Accomplishment and Old Lace

It is with great delight, a massive sense of accomplishment and not a little bit of relief that I can report:

 A Finished WIP!

 This morning, in keeping with my insommanical lifestyle I was up.. and crocheting.. until I realised.. IT WAS FINISHED.

Arcadia’s Scrap  Afghan in Purple and Earthy Tones, using a couple of new techniques…

IS (drum roll please!)  DONE!!!! 

Arcadia’s purple scrap afghan is done

 Ok – Not the picture you were expecting?

 How about this?

 Crochet purple scrap afghan 

I’ve learnt a lot about joining techniques, there’s 8 different pattern stitches in there, and also its a great example of better yarn colour changes.  Its made from Wool, Alpaca and and wool silk blend. I used up lots of scrap balls (quite a few from my Grandmothers stashes) and I am pleased with the result.  Arcadia – if you hide it in a cupboard, I will understand, buts its purple!

And its finished.

A purple and chocolate afghan  (ooooh.. Do you remember our squishy brown paper parcel? And do you see my pillow cases and the green counterpane? That was what was wrapped up in Brown paper. Sans vinegar. )

Also nearly finished is the Baby Blanket that came to Lace Group with me.

 peach merino baby afghan edge  I struggled for a little longer and then it clicked as to  how I wanted the edging. I also discovered that lacemakers dont use the word “frog” for undoing work. And ripping out 3 feet of edging horrifies onlookers.

But its so nearly done :

A-M holding my baby afghanA-M is holding it for me.

Yes- I know there’s a whopping great end hanging loose in the middle!

 Bobbins made from mammoth tusks

And then is this photo I’m holding a set of Lace bobbins made from a Mammoth tusk. These have been carbon-dated at over 10 MILLION years old.

And this is the lace that their owner, Alva is making – an edging for an Irish linen tablecloth. This has to be seen to be believed!

 Alva’s bobbin lace

(I had to climb on a chair for this one!)

  We had a lovely natter, and I stickybeaked at the Lace (it is on my “to do” list, when I have time).

 Lacemaking a piece of lace

Now I’m home, and feeling a little washed out.. so I’m going to have a quiet night in.

 And.. crochet 🙂 

And look at my new GOOD yarn (again – remember there is a difference!) Lousia Harding Kimono Angora…

Louisa Harding yarn

Talk to you all tomorrow.


~ by SB&C on October 20, 2007.

7 Responses to “Accomplishment and Old Lace”

  1. Arcadia’s blanket looks beautiful all finished 🙂 and your merino blanket looks lovely as well.

    I am sure if you tried bobbin lace, you would do very well at it.

    Your pillowcases are very nice, too!

    — Michelle

  2. I have to say I am stunned by all the bobbins! How in the world does she keep them all straight? I don’t have a problem with thread but you usually only work one piece at a time! I hope she brings the tablecloth in so you can show us a pic of it all finished.

    The baby blanket turned out beautifully and I am amused to find a kindred soul that thinks nothing of ripping out to their heart’s content. I have horrified many a watcher with my own exacting standards.

    One of my friends comments that its homemade and not supposed to be perfect. I just roll my eyes. Homemade does not mean I don’t do my best!

    I have to thank your mother here for the snapshot of your personality she gave us, its a lot like I imagined it would be so surprises here.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us, I am amazed how many friends I have through my online experiences when I didn’t have many early in life.

    On another note, the Halloween costume I made reached its destination and I received my reward-pics! Seeing the baby in it helped lift my spirits some from the loss of the other mother.

    I am almost done with the dinosaur for her son and will be working on a baby angel for her tree shortly.

  3. Wow, Beautiful afghan! I just finished one in squares, so I know the amount of time and love you put into it!! Also love that you used from your grandmother’s stash!
    Baby blanket is so pretty too!

  4. OOH Manda, you are so clever!!!
    How beautiful your works are, and purple is one of my favourite colors. Well done. (you must have lots more patience than me!)

  5. Love the ghan Manda and love the colour combo
    and how about an “Ask Mother Figure” feature on the blog.

    Think of it, we could ask everything from fashion advice to favourite recipes!

    Canadian Barb..

    btw I sent you a pic 🙂

  6. mmm, the purple blanket is like a tapestry. I like it a lot. Those green pillows with the sparkles are pretty wonderful too 🙂 Since I’ve been reading your blog I check on your weather now, rain is on the way eh? The baby blanket will be treasured for ever – what a gift of love! I have also stood in awe, watching women throwing the lace bobbins…faster than I could keep track. Thank you for posting their pictures and work.

  7. I my first visit to your site, must say you do great work, enjoyed your site sounds like you enjoy your craft same here. I will be back, I enjoyed the visit, Thanks for sharing. Sherry

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