the Blanket a bit more.  The 8 ply feels like rope in my hands, I’m so used to laceweight.  But I can take it outside and be sociable (the Gown doesn’t like being outside – dirt you know!) with the boys. 

 There seems to be more regular visitors here these days, so hello to you all (as I sign off). I know many of you are coming from … the other site J  (where I poke fun at truly horrible crochet)  as well as many from Crochetville, so definitely : Hi, look around, leave a message and.. come back next time…. 

 Before I forget – as a final point.. To the person who found my blog yesterday using the search term “how to stop mohair from shedding” – if you find out, please let me know too!


~ by SB&C on October 9, 2007.

6 Responses to “Things that work.. and things that dont…”

  1. That blanket pattern looks very nice, I will look forward to seeing yours 🙂

    After just being confronted with lace-weight merino for the first time, all I can say is…I think I am probably a rope-crocheter at heart!

    — Michelle

  2. I cant wait to see your pineapple/doily shawl!! Thats one I keep drooling over but I havent been able to buy it yet.

    Lace-weight is good for you! The trick is to work it from the centre of the ball so it stays plied otherwise it is a COMPLETE bugger.

    And – if this makes it any better – its the same size as #20 thread. See… you can deal with #20 thread…


  3. Hi
    In miniature, your website photo reminds me – everytime – of a guineapig…

    OK – I agree that your decision to stop was rock-and-hard-place stuff. So, yep, do stop if eyelids are drooping, but please have locks fixed, stay 10kms from bushfires and carry a VERY LARGE crochet hook.

    But thanks to the other worryworts out there who supported my unease!

    It’s just cos we care, smallish person.

  4. Wow, looks like I missed all the excitement. Add my voice to those asking you to be careful please! I just found a new Net E-mail, Blog pal, I don’t want to lose you already!

    You have never said how old the boys are-I am really good at crocheting stuffed animals and if its not something they are too old for I would love to crochet them something to cuddle.

    I have layettes to finish first but I am sure I could get something out by Christmas. If you would rather not give your snail out then I understand. 🙂

    Funerals are tough-they are really for the living, not the dead. I would like to say the hard part is over now but we both know there is a long way to go. Hang in there.

  5. mother figure is so right! locks fixed NOW!!!!!! and maybe a knitting needle would be better than a large crochet hook? should i send you one?

  6. Ok — Mother_figure please explain why my avatar looks like a guinea pig.

    Shellie – will send you my snail mail separately.. and thank you so much for your concern for the boys – they are 7 going down to 3. I will speak to their mother and see what we can come up with…

    And Kris…. I dont know if a needle would work… we could try..

    and the car does still lock – its just you need the clicker… and if I’m inside with the clicker… I’m SAFE…..

    Love you all…

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