Aussie Rocks

I wasn’t sure if I would have time to post this entry today, There’s an audit next week and I have a list of things to get through however there’s some things to say (as always).

Firstly – I know there’s an audit. I know there’s an audit because, at last count, 14 separate people have told me in the past three weeks. And printed out the 30 page check list for me. That’s a significant waste of tree happening right there.

 I also am losing my ability to act a)shocked b) scared and c) suitably reverent at the news of the audit; which, for peoples  15, 16, and 17, may become more of a problem.

Thirdly, I would be better enabled to prepare myself and my team for the audit and to deliver the exceptional standard of work that the client has come to expect this contracting organisation to field when required – IF, and I say this with love, you would stop coming in and asking if I have five minutes so you can break said news of the audit to me.

Which brings us back to clause B… and those people who know me should be impressed that I have been “nice” to individuals 3 – 14.

Fourthly. I provided a Band-Aid to someone this morning. I was then chastised because despite my medical training (I’m not a doctor, but I have Advanced First Aid, Occupational First Aid.. and a bit of common sense) “only EMERGENCY first aid should be provided on site. Band Aids etc – you have to go to the Front Office.”

Check me here, but – that’s 2.4 Kms away?

Go find your Plot – you seem to have lost it.

This morning, apart from my usual clay clamber (i’ve stopped wearing clean jeans to work, I get galooped too quickly to care anymore. Wonder if Colorado has more of these jeans but in a Red Centre clay colour?)  I was involved in a pre-dawn raiding party to “harvest” (steal is such an ugly word) road signs from the client company’s back roads… Obviously, it’s a road sign farm out there as there are signs every 30metres.

At least… there were.

It’s ok…  we’ll put them back.

 After next week.

And I’ll take off the “1”s and the “4”s that I have made up in powerpoint and then laminated so I had enough 10 and 40kmph speed signs….

Cos I didn’t… and they don’t  grow on trees in the middle of the Northern Territory.

In keeping with our custom – here is a picture of this morning:


 looking more Weathertops or Ramtops – ish (depending on whether you’re more of a Tolkien or a Pratchett fan) than ever in the red sun. 

And – because the birds are starting to let me creep up on them…

 Birds of Prey 

We have another Hawky/Falcony / Eagley Raptor type bird. This one is larger than my pretty little friend of yesterday – and has a much NASTIER beak.

Speaking of Nasty… If you saw a car with this sign:

Thrifty and…

What would your eyebrows do?


And now to reply to some comments:

Thank you to everyone who has made such lovely remarks about my work – especially the blanket. And the Gown.. and everything else!!!  You don’t know how nice it is to have encouragement on the “softer” side of my life!

 The blanket - 2 more rounds to go

The blanket is  still making progress. I sat crocheting outside last night until I had to go in to read the pattern for the next row. There were two older men I was sitting with, all quite at ease, (one’s a wood-turner so he understands the need to “craft” in the evenings, as he calls it) me crocheting away; all merrily yakking.

 A newcomer to our camp, and he is a member of another Company (complete with shaved head, Genghis Khan facial hair) came over and  went into the “you’re knitting?!?!??!” routine that most crocheters would be familiar with.   I didn’t say anything but one of my stalwart defenders piped up as huffily as he could manage: “it’s not knitting.. it’s CROCHETING. There’s a difference.”

Try hiding a smirk behind a ball of merino doing its favourite magical disappearing trick.

To Barbara – I didn’t make as far south as Nevada, during our trip our family (Mother_figure, Father_figure, Bob and my youngest sister…  and me… all in an Orange Volvo) went east from Seattle through to the Dakotas and we saw a lot of the Big Sky Country.  So I know what you mean about nothingness.    There’s a song called “Solid Rock” by an old Australian band named Goanna,  with the Lyrics “Out here, nothing changes. Not in a hurry anyway”.  (Click on the name – its worth it!)

  It’s the same feeling of timelessness under the biggest sky and at night, a millionmillion stars overhead.  

 And living between air-conditioners and keeping down the dust that gets into everything. 

Plus, the occasional cheese deprivation.


Julie C, as soon as possible I’ll get Hiss down to you, I promise! I do think ET would be a good idea!!! We can start a Matrix-style production of identically Magnificent Black Horses…  I’m fairly sure David would be keen as well J  we’ll find the $$$ involved..

      And having discussed your horrible loss with Arcadia (who sends her love, and has hugged her own stallion Aragorn on my behalf), we agreed that the reason why so many people are mourning the passing of Gumbanero is that you kept him the simple and honest stallion that he was. No exaggerated hype, no wild claims like those surrounding some of the supposedly “fashionable” stallions, who sire completely empty headed brats who can’t stay sound… if you can get the mare to go in foal with their frozen semen.  People respected him for the quality he put on the ground:  trainable and beautiful. 

Dreamtime Oprah is the horse that every little girl dreams of having, all the way through school.

Julie conti’s Dreamtime Oprah  This photo of Oprah is from Julie’s website – please visit her at


Maybe she will produce the perfect grandson for you…  to go with her future brothers and sisters….

Mother_figure , who followed me to Whatnottocrochet last night (if you haven’t seen WNTC – go there.. please… you’ll be doing yourself a favour.  Just don’t be drinking coffee when you open each photo. It’s bad for your keyboard.) where did I find that?  I was looking through pattern books that people have listed for sale in various locations. And I find much MUCH  MUCH worse!!

 Time for me to go home – I just stole a minute or two to post this… The Dam is getting there – I hope to have more pictures of the Aussie Rocks to show you. And soon I might get to go back to Toothbrush Two.. and the Shiny Rocks.. and hunt for goldgoldgoldgold.. Love to you all…remember to hug your family tonight – and a special pat for anyone with a tail for me please..  


~ by SB&C on October 18, 2007.

6 Responses to “Aussie Rocks”

  1. Celts who take on shark fishers wouldn’t be phased by a humble audit – even if the auditers are of the Harry Potter type…

    And the SMB says purr – but she will only be patted by a pink ugh boot anonymously, just in case someone thought she was weakening and becoming domestic! Other mog is on the phone to the RSPCA as we speak, reporting an extreme case of food deprivation.

    Sooo glad you’re being ‘nice’ – although that could be dangerous for the recipient ultimately.

    I want to go and see small black horse when you are next in the area, please.
    crochet good

  2. Manda is the WNTC your blog also? I was there yesterday…today I am going to crochet a cactus..I just get the greatest ideas there for gifts for people I am not fussy on O.O

    Hope you have a great day and thank-you for taking the time to blog for us xoxoxo

    saw your latest pic of yourself, you’re cute as can be, but I think I may see just a bit of mischief in ya..

    Could I ask Mother figure what you were like as a young Manda?

  3. Another nice post to wake up to! Its nice to see your progress on the blanket. Just wondering if I offended you somehow with my pitiful crochet since you didn’t respond to the links I posted or my e-mail. :p You seem to have a lot of birds following you too!

    I think with what you see day to day and things you see on bad days that an audit is the least of your worries. Hope today everything goes well. 🙂

  4. Sorry for posting twice but I forgot to comment on the truck! Does that mean the TRUCK is radioactive or what it carries it? 😮

  5. Hi shellie!!! Not offended in the slightest!!! More than happy to point people to crochet work!!!! just too busy and very forgetful!

    And – post away – in answer to your question:
    The ute belongs to the Soil Technicians who come out and make sure the clay we are using is compacted enough.. and wet enough and .. whatever else enough.
    The survey equipment they carry has beryllium in it (which is Radioactive) and in the event of an accident i.e. Ute crashes or Dump Truck parks on top of it.. we might have a little problem. its not going to explode, and its the same equipment used by ANY surveyor, but it kinda made me chuckle!!!!


  6. Hi Barb,

    I can’t claim whatnottocrochet as “my” blog – but I do post fairly regularly there(and if anyone from Crochetville is reading this : See, This is who a WNTC poster thinks they are.. and I’m not hiding, as some people believe, and who think that WNTC is a bad thing . What do we live but to make sport for our neighbours and laugh at them in our own turn?).

    And its evil of you to make me laugh like that… Crochet cactus.. sure.. go ahead…jsut make sure you send through the photos afterwards!!!

    And i’m sure Mother_figure will be only TOOO delighted to tell you what I was like as a younger me.

    She’ll consider it to be payback for refusing to remove the photo of her with the hat (and without Isobel).


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