There’s a softness to Sunday evenings

Ever noticed?

Sunset over Darwin City

Oh yeah – and to the construction people who have obscured BOTH my views with large yellow cranes… I’m working on some sort of organic revenge for you.

Everything is ready to go for the drive out to Toothbrush Three in the morning. All my shirts and jeans and work socks (bright pink/black and blue/black stripes for preference!) have been washed. Seriously, my job is the only one I can think of where you get paid a huge amount and you get to dress like a hobo. will be taking Making Money (Pratchett!!!) as I feel like theres something I missed in the earlier stages last read through. 

Which reminds me – that thing I thought was trying to get my attention last week ? Its still in the back of my head waving at me.. Its really starting to bug me now.

Last night I went to a Breast Cancer Fundraiser with another 100 women at the Fannie Bay Bowls Club (I’m sure there’s a joke to be made there.. but I’ll resist!) A-M invited me as it was organised by a woman she works with who is a Breast Cancer survivor and we raised over $6000 from raffles and auctioning a pearl necklace and earring set plus and aboriginal artwork. Breast Cancer Fundraising   It was one of those fun nights were I did meet a few new people… and found something about myself to be EXCEPTIONALLY  CONCERNED ABOUT.

I won the Lawn Bowls competition… my team was very pleased – we all received $20 gift vouchers (for the little mall where the Crosstitch store is… they do have crochet cottons!!!) . Basically we played three ends until rain stopped play and I won the first en outright and had another bolle in close in the second.   And I have played Lawn bowls exactly TWICE in my life.  Our coach (an older lady named Nora) says I should come back and play more often.  ACKTHHHHPT!!! 

Rain in Darwin Rain did stop play.. and so did the Thunder and Lightening that accompanied it.

I am concerned that I show talent for a game associated with old ladies. Its bad enough that I crochet!  The $20 will come in handy though!

 Today, the good news (for a change!) is that Spotlight found my yarn. I suspect the salesgirl didnt really bother looking ; as the woman who ordered it for me said it was still  on her desk, where she left it on Friday, when I  got there this morning.. *eyes roll*

It looks like this:Sentiments Harvest Mix and I have plans for an afghan….

I also received this yarn in the post yesterday: a roughspun, but deliciously so, cream merino 8ply

Wool for a fisherman’s afghan Theres nearly 2kgs of it (not all in the photo) so there’s plenty for a heavyweight cable afghan – one of those classic fisherman’s pattern afghans.

The peach blanket benefited from attention yesterday and again this morning and is finished the body section.Peach baby afghan I have the ribbon for the trim and the edging will be on the agenda for this week.

Some of you with sharp eyes may also note that there’s a new page listed at the top of the blog – its a Gallery of Crochet, containing lots of pictures of my work and you can also see what Australian crochet looks like at shows…Please have a look!

Anyway – its getting to about that time where I have to go to bed.. so as to have some sleep before driving out (since me sleeping in the car seems to raise so many people’s blood pressure.. its fine.. really!!!!) love to you alll – see you again soon!


~ by SB&C on October 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “There’s a softness to Sunday evenings”

  1. […] me as it was organised by a woman she works with who is a Breast …article continues at SB&C brought to you by and […]

  2. Ooooooh, I love the baby blanket. I am jealous of the new yarn-it looks gorgeous! As I have said before, I use the Red Heart, Caron, etc. I think the most expensive yarn I buy is Bernat. 😛

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  3. Hi Shellie!
    It was an excellent weekend, all too short as always!!

    The new mohair is from Spotlight (so hardly expensive) and the Cream wool is from eBay – I have plans!!! They involve 12in Squares…


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