Everything was going so well

I have reached a horrible point in crochet… Have you been here too? Read on!

I have been working on a Baby Blanket for a while now…

I’ve provided you with daily reports and you’ve all cheered me on – Vielen Danke!

This is our pattern: Baby Afghan

Nothing untoward has occurred with this blanket (and that should have been a clue right there).   I like the colour of the yarn (dusty peach). I have ribbon picked out ready for the trim (matching peach and a thin strip of darker pink – the colour of the peach cheeks when they’re darker than the inside).  I enjoyed the shell pattern – it’s true, I did!  I appreciated the clusters and showed you how I do them.  We’ve suffered through yarn balls that have nowhere near the supposed metreage to them but nothing has gone catastrophically wrong and, despite some horrible DK ends to weave in,  I still *like* it.

I have made a couple of items, where I couldn’t stand the wretched thing at the end (the Sun Sand and Surf blanket – see the Gallery- is one of them).

And now (last night, to be entirely accurate) we have reached a huge milestone : the last row of the border!!!

I cheered to myself as I worked on the last few chain three loops of the second last round.  I was watching House and suddenly!  *sharp intake of breath* Found myself at the “ join with sl st and.. R 7. Ch 1, Picot..” bit.  Back to reading the pattern and then, once armed with the “Ah! So that’s how it works” moment of comprehension, dove in to do that last wonderful, magical, LAST Round…. 

  and this is where the sound track goes from the nice happy music to the screeching sound of brakes, screams, skidding wheels, smashing glass and something that goes sprooooooooinnnnngG as it lands by your feet.

To quote the Duke from Moulin Rouge : “I don’t like this ending”.I don’t like all of Nicole Kidman’s movies (and I’m still angry with the film company for taking up my view when they were here in Darwin filming Australia a couple of months ago) but I like the soundtrack to Moulin Rouge.

Especially:  this song.

Anyway – I digress.

We’re back at the scene of the crash.

It’s Bad. There’s merino everywhere!!

Ok…I don’t like it.

I don’t like the border.

 Specifically, and I persevered for a couple of repeats – I don’t like the picots.


See – I tried… I did what the pattern told me to do and … It just doesn’t water my flowers. 

Their way

So…I did what I usually do.

I experimented.

 First, I looked at other borders in the Book. No help.

All my edging pattern books are back in Darwin. In the right hand drawer of the TV cabinet, with the Pineapple shawl, that involves a horrifying number of beads, that needs doing.


I tried a simple add another ch 4 round .. no.

Ok… what other pattern do I know?

Right, Mr 4mm Crochet hook – we’re falling back on my standard but quite pretty Dc and picot border…

The way this works:

Slip stitch

*Chain 2.Skip two stitches,

 DC. Picot (3 works well) into the TOP of the DC. Ch 2, DC into the same stitch as before, 3ch picot into the top again, repeat. 

Then chain 2, skip 2 stitches, Single crochet into the next one, 3 chain picot and repeat from *.

Finish with a picot in the Slip stitch (hides it better!)

I juggled the skipped bits around the loops of the previous round and it’s still not quite there.

See here are the three different ideas:

Three different ways

What the pattern said, the loop idea and what I came up with. From Right to left.

So tonight – after the 285km drive home.. and swapping White Car back for Green Car, I will settle myself down to… FROG. 

Even though I got up before sunrise today and it looked like THIS: my way

Yep – we’ll undo back to the beginning of this row, and try playing it with again.

And then.. tomorrow morning I get to go to the Post Office and I’m hoping that the Homespun will have arrived so I can make the throw I’ve got in my head.I haven’t forgotten the Gown either – its going with me to Lace Group tomorrow.

Which is when I’ll talk to you all again….


~ by SB&C on October 19, 2007.

8 Responses to “Everything was going so well”

  1. You have the same problem I do! I have never been able to finish a pattern without changing SOMETHING. Of course I also have another problem-I can’t repeat the same pattern more than once either. Its not that I am unable to, I just want something different the second time. lol

  2. I don’t have to intentionally change patterns, mine are just mistake-ridden and I usually have to change things just so all my mistakes fit in.

    I’m not a huge fan of picots myself but I think the border did look very nice. I’m sure whatever you come up with will look great.

    — Michelle

  3. well from here i think it looks good. but i am not you and if you are not happy with it now– you will not be happy with it ever! so frog away..i feel your pain!

    hope you have an awesome weekend! should have some pictures for you soon!


  4. hmm…what don’t you like about the edging? i think your edging looks like tiaras…really eye-catching. Do you want more movement, more swirls? I DID check out the Crocodile hotel via Google earth (one with layers). I looked at Darwin and T 1-2-3 as well. That is lots of space out there, I see why your mum would have you on her mind. I think I’d need a back-up radios and perhaps a couple of horses. Boots indeed!

  5. hi Man
    Sorry to hijack your blog, but it seems I need to reply to a couple of people. You can look away now!
    First – Thanks to Barbara for making me feel less neurotic!
    And to Barb (if you are not the same person – as Barbara) about the younger Manda. A thumbnail sketch : Never ever boring – never ever conventional – never ever slept it seemed! Inquisitive, intelligent, irrepressible, independent! When she was born someone did a star chart for her – evidently she’s a double Aquarian – and the person grinned sympathetically and said “Good luck!!!”. Explained that mercury is the aquarian metal – try pushing it and it runs in all directions – that about sums her up.

    Nothing was done in half-measure (except tidying the bedroom… 🙂

    Along the way there have been countless guinea pigs, horses of assorted sizes, and a beloved golden retriever called Jemima. Books were and still are one of the great passions – she taught herself to speed read in 4th Grade to get through more.

    Basically she hasn’t changed – just varied the interests (see, I didn’t say obsessions!)

    And as a completely unbiased mother I have to say she’s an amazing young woman – and one I’m very proud to know. I don’t claim any credit though – she is completely herself.

    Which is why I am not at all surprised by her current adventures (but I still hold my breath and hope that both her grandmothers are watching over her carefully and enjoying the ride!).
    Mother figure

  6. oh mother figure!
    thanks so much for the snap shot of manda! it seems like she has not changed at all! (from what i know of her now!) i love being able to call her my friend in the short amount of time we have chatted! not many parents can say that they are proud to know their children, so thats refreshing to hear you say!

    feel free to hijack her blog anytime! 🙂

  7. Dear Mother Figure thank-you for your reply and I am not ashamed to admit my eyes have teared up while reading. What an amazing tribute of your love for your daughter.

    As someone who lost their Mom and is going through the teenage years with a wonderful but very moody daughter I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

    I can not tell you how much enjoyment and laughter you and Manda both bring to my day, reading this blog.

    Manda…I say bring on the big hat pics and lots of them.. O.O

    love to you both,

    as to avoid confusion I shall now go by Canadian Barb 🙂

  8. Oh, Manda!! Between the beautiful crochet baby blanket … AWESOME work, and the beautiful words from your Mom!! I am in tears!!

    Been under the weather, so I popped over here to check up on you!! I had exams in my DOT Regulations class, and my OSHA – Construction class this week. After that I picked up my hook and buried myself in the baby blanket that I making! Crochet sure does make the steel toes feel better!!

    Take care and be safe out there girl!!

    Your Texas Safety & Crochet Friend,

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