Is that something waving at me on the Horizion?

For some reason these past few dates mean something to me and I cant quite remember why.It’s odd.. i feel like there’s something I should be remembering.. and its away in the distance waving at me but I can’t quite focus on it.

It’ll come to me. But its BUGGING me.

This morning

So I’ll go look at the sunrise instead… 

Since my last report, some crochet progress has been made, I actually slept quite well (thanks to a couple of Valerian capsules) and I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm went off (Terry Pratchett’s latest book has the comment : any day that involves two four o’clocks is not good – I quite agree!!) .So – the progress on the Blanket (as it’s the focus just now) is… Another 14 rows. Because this is a competition piece, I’m not going to show the whole blanket until AFTER its been entered. Its just one of those things…but here is a corner!

 My Blanky

The yarn is actually a peachy colour but the flash seems to wash it out.

As a feature stitch I’m showing you a 3 Double Crochet cluster. I do use American terminology, I’m sorry but I do, I think its more logical. Single crochet, pull though once. Double Crochet, pull through twice.. half Double Crochet, pull through once but with three loops. Its logical.

 Ok – A cluster for those who don’t know is basically working a double crochet to the last “pull through” A double crochetand then leaving that loop on the hook, make another, and when you get to the same point – make another. When you have FOUR loops left on the hook, yarn over (or as I say to new people –“scoop a loop”) and pull through the whole lot. That’s a cluster.a cluster stitch

I worked on the Blanket until I used up a ball.. which was also time for dinner. Got back from dinner.. started new ball and worked busily (including the taking photos part: Lie down, propped up on pillows. Balance Camera set on timer on a book balanced on boobs. Set auto focus. Crochet. Camera takes photo. Sometimes it’s of my feet because I breathed in too hard and the focus slips downwards. Boobs not being a stable platform.)

I crocheted and crocheted and watched Time Team on the ABC, Baldric from Blackadder ( I don’t know his real name) was excavating an RAF airfield and the debate was going on as to whether it was an Iron Age or Bronze Age settlement. The part I liked (given I’m working with thick wool – ok, so its 8ply, but it still feels mighty thick to me) was the description of how the Bronze/Iron Agers  made their fishing nets with wool and they were “hooking” the wool into the nets. Didn’t say crochet – but I knew where they were going J

 But I crocheted.. and crocheted and crocheted and then Horror of horrors!!!!

 I ran out of peach 100 % Merino Soft.

  See that ball in the avatar photo? (oh.. yeah. Mother_figure.. perhaps you would like to tell everyone WHY you think it looks like a Guinea Pig? Diagrams may help!)Yep – that’s what I’m talking about. Bugger. I hunted through my bags. Big blue bag for clothes… no.. Purple zhivago bag… (where it should be) no… Red and black Chinese bag… no….I went out to the car in the darkness and my pyjamas to have a hunt through, under the seats… you never know, there just might be a rogue ball cowering somewhere. But I think I got it all out in the last Great Car Muster and it’s all currently sitting in a big Spotlight bag just inside the front door.BUGGERAnd I was on such a jag as well…. being at repeat 8, not too much to go!!!! About another ball’s worth.Options… go back to the Laceweight… or some more angels for the rest of the week?Decisions Decisions… bugger  ….I think I’ll go back to the Gown – I’m on a roll!

Anyway – on to the Safety Boots.

 A pair of safety bootsthis is a very old pair of Blundstones. Mine are Blundstones as well (again see the avatar picture) , because they’re the one of the very few shoemakers that makes boots in my size. 

 Something to make you laugh: there is a large gentleman here who, when I first started, referred to me as “young lady”. Yep. I wasn’t mad about it either. So I called him “Old Man”. I did it four times and he stopped. Anyway.. since I  don’t have good email/ internet access here so I take it where and when I can get it – usually for about the five minutes that I upload my blog, answer an increasing number of emails and maybe  think about what to do on the weekend.

At present I’m spending a great deal of time generating risk assessments, looking at incident frequency rates and producing mounds and mounds of information that I am unconvinced anyone will ever read. The recipient of most of this information is the aforementioned large gentleman who I (when in a Pratchett mood) want to call “The Hogfather”.  You’d have to read the book to know why that is.  But he keeps asking me for more .. more… MORE and to have them emailed to him.. which is a bit of a sticking point…

 He knows this but is forever saying “can you send me a copy of..”  I tried giving the documents to him by copying it across on memory stick but no.. he wanted them SENT. I got fed up yesterday when I had the printed sheet in hand when he said “I wanted it sent to me”;  I sat down, folded the sheet of paper into an airplane and sent it to him.

 Bet he won’t ask me to do that again.  Me.. with an evil grin 

Thats me for the day, it’s still cold here in the morning but warms up quickly. One of the bonuses is.. and Barb, your threat to send me your daughter (thanks for saying I’m brave though J ) when it comes to the hot water bit – isn’t as serious as you may think as by the end of the day, we don’t have cold water it’s all heated up in the tank.  The evening shower before dinner becomes an interesting juggling operation.not getting scalded….

I’m still here… I’m still small… but I’m ‘rocious!



~ by SB&C on October 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “Is that something waving at me on the Horizion?”

  1. Just a quick hi to say that I’m really enjoying your blog! Fantastic crochet, great sense of humour, incisive, clever, terrific photos. Thanks! And thanks for sending me to “what not to crochet” – it’s brilliant!

  2. Your days are not boring, are they?
    Why do I see a guinea pig? Hmm – probably the brown outline of something that looks small and fuzzy as well as my subliminal association of you and guinea pigs – do we want to go there???

    Baldrich is aka Tony Robinson – I love that program too – it makes you aware of all those little lives being lived out 5000 years ago – and puts everything into perspective. Imagine some young girl sitting down to crochet her net and what she was thinking and planning. Do you know Flecker’s poem ‘to a poet a thousand years hence’? It could be rephrased to a crocheter five thousand years hence.
    Crocheting is looking good – and nearly ready for the show.

    And is the ‘thing’ you’re trying to remember the anniversary tomorrow of the first Bali bombing? Other than that, it’s not ringing any bells for me.

    Red haired and ‘rocious – an unbeatable combination!

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