Nothing to say but Thank You

Three months ago I started this blog because I wanted to have a little corner to show *SOMEONE*ANYONE*  what I was doing.

The last year hasnt been stellar, the man who told me he wanted to spend his life with me has disappeared. My Navy career had taken on a ballistic trajectory and I couldnt even drive to work without bursting into tears.  My horses and family are 4000kms away and for some reason: I love being here in Darwin and couldnt deal with leaving. I’m mentally getting closer to being able to leave but here I am in the most isolated capital city in Australia, about to drive out into the Kakadu wilderness one more time.

In the three months, I’ve mined gold and built a dam, finished (and started) a lot of crochet, driven 6286kms and also down into a Gold Mine pit that was in danger of collapsing further, posted embarrassing photos of my mother, been to the funeral of a workmate, and had the privilege to meet you wonderful people who have taken the time to stop by my blog.

You lovely ladies, each with your own lives, your own issues, have taken the time to be involved in my mad life, sending me messages of encouragement when you all have fantastic and demanding lives of your own. We all make beautiful pieces of crochet and we are all strong women.

Especially my mother.  MotherWho I am sure will be willing to answer any more questions (and is shown this time without a hat but with her youngest sister’s first grandson . Thats also my sister Bob behind the big sunglasses).

While I’m apologising to family members for unflattering photos with hats…


This is the Father_figure on the day they came to visit me at Toothbrush Two and the Shiny Rocks. Actually – if you have cooking questions, he’s the one to ask 🙂

And since there’s a lot of comments to answer, I’ll take some time to do that and thank you individually!  

Canadian Barb (I knew who was who!) your photo is gorgeous – I will forward it to mother_figure so she knows who she is talking to . Mom had to deal with Three of us, so I’m sure she can provide sympathy for those with moody TDs. Fashion advice Maybe.. Recipes. no ask Dad.. I think the most recent and funny one I asked Mother_firgure on advice was whether I should return a bottle of vodka. 🙂

Julie C. Thank you for appreciating my work!! – its got nothing to do with patience, I dont have horses here with me!!! I’m sure when I come home and have Madame Le Spot and Nerd, and Hiss and Tess full-time (ok.. not so much Tess as Arcadia is trying for a foal with her) but .. you catch my drift!

Barbara – Thank you again!!! I do love the Sentiments mohair so much!!! &  I have enough for another four blankets!!!! And the peach one really is something I am pleased with. I may never use DK yarn again but I would recommend the Terry Kimbrough patterns to anyone!

 Hi Michelle! Thankyou! I’m just happy they’re both done done done! And I like the pillowcases – the counter pane matches – you just cant see it in the photo… so here:

What my bed looks like made eBay is a wonderful thing!!!!

Hi Shellie! They use these huge safety pin like clips to hold all the bobbins in place otherwise they go rolling. And speaking of rolling – yes its homemade, but its also HANDMADE and that means we put as much effort as we can muster into displaying our skills in a way that will be treasured for a very long time. Of course we have to get it right. Cant wait to see the dinosaur! And I’ll let Mother_figure take a bow…

Kris!!!!  DONT ENCOURAGE MY MOTHER! 🙂 Ah – no.. go on!!!  And I cant wait til Halloween so I can see the girls ready to go out!!! (Kris has been hard at work making Penguin and Witch costumes for her girls – she deserves more than a round of applause!)

Diane! A newer voice! Squares are beginning to grow on me, I have to work on my seams but it’s strong enough!!! I was very lucky to inherit yarn from both my grandmothers and I rummage through the boxes looking for all sorts of bits and pieces! Usually I get a nice surprise!!!  

Jessica!!! My partner in Steeltoed crocheting!!!! In Texas no less! Is so good to hear from you again!!! Send through some photos of your work!!!!!  Get better and I’m sure you aced your exams!


 Its just a big thank you letter to you all 🙂

So – just quickly : On the crochet front – as I walk out the door…


The Peach Merino Baby Afghan is FINISHED!!!

 Wooo Hooo!!!

Blocking the Baby Afghan and is stretched out on the spare bed to be blocked. Thats my usual blocking solution (warm water, lavendar water and a little Pearsons) in the spray bottle and lace pins ready to go. I stretch the blanket out and pin it, then spray it with the warm water mix.

I solved the edging problem yesterday with A-M sitting beside me, looking concerned at my shaking my head over every stitch.. (oh .. and taking photos of innocent lacemakers every chance I got!) Its very similar to my original plan, except 2 dcs instead of three and it looks most fetching if I do say so myself.

Edge of peaches It looks more like little suns than little tiaras now!

Next stop – ribbons!

 Anyway – I have packed clothes and the Gown and the Filet – and more of the Sentiments Mohair to make more rectangles: the purple ones. The true colour is less blue, more lilac. But I can do a couple a night and we’ll be finished another WIP….

Two in one weekend! Its a record!

Still have the Gown and the Filet though.

 Thank you to you all again!!!  You really have no idea how much it means to have people who do take the time to say hello, to come and check on what I’m doing. It means more than anything. *tears of my own*.

See you in a Sunrise and 280 kms.



~ by SB&C on October 21, 2007.

7 Responses to “Nothing to say but Thank You”

  1. The counterpane is *very* nice, too 🙂 You did a great job on your edging for the blanket, it looks fabulous.

    Even though I do (usually) enjoy the crocheting part, having a finished item to look at or use or give away is so much better.

    Looking forward to more of The Gown and the Filet, too – and whatever else you share 🙂

    — Michelle

  2. […] Safety Boots and Crochet wrote an interesting post today on Nothing to say but Thank YouHere’s a quick excerptNothing to say but Thank You October 21st, 2007 Three months ago I started this blog because I … they came to visit me at Toothbrush Two and the Shiny Rocks. Actually – if you have cooking questions […]

  3. […] Safety Boots and Crochet wrote an interesting post today on Nothing to say but Thank YouHere’s a quick excerptNothing to say but Thank You October 21st, 2007 Three months ago I started this blog because I … they came to visit me at Toothbrush Two and the Shiny Rocks. Actually – if you have cooking questions […]

  4. I heart Manda xo

    You look just like Mother Figure!!

    Pass this recipe on to your fellow bloggers if you like..

    Chips & dip

    buy bag of potato chips and jar of onion both, dump in bowl and serve.
    may garnish with beer nuts and serve with fine wine.

    As for an update on the thread dress, there is none..other than when I cleaned my house Friday I moved the dress from one corner of the living room to another.

    Thanks for your comments on the pic..xo

    Your Canadian Barb eh?

  5. i was thinking the same thing as canadian barb…you look so much like mother figure! actually as i was reading your entry and i only saw the top part of her head i thought it was you and then realized it was mom! i too have a lot of my mothers features! kassie misses having a grandmother to get to know! i will have to go back and look for the hat picture cuz i don’t recall that one. although i do remember one of mother figure with horse! i did not realize that you were so far away from her and your horses! :(!

    hope all is well! are you back at tb3 this week? talk soon ok?

    ps…everything looks great! did you ever finish up the angel?

  6. Wow, thanks for taking the time to address each one of us. lol I have to agree with the rest that you do look like your Mom! Your Dad looks like one of those fun ones too instead of the stuffy sort.

    The blanket is beautiful, someday maybe I will develop the patience to work on one!

    I thought I would give you a pic of the memorial layette and Dottie Dino. I am not sure if the link will work on here.

    I am sorry you are so far from family and home. My parents and I live together but they are in another state right now and have been gone three months. I am going nuts without them! I can’t imagine being even further than that.



  7. Okay… I tried to post and it ate it! Here’s try number two.

    My parents and I live together to share expenses and they are currently in another state. Its been three months and I am really missing them! I can’t imagine them being even further.

    Your Dad looks like one of the fun sort-not all stuffy. 🙂

    The blanket turned out beautiful, maybe someday I will have patience to finish something bigger than a layette!

    Here’s a link to the memorial layette and Dottie Dinosaur. (although my nine year old son thinks she looks more like a lizard!-if she looks crooked its because her head is cocked to the side, the funny white thing is a bow)

    Hang in there and thanks for giving each of us a message when you are so busy!

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