Another Sadness

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my plans (which I should have learnt not to make by now.. it just makes the Gods laugh…)  were to send my lovely Mare Isobel

 Isobel and me

down to be bred to the beautiful stallion Gumbanero.


Isobel has already produced two foals – the piece of equine magic – Dreamtime Oprah,


handled by David Warde, and my own (and Mother_figure’s) Nero.

A very young Nero

The expectation was that Isobel would have another black baby or two for Julie Conti and I; to have one more each (its a shared deal we have going) however Equine Influenza has prevented all horses from moving around Australia.  It looked very much like I was going to be able to move Izz in the next week but the news came through yesterday, that the magnificant Gumbanero succumbed to a short illness (not influenza) and we’ve lost him.

 Julie does have frozen semen left, so we can try for a foal once the imminent danger of the Flu is lifted but its a terrible shame to have lost such a gorgeous boy. And for Julie, to have lost her magnificent friend.

So… I’m beginning to wonder why I bother making plans…

What else?  I’m back in Darwin.. its warm but overcast, threatening rain. True build up weather.

I have nearly finished reading the latest Terry Pratchett Making Money which reminds me a little of Wyrd Sisters (one of the early ones.. the haunted duke  is showing up in Cosmo, who wants to be Vetinari.) and I’m going to have go back and read again once I’ve finished….. There’s something I’ve missed and its bothering me..

Arcadia’s blanket is Soooooooo nearly finished… Its joined, I’m weaving in ends and putting on a border… then tassels… or a fringe and its done.

 Arcadias blanket is nearly finished  Its also very heavy. I thought about it – its 25 squares… each one is about a 50gm ball of yarn. Yep.. its heavy!

After collecting my haul from the post office, (pictures tomorrow!) I went and paid a couple of bills. My yarn spending will be a little curtailed this fortnight. I donated a days pay to the fund for Simon’s family so I will have to be restrained on eBay!

That said I went on to Spotlight who have managed to lose the yarn I ordered in especially and I was told was there for me yesterday…. *GRUMPY* I did however buy some ribbon to trim the peachy Baby blanket, who came with me to Knit Group this afternoon.

Toni, linda and AM 

For a Knitting Group, its a bad photo!

 We have AM who is crocheting, Linda who is attaching a crocheted Ostrich order to a Jacket for her granddaughter and Toni is making bobbin lace. Its beautiful…. I want to learn how to do this:

 a lace bookmark

However! I am on the LAST repeat of the baby blanket – having dipped into the merino hoard, and I will have to zip that off tomorrow as right now I’m heading out to a Breast Cancer Fundraiser.

Love to you all.. please hug your four-legged (and two -legged) family members and tell them you love them too..


~ by SB&C on October 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “Another Sadness”

  1. I’m sorry for the loss of Gumbanero. I haven’t spotted any new Terry Pratchett novels at my local bookstore, I will have to look further afield.

    I hope Spotlight finds your missing yarn.

    — Michelle

  2. oh no! thats just too sad…note to self don’t show kassies todays blog! i know you were looking forward to this, i hope the frozen sperm will work!

    thinking of you!

  3. I am sorry to hear you have had another recent loss. Tell your friend my condolences. And I hope they find your yarn!

  4. Hey Manda,
    I really can’t believe that Gumby isn’t here anymore. It’s like a really bad dream and everytime I wake up I’m hoping that it was just that -a dream. Sadly it’s not. I feel like I’ve lost an arm or leg. I miss him so much. He was such a huge part of my life. I posted about his passing on Eques and was totally blown away by over 140 responses! I never knew so many people knew of Gumby let alone admired him.
    He touched people that I have never met, I have had emails, phone calls, letters and cards from all over Australia and the world. It seems many people saw what You and I did – that he was so special.
    I’m positive that the frozen will work fine with Izzy, (maybe we should be thinking about doing some embryo transfers?? – I just need to win lotto!)
    My belief is that everything happens for a reason, one day we will see what the reasoning for this is.

    Don’t be too sad Manda, we are lucky to have had Gumb in our lives at all. Some people never have an animal like that to share their life.

    Thankyou everyone for your thoughts, and I second what Amanda said – hug your family, friends and animals – you never know what’s around the corner.


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