Bad Photos in more ways than one

Winner in the category “Worst Photo of a Piece of Filet in a Mining Camp” has to go to this: 

filet in blue

No idea what I did wrong but it’s possibly the worst photo of filet EVER.

I tried to improve it by making it blue.Didn’t help much.

Anyway – we saw some progress last night: some frogging- but still, there was progress. The difficult thing I find is the counting. I need to make a block in 13 spaces..chain 3 and a double crochet which is pull through 1, pull through 2..  1 space, and again… 2 spaces… and again 3 spaces and there’s lots of numbers flying around…. It’s coming along but it’s harder to do lying down. I don’t have a couch at Tb 3 and my preferred filet position is propped up by cushions with the pattern pinned to the arm, so I can read it.

And a highlighter to cross off what’s been done.

As a newsflash : My plans for the weekend have just gone out the window. I now have to work until Sunday and then I have Monday and Tuesday off… What it does mean, unfortunately, is I won’t make it to Knitters group on Saturday but I can go to the Bank… and the Post Office and mail off some of the Queanbeyan entries. (a scarf, a shawl and the Peachy Merino .. at least…)

So let’s see – Its Wednesday… 

 sunrise 24 Oct

The sunrise looked very purple this morning and as the clay layer is catching up on the windrows (which will be a problem again soon)  I can actually see over the walls. This is Good News, because  I’m not having nearly as many Hobbitses moments and Bad News as the sunrise is happening earlier and earlier and I won’t be on site by then.  Daylight Savings doesn’t happen here in the NT (the Eastern states – Queensland, NSW, Victoria and the ACT all change this weekend, is that right Mother_figure? ) so you end up with a sunrise at 0430 and sunset about 1920. And I have to think an hour and half ahead if I want to call Arcadia, Mother_figure, Julie C etc etc etc.

The Good News from my site here at Toothbrush Three is that (and I hate to tempt the Gods but Jessica [our other Safety boot wearing Crocheter] will understand why this is an Achievement) we are on Day 142 of the Project… and we are still INJURY FREE. We have had over 100 people working on the project here (based on Inductions) and we’ve worked 66,493 man hours since the start in June.

It makes me happy 🙂

*doing a little Hamster dance*

And this made me laugh (one of my inductees in the car today!)

funny miners

This is not the case however, for this Indonesian mine site.

Indonesian dump Truck CrashThese are KOMATSU 785 Dump Trucks. They are a size bigger again than our Largest Dumpies.  My head wouldn’t come above the centre of the axles. This incident occurred in September and if you read the report –

report into dump truck crashthe occupants SURVIVED.

Admittedly, the guy who you can see still in the vehicle has a fractured pelvis but he’s still breathing.Dump truck crashes into ute

To me it looks very much like the Ute has driven into the side of the Dump Truck.

 Had the Dump Truck driven over the Ute, the accident site would have looked VERY different.

 komatsu dump truck accident

(now tell yourself that Indonesia has far fewer OH&S regulations and accidents like this are more likely to happen there and not in Australia…)

Dump Truck Accident Photos, Purple Safety Boots and Crochet – what more can you ask for??

That’s me done for today – Hello to our two newest comment makers (Cloudedmaple and Cathy_cate) Glad to meet you!! I still feel like a goose for the diesel /unleaded mix-up , I didn’t yell at the previous mistake maker, Kris – I laughed at him. Loudly and repeatedly!

The Gods are getting me back. As for the Ants (dot dot dot) what is it about Ants and electrical appliances???

It’s bad enough I have cockatoos everywhere here

  Cockatoos in the Australian bush

And scolding me from on high

 cockatoo telling me off

But do I have to come home and find the ants have migrated into my kettle???

Tis a puzzlement.


~ by SB&C on October 24, 2007.

9 Responses to “Bad Photos in more ways than one”

  1. Aw, the ants just want some tea too! I am glad that accident is something in the past and that so far you have a perfect record this go round! Zero injuries is always a good thing! I feel for you on the counting thing, I usually have to be very very careful myself and seeing ch 100 or over makes me cringe. Some days chaining more than 20 makes me want to cry!

    I finished my memory angel baby for my friend her son’s dinosaur. Critiques would be welcome from the others that respond as well. 🙂 Feel free to peruse all you want, the angel and dino are the first two.

  2. That photo really is dreadful but hardly the worst ever – I am sure your crocheting looks wonderful in real life. I can make out a pattern through the blurriness and it looks very interesting.

    Congratulations on your Injury Free achievement – something to be proud of for sure and I hope it remains.

    I hope you make it through the ant invasion without too many hassles.

    — Michelle

  3. Sunrise picture is beautiful. Strange that you get such subtle colours in that land of garish oranges and blues. And yes, we go to daylight saving here this weekend, but I think it works the other way – sunrise will be an hour later than now (just checked that with ffig!) and sunset also an hour later. As long as our noisy dawn chorus of magpies and myna birds get the message too, all will be well. Am very over being woken at 3.00am by a mog wanting out, then at 4.00am by caroling maggies (or maybe they’re telling me they want the mog back in again).

  4. I’ve missed this blog! Home laptop went on the fritz – blue screens of death, managed to get to a DOS screen and back it all up, but that’s about it. Now I’m at work and catching up on this amazing life in the NT. I like the sense of BIG open spaces.

    Oh my, the edging on the baby blanket is spectacular, sooo pretty. They do look like suns and have a little flutter action going on, not just a flat motif. LOTR is now my quest; I teared up reading the closing speech and I remember watching it in the movie and wondering what was he going to say that made all the suffering and searching and tiredness worth it.

    Magpies At my house ducks from a close by mini-lake, do fly-by formations @ morning/evening making so much noise the dog even looks up. I also love our redwing blackbirds…such an odd call over the clear air.

    The pix of the HUGE equipment are fascinating, amazing support systems in place for those I’m sure. And, quiet bravo (to not upset the gods/godesses) regarding the stretch of safety days.

    The christening dress is stunning, a cloud of love and exquisite workmanship. I think I’d put it in a display case to escape milk dribbles etc., Naw, any stain would just add to the history – that gown will be passed down for years.

    The filet is such fine work, does one use to 6-8′ diameter magnifying glasses for that?

    Vegemite – I ate some of that once. It was like eating bouillon, a bit too salty for me, but full of vitamins etc.,

    Glad your weekdays off will give a chance to get business done.

  5. hi manda!

    maybe the cockatoos are sending you messages from mother figure!!!!hahaha! i am jealous of your lovey birds though. my most exotic bird here is a blue bird!

    we too have daylight savings this weekend. we fall back an hour. it will now start getting dark at an awful hour.

    and the ants…well they have to go. you need to tell them in no uncertain terms that this is your house not theirs and they are not welcomed. no seriously set out some ant traps or fog the house the next time you leave for tb2/3!

    keep up the great crochet work. wern’t you supposed to get a disk of pictures from one of the shows?

    talk to you soon

  6. […] admin wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptkomatsu dump truck accident. (now tell yourself that Indonesia has far fewer OH&S regulations and accidents like this are more likely to happen there and not in Australia…) Dump Truck Accident Photos, Purple Safety Boots and Crochet … […]

  7. Um, is there a person in there. i swear i see an arm and a hard hat.

  8. Yes – there IS a person still there. There’s another 5 photos were the Indon Rescue team is using Jaws of life to pry him out.

  9. And you figured I wouldn’t really look at your blog.
    Fooled yah.

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