On the Inside, the Sun still shines

It’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday, and the regular crowd has shuffled in.

Tis me, breaking from routine and still here at Toothbrush Three on a perfectly good Saturday morning. There are far fewer people here (usually the “heavy” side of the job work shifts, the rest are M-F) on a Saturday, and breakfast in the Mealhouse included croissants and blackcurrant danishes. Definitely APPROVED.

 So I’m here, sunrise looked like this: sunrise again today

I have my Fraggle Coffee (and a second Danish hidden away for elevenses)

 Fraggle coffeeand a 12 page document to make ours (deleting *their* name and inserting *our name*)

  jonesy in th officeThis is the demountable building known as “The Office”. That’s Jonesy – the surveyor slumped at his laptop that doesn’t want to talk to him this morning. His real surname is Mialszygrosz which nobody, not even him, can pronounce. 

  and… well.. I can take today a fraction slower than normal. 

 I hope.. 

Given the last time I came into work thinking it was going to be an easy day turned into such a spectacular disaster (but good for the country in a roundabout way – we made the front page of all the world’s papers… )    I mean : I walked into the watch floor in ultra daggy tracksuit pants, polar fleece jersey (actually think I wasn’t wearing a bra, I was feeling that dreggy) with a pile of Videos, two kinds of Pringles and a large bottle of Apple & Blackcurrant juice with my doona over my shoulder, ready to maintain a very even strain over the Boxing Day to New Years Period as the Watchfloor Commander. This feeling of general sloth lasted about 6 hours into the shift when the weather map for the South Eastern corner of Australia changed dramatically and the disaster (6 people died) which made “Sydney to Hobart 98” so notorious, befell us.  

So no – its Saturday and I am absolutely flat out.  Trying to solve the puzzle that my boss just gave me L Its the classic ferry people across the river one – and there’s Mum who can’t be with the two boys, Dad who can’t be with the two girls, the policeman and a small criminal who can’t be with any of them. Who also, I noted, when the boss gave me the file on Memory Stick, has RED HAIR.


This may have a severely negative effect on the chances of OH& S policy being plagiarised written this morning.  Yah. Ok..I do regret that I have almost no crochet progress to show you all – last night involved a long wait at a Chinese take-a-way (though I am happy to report the Garlic Prawns and Fried Rice was WORTH it) and despite trying to stay up long enough because I wanted to watch Rebus…

I was asleep before 1930.The photos I have to show you however are of sunset seen through our chainlink boundary fence:

   Crochet a sunset? On the inside, the sun still shines” Yep.. I’m feeling maudlin!

And does that fence look crocheted to you too?

 And this is where I live at Toothbrush 3 – seen from the outside:

My house at TB 3

Mine is the last door (the open one) on the RIGHT. 

 Mother_figure used to say she could ALWAYS recognise my car at horse shows because the doors were all open on the car and she’d make reference to the fact my purse and camera were sitting on the seat where anyone could steal them (forget about the $10K horse, $3K saddles and the rest of the gear!!!) . I never asked her why she couldn’t recognise it was mine by the green float painted to match the green car. Yes- I like things to match.

 Sonntag the appaloosa

(For horsy people – This is Sonntag (aka Frogrock Revolution, shown here at 5yo and St Ives Show. Her sire is a Trakehner- Appaloosa Cross and her dam was Anglo. She is NOT just tied by the lambskincollar around her neck, there is also a lead going to the halter on her head over the show halter.  Madam has a bit of a thing about pulling back, geting loose and going visiting. She worked out very quickly that an appealing expression directed at the ladies running the sausage sizzle gets you a piece of bread.

 Like this  Just like this. See the white make up on her noe? I still have that smeared on my car and its been washed a 100 times!    When I come back from collecting ring tickets and find that we no longer have 16hands of large spotty horse tied to the float, I sniff out the nearest Steak sandwich cookers.) 

So I am here, with one more day to go until I do pack up and head home.

 I have been told I have to go back to Shiny Rocks at Toothbrush Two on Wednesday (they think I’ve forgotten them – Actual words!). Might get a bit of crocheting done tonight…

Question is will it be the Gown… the Filet or the Doily??

Comments (because I like doing this bit!)

Kris – Sorry ! Yes, I thought you were referring to the diesel/unleaded thing…. Yes, I did use Acrylic to make the Avatar Afghan because it was there… and I wanted to use it up… which I did!  And I’m glad you are enjoying the nature pictures – I’ll keep trying! Hope Kassie and Mia like the horsy photos today. The Mummy dingo had her pups out again this morning but I was too slow on the camera to catch them. And yes – I’m looking forward to seeing the doily finished!

Shellie – who read my mind and sent me exactly the same photos that I was going to use today for WNTC –  you must be psychic! Though your photos are much clearer than the ones I had so I will definitely use that link!!!! Please keep ‘em coming! And yes, Cockatoos and Correllas are renowned for destroying something that is in their way. Its the big curved beak of destruction. Hope you really are ok with the fires in your area!

 Canadian Barb : the two days off this week – guess what I am going to do? (Hint – it involves the sewing machine!) 

 Michelle – who got drowned in a very typical Sydney flash flood last night (check out her blog!) you are very welcome to come and stay when you visit the NT! And thank you for telling me the doily is heading the right direction!!!!


~ by SB&C on October 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “On the Inside, the Sun still shines”

  1. I vote for the gown but then you know I am baby oriented. lol I finally got started on my next project AND make a decision as to which layette and yarn set I am using next. That was a toughie since I had two different yarns and I just bought three new layette books!

    The horse is gorgeous, I am partial to the one with the white spots. That’s funny she likes to escape although I am sure you guys don’t find it too amusing at the end of a long day!

    I have to agree the fence looks crocheted. Its kind of funny, I know the fence is for your protection but it almost looks like they are protecting the wildlife from you and not the other way around!

    I envy your ability to use the neater yarns, one day I will splurge and make just one thing with nicer yarn. Of course then I will feel guilty that I bought something purely for frivilous reasons!

    I am glad we are on the same wavelength on fug. It would be embarrassing to send you WNTC and you like it. lol I thought most of this last batch look like the clothes are molding! Some oddly colored molds in there but yeah, shedding, molding, dripping something noxious…

    I still think the worst one is that rose outfit. UGH I don’t have my scanner hooked up so I take them with my digital camera.

    I hope the rest of your unusual work week is quiet and peaceful. As for the fires, we are doing fine but since its a valley all the smoke and ash has settled in. Ever seen a red sun? Cool but scary!

  2. Clever horse, the sausage sizzle is always the first place I like to go to, too 🙂

    Whatever you do choose to crochet tonight…I wish you better luck than I am having!

    — Michelle (who is contemplating ‘toading’ five+ hours of crocheting).

  3. so what did you end up working on? lets see its a bit after 10 am here so you must be 10 pm so are you home yet?

    thanks for the horsey pictures. mia likes them and says “neigh” everytime she sees sonn. kassie she is at a friends so i will show her later…i am sure she will love the story about the sandwiches. she ws always trying to feed her cousins horse something. and as far as the matching goes…both kassie and i match everything – she must have learned it from me – it must be something with our kind! lol

    the office looks like a shoe box! and tb3 home not much bigger! kuddos to you because i would be pulling out my hair in such tight quarters!


  4. If you find your warranty, what will I have to tease you about?

    I have to give you some advice and to all the ladies that read here. If it seems my entry is taking over your blog please delete it, 🙂

    Never ever allow a hair stylist to touch your hair when he has marital problems O.O

    I called him yesterday to book an apt. for a cut, colour and highlights. He suggested I come to his home and save some money and pay him cash.

    What he didn’t tell me until I was in the chair and he’s a cutting away..is his wife just left him, he’s angry, she’s out at the bar drinking with friends and has left her wedding rings on the kitchen counter.

    I now have bangs that make me look like a cross between Peter Pan and a 8 year old bratty child.

    I wanted a trim, but seem to have come away with quite a cut..I did try voicing my concerns while he (Edward Scissorhands) was ranting about his wife, but it seems he didn’t hear me so well.

    So I saved $100.00, heard lots of interesting new cuss words, and came out without any actual open wounds. That’s a good thing of course.

    Dan aka my husband is not helping the situation by telling me constantly how “cute” I look.

    I don’t want cute I want my hair back lol

    Just think back to our younger years when our Mothers thought they could cut our bangs..that should give you an idea of the horror of my new style.

    Hope your day is well,
    talk soon xo
    Canadian Barb aka Dora the Explorer

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