I’m going to regret this.

Remember how I said I was going to concentrate on the Gown since there’s an Out Of Yarn Error on the Baby Blanket peachy Merino??

Out of yarn error

I went looking in my bags again last night… and hiding, tucked away down the bottom of the fat-bottomed Zhivago home-crocheted backpack, I found 2 new balls of White Cebelia #10.




White.. shiny… thread………. huuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhOk……. 

So… what’s the most complicated, involved, non-dyslexia-compatible thing I could do with that?



This way be madness.  I know.  I did the Daffodils (Cue the Wordsworth!) for Canberra Royal in March this year. I ended up a tearful zombie, promising herself food only if she finished one more row.

Time and time again, I’ve vowed that any project that starts off with “chain 250” is to be avoided like the goddamn PLAGUE and guess what I did last night????Oh yeah,,, I chained on 250….. Chain of 250 using 1mm hook and #10 thread(If you’re wondering what the fluffy looking bits are, its recycled purple thread from an idea for Purple angel wings that didn’t work out, I’m using lengths as stitch markers.)

 and I started making a filet table runner..I’m not going to show you the pattern just yet – see if you can guess as we go.

 Filet crochet

This is the middle. I’m on the third row after about an hour’s work (I had to re-read the increase instructions…) but then I got the hang of it (previous filet projects have always been squares or rectangles.) and we were on a roll. The initial 250 is now 312 (additions on either side). increases in filet Filet is a demented kind of fun. I love its accuracy – each stitch has a definite place to be. I like seeing how even my tension is… however I’m not mad keen on the finished products. Heresy, I know!! They look odd; sort of uncomfortable and just wrong. I think it’s the stylised representation that you get with the boxes but I really appreciate the amount of work that goes into producing filet. It’s something I put down to liking “the getting there” more than the destination.

I also know that it will drive me slightly nuts but the pattern only has 84 rows whereas last time it was a chain of 400 and over 100 rows… so how bad can it be?Also, I like the challenge of this pattern, there’s a high empty space: box ratio (less stitch work = faster) and as well as having the increases and decreases (technical challenge!), there’s a section of Lacet stitch (which I haven’t done before).

This one is courtesy of a CD I was given at Knitting Group last time but it’s around and Bob, if you’re reading this – remember the jacket you liked on eBay?  It’s part of that….

Now, for some words on Stitch markers. And this is why if you only have a smidge of yarn left, its still good. Stitch markers serve a useful purpose.  Not only do they tell you where to join or where to make alterations in the next row but they can save you from a lot of heartache when making a chain of more than, say, 20.

Numbers don’t work well for me. They get up and go for walks. 4 and 5 do this funny dance, when I’m not watching, and: swap places. I’m much better typing than writing with a pen, but my problem with B and M seems to have migrated to the keyboard.  I have learnt little tricks to avoid being fooled by the Dyslexia Fairies. I nearly ran someone off the road once because I couldn’t believe that the sign board (it was a Virgin Blue Airlines Ad) said what I thought it said.  Oops. 

My Way was funnier though. “Web chickens” chooks pecking at keyboards.. using the internet… hysterical..

.Anyway… counting when chaining to make sure you have the requisite number of stitches is very very important. With an afghan, or maybe a garment, you can cover by throwing in an increase or two but, Filet – there’s no room for dishonesty. You have to know how many you’ve got at the  start.  Thus when I crochet, I can count pretty well up to 50; I chain so as to include a strand of thread as a stitch marker… That’s definitely 50.. chain another 50 and add more thread. And so on. That way if I make a mistake, drop the hook, lose count, or whatever – I only have to go back to the last thread marker.  Believe patterns when they say chain X stitches and use stitch markers.

End of sermon.

There’s a definite buzz on though.. I want to get back to it…..Or the Gown… I’m in the mood to dc.

But I have Cats to chase.


Today’s safety issues are fairly mundane. No speeding, be careful going round corners and just keep it slow. And wear your seatbelts.  We’re working on exposed wet clay which forms the centre of the dam and it’s as slippery as pickled onions. 

 The weather is beginning to look more like the Wet Season, sunrise was incredibly unspectacular this morning due to the thick overcast that will burn off as the day progresses but we missed out on the tangerines, lavenders and technicolour orange sun rising above Kakadu this morning and everyone’s just a bit out of sorts as a result. Gloom

This is called Build up Blues. People go mad during the change from the Dry season to the Wet Season in the Northern Territory.

A friend, I’ve served with on occasions throughout my old life, lived here until he was 16. His father went mad during a Build Up one year and shot his mother. This guy has a knack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was involved in two ship-board fires, one man-overboard and one spectacularly bad night, during a peace-keeping deployment in the Solomons, managed to have a screaming nightmare. With half the Wardroom personnel trying to rouse him from the nightmare, he kicked out at a strut in his cabin and sheared off the skin from the ball of his foot.  Blood everywhere, him screaming, partly from pain and partly from the nightmare, almost to the point of fitting. The whole ship ended up awake in the middle of the night. There was quite a trail of bloody footprints left, almost funny enough to laugh at, the next morning.

I’m not sure what it is about the NT that attracts people. The scenery is harsh, everything has to struggle for life here: no really tall trees, plenty of scrubbiness amongst tall grasses and as demonstrated on Sunday night, nature comes back to bite with a vengeance – ticks, snakes, grassfires(never very far away), floods (about a month away) and cyclones (two months away).

 The people here are different… I’m trying to work out if we’re different so that’s why we chose to live in the Territory or this is the way we become, living here in the Top End..

.But that’s a topic for another time, I have to go and make some signs to tell people how to turn a key so they don’t kill the water pump again.

You have to wonder… how bloody hard is it to turn an ignition key?

Catch you all soon – and… Mother-figure… My avatar does NOT look like a guinea pig. Yes, I have had guinea pigs… more than a few… more than any sane person would have. Be happy I now have yarn…

Everyone should have yarn.

And wear their seatbelts. 


~ by SB&C on October 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “I’m going to regret this.”

  1. I haven’t tried Filet Crochet – I think my approach to crocheting and accuracy is a bit too relaxed for it…

    Not a flamboyant sunrise but still beautiful in a stark kind of way.

    — Michelle

  2. I hope things are going well for you right now, its Friday! Yay on finding the thread but still booooo that you are missing what you need for your blanket. lol I can’t afford the good stuff so I use that “other” stuff you guys disparage. :p

    Anyway, I finished my costume I was designing for the five month old and hope you don’t mind if I provide the link. I would love to know what you think. 🙂

    The funny red thing is a collar, every dog should have one for tags. She’s a baby so I went with the, “Dalmation pups have no spots”.

    I hope you are enjoying your day!

  3. This is a fascinating blog! The crochet is beautiful and intricate, I never knew crochet could look the baby blanket and Daffodil. Silly as it may sound, I LOVE big machinery and bridges and dams; I stop at building sites quite often. As well, your photos as stunning. I did rather like the spontaneous ‘air mail’ – sounded like a solution to me. I’ll be back.

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