Fires & Passionfruits

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I used the expression “ in the name of sweet native passionfruits” as means of expressing my frustrations.

By the way :

native passionfruitThis is a native passionfruit. 

On my way home last night – listening to the news (Koalas are starving because the drought, food prices are going to go further up because of the drought, The ad break included an endorsement for the LIBERAL party by the Australian Farmers Association, not sure whether that was o do with the drought.. they mentioned it but even Mother_figure couldn’t blame the drought on John Howard.) and we heard more on the fires in California. The comparison of course is being drawn to the rescue efforts in Louisiana post hurricane and now in California where the food and supplies are plentiful. 

The philosophical me suggests that the people of New Orleans and the other Bayou towns who were washed away can take all the credit for dictating terms to the Government : “ this is what is needed post disaster”. Perhaps not aromatherapy massages, as was reported on ABC Radio Alice Springs (Get this – I can’t pick up ABC Darwin here but I can pick up Alice Springs – over 1400km away. ) but the baby kits, the hydration packs, they have been put together, ready to go. And gone.

 The sadness is the deaths of the elderly once again (the tragic story of the triaging of the elderly in hospices in Louisiana) as they were being evacuated. Three persons have passed away as they were being removed from the hospitals and nursing homes. Euthanasia is a touchy subject however to die in the chaos of escaping from oncoming fires as an older, and already confused person is not easy to consider. 

 bushfire in ntThe fires in California make this *bushfire* on the side of the road after dinner look like nothing.  (Yes – I am out of the car to take this photo. And I smelt wonderful – burning eucalyptus!) 

Another disaster that pales into comparison was my discovery that I had made one too many block increases three rows back on the Filet and had to frog. 

I think there should be a new word added to the Crocheter’s lexicon: TOAD. When you have to rip out huge portions of your work to go back and correct a mistake.  Frogging implies a more delicate: “I have a better way of doing it”. Toading embodies that horrible feeling of BUGGER. It’s my fault, I was talking on the phone and lying down and just not really paying enough attention (Par for the course this week really) and the Filet bit me. Hard.

 So I wrapped up the Filet and placed it back into its little bag and returned to the honesty of our Gown and made a bit better progress. At least – until I go home and look at it again and find I have made some godawful mistake somewhere…

 The gown and some progress

 It was up there with my putting work clothes into the washing and going back an hour later to throw them into the dryer and… they’re still sitting there – splashed with Dynamo. *BUGGER* 

See – its getting there! I’m not sure what will happen to it yet – I am a self confessed “make for the making of it and then work out who get it” crocheter.  Mother_figure, now would be a good time to tell them about F_F and the box.

Work….Yes – my clothes made it through the whole cycle in time for me to have clean jeans and high vis shirts. At work

We’ve made it through another day that doesn’t require paint to cover the damage. If we can make it to 180 days injury free, that’ll really be something.  

And whilst I’m all for educating my minersthis is um.. different…

On the whole though: it’s just another day in the Territory that started out like this….

  Sunrise 25 Oct

And will end up looking like this.

 sunset yesterday 

And to respond to some comments: 

Shellie : That dinosaur is sooooo cute!!! You could make a line of them for Etsy!!!! Everyone else – please have a look!And the Ants can go away now. 

Michelle: Don’t know how I am doing it but the photos from last night’s work were *really* bad as well. I’m wondering if I haven’t dropped my camera or something…. Though this morning it worked ok…

 M_F : The Mogs have got to learn that the Blobs are not at their beck and call… and you like the Maggies – you give them baconJ

Barbara is back!!!! More big trucks working for you J  And wide open spaces!

Kris: Who makes wonderful tote bags for her friends !!!  We’ll send you back the Daylight in a couple of months or so.. Bluebirds are pretty – Cockies are just noisy, so I would LOVE to send you these guys as well…And I did get the disk – that’s were the pictures from Melbourne Royal came from in the Gallery…

Only three weeks until Queanbeyan and maybe we’ll prevail upon the parent_figures to send some more!!!

Bye for now!


~ by SB&C on October 25, 2007.

5 Responses to “Fires & Passionfruits”

  1. Little was I expecting to run into you on Crochetville. lol Every time I run a pattern search that site came up so today I bit the bullet. Bet they are sorry they asked me to post all my works!

    You have beautiful sunrise/sunset. Our sky is looking a bit red right now, its a tad eerie. Don’t worry about me, I live in a valley so even though I can actually see the fire we have never had one get to us. Too much flat farmland down here.

    Okay, you almost have me convinced I can make my Christening gown I have always wanted to try.

    I am ROFL at your TOAD term but I agree. Ripping out one or two rows is a frog but when you yank out a whole section it needs a more serious title!

    I joke about the ants but we had a problem with them in the past. Nothing worse than trying to sleep with tiny tickles on your skin! I hope they find a new location soon.

  2. manda your pictures are great on such a dull and rainy day here! we have noisy birds here too…but they are ugly…crows!!!! and kassies birds, her two parakeets….well they are lounder than all the birds outside! sorry about the filet…but you did the right thing by putting it away. guess what i started yesterday? and angel! so far so good! but now i need purple thread to make my own purple angel!

    shellie…you have been busy posting on the ville! decided to come back here to leave you a message. i love all your beautiful work. you can send anything you make and want to give away this way;)!lol oh and be safe around those fires!

    hi mother figure! how are you today?

    sorry manda i hijacked your blog today! that article about educating miners is abit over the top hugh? i hope everything is ok! i am off for the daily grind!


  3. The eucalyptus burning must be fabulous…well, the smell. When I lived in Nevada, I missed the eucalyptus in California very much. I don’t see any fruit on the passion fruit, is there on the ‘native’ plant? Or is it more suited to the animals? Why is there a wooden ‘grate’ on the ground? To keep the passion fruit off the sand/rocks? Does your mother have a blog?

  4. Don’t go giving mother_figure ideas about mog / blob hierarchical shifts. As long as mogs retain their fluffy cuteness and concealed sharp bits, the order will be as follows:
    small mog
    big mog

  5. I think the “toad” term is much more fitting, I actually quite like frogs…toads don’t appeal to me at all.

    The Christening Gown pattern is just lovely.

    — Michelle

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