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Normally, about now on a Friday I would be packed, mentally assessing the things I have to achieve and the length of time until I can start heading home to Toothbrush One. And my bed… and the Stash…

It’s very strange to know that I still have two more mornings to explore what rude words you can say when alarm clocks go off at 0420. And I have to wait until Monday for my trip to the Post Office! Hopefully, the Homespun will arrive so I can have a go at an afghan idea…

The sad news in Australia for the morning broadcast is the death of a second soldier in Afghanistan yesterday. The family has asked that his identity not be released, which I can understand given the media frenzy that has been seen under similar circumstances: the return of the victims from the Nias crash, our first casualty last week and the Kovco incident. Without knowing all the facts but as someone who has carried the same gun as a service weapon:  I will state: it is impossible to chamber a round in a service issue 9mm pistol accidentally. You have to be playing with the weapon to do so. Not clearing your weapon before entering the barracks… That’s the textbook definition of how to kill someone. 

Back to my job now and not my life then…

My day has started in slightly ordinary fashion.

sunrise 26 oct

The sunrise looked its usually spectacular self with the clouds and colours and then the view became somewhat less colourful when I ended up underneath our small service truck because someone ripped open the radiator. 

 Me under the service truck

 (If you’re wondering what’s happened to the front of the truck – I’ve blanked out the company name)

.the radiator has a holeYep – that’ll be some paperwork. 

Fortunately it was the radiator and not the fuel tank and thus less of the environmental disaster it could have been.

And since I’ve brought up the environment and to answer Barbara’s question.Native passionfruits… This is another picture of a native passionfruit vine – you can see the large white flower and a couple of the passionfruits maturing (the round green fruits are about the size of a cherry tomato) moving along to the right. In the original photo there is one at the base of the grill. That’s actually not wood, it’s a metal deck plate from a truck and the vine is growing on it because it’s the sort of plant that takes over.

 more passionfruit

They do taste very sweet and better than the usual purple kind. Yes – i tried it. Mel, our Nordic –Aboriginal girl showed me how to slice them with a fingernail and suck out the mouthful of seeds and juice. Very very sweet. Though you would have to eat a lot of them but you wouldn’t starve if you were in the bush with these around.

 an open passionfruit

Since I’m on a “native” kick I’ll show you last night’s bird display by a flight of Corellas (Slightly smaller than cockatoos) that have savaged a water pipe so they can drink and have a bath. A German couple on holidays stopped to join me in roadside photography. This is their second driving exploration of Australia and were keen to ask about the birds and the wildlife and Kakadu generally. They were most impressed when I gave them instructions to the next town of Katherine auf Deutsch.

correllasTo add to our bush tucker and birds, I still have to go exploring on behalf of the Project Manager (three more weeks til the cast comes off) and whilst down in a former drainage ditch yesterday, I found that other visitors have been through.

 dingo paws    kangaroo tracks

Dingo tracks.                     Kangaroo Tracks.

It’s ok – these guys aren’t like our friend Schnappy.

 I can scare them away with a stick.

And last night … After taking my photos of the White birds, I had a shower and went to rebuild the filet.

This was a plan full of Good Intentions. And it failed miserably.

As I have scribbled over the pattern with pen to mark what I had done, and now I couldn’t read it.


So in a firm sense of Bugger, and to pull out the Gown, I sat down on the white plastic chair that is part of my furniture and found….

I was sitting on something bookish and a small plastic bag.

It turned out to be:

Lace book and bag Our Japanese pattern book and a ball of #40 thread with an attending  .75mm hook.


You know… sometimes I’m so clever when I pack.

I took up hook and book and in between watching the ABC news and ignoring “The Ghost Whisperer  I got this far with the Rambling Rose Pattern I liked the other day.

a doily 

It’s not doing too badly and I like the fact it’s a very regular doily. This is only my third go at doilies so I’m pleased thus far. It will need blocking to get the picots in place but it’s not too bad!

Will reprint the filet for tonight however…That’s me done for another day! So lets answer a few more comments…

Kris : Yes.. it was unleaded in a Diesel Car….. Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.

Hey Bob!!! I sort of agree with your assessment however I would argue that Big Mog comes ahead of Small mog paws down. usually has something to do with who wants to go out and when and who is bringing their friends home to play?

Hi Barbara – yes!! the eucalyptus smells wonderful here.. And when its stinking hot and the rains set in, the most wonderful smell comes off the road, and the red dirt and the trees. Mother_figure doesnt have her own blog, but please feel free to ask questions!

Shellie! You can definitely make your Christening Gown! We’ll all cheer you through it! I do get on Crochetville.. havent been invited to Ravelry yet – not sure if they will let me in there 🙂

Adele! a new voice dropped in to look at the Afghan pattern so hi to you too!!! please come back and join in!!


~ by SB&C on October 26, 2007.

4 Responses to “More things to Look at”

  1. […] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerptWithout knowing all the facts but as someone who has carried the same gun as a service weapon:… […]

  2. Wow, I didn’t know the birds could do that much damage! They sure seem to be enjoying the fruits of their labor though! I have never had a passion fruit of either kind but I LOVE the juice. The fire must be close, it smells like the whole valley is barbecuing!

    No worries about me though, too much flat farmland. I am enjoying Crochetville but overwhelmed at how many people enjoy my work! I don’t think I have ever had so much e-mail.

    I took pics of some REALLY bad crochet in one of my mags and want to post you the link to where I uploaded them. You can have them for WNTC if you want, should give you some ideas for awhile. The rose dress is especially hideous. I didn’t know it was possible to make something so bad with roses! I LOVE roses! c149/MichelleBogart /WNTC/

  3. Your doily is coming along nicely – it looks like a doily from an experienced doily-crocheter and it’s very pretty.

    One day I will get to the NT for a holiday (probably about the same time I attempt to crochet with thread!).

    — Michelle

  4. oh manda!

    if your response”Kris : Yes.. it was unleaded in a Diesel Car….. Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.” is becuse of the response i left under the avatar afghan, well ummm i was asking about the acrlyc yarn that you used not the unleaded you put in a diesel car! silly girl!

    keep taking pictures of nature! they are wonderful and educational!

    can’t wait to see the doily finished!

    i hope the next two days go by quickly for you so you can get “home”!

    bye for now

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