Thank you to the Toothbrushes

You know, I’m more than happy to go and get various bits waxed, but tell me I’ve got a dental appointment and….


I tried to avoid it by indicating how horrifying the thought of going back to my old base would be. Four months ago I couldnt drive on to it without feeling nauseous…

It didnt work – I ended up out at the Defence Area Services base.

The Good news however is that Toothbrush One (Oral B with wedge head and angled bristles) Toothbrush Two ( Blue Colgate Soft ordinaire) and Toothbrush Three (Child size blue Soft) have all been keeping up their end of the bargain and I only have a scale and clean to go!!!


And if you want to confuse your dentist.. when he asks what sort of toothbrush you’re using.. ask him “Which one?” Throws’ em right of their stride!

Yes – I’m still in Darwin on a Monday which started off looking MISERABLE..

wet in darwin this morning See – yellow crane, yellow trucks, Grey Customs vessel….

 But was certainly conducive to crochet and the doily now looks like this:

 the doily

After the very loooooooooooooooooong day I had yesterday (and the long week at Toothbrush 3), I opted not to crochet last night but use my wool winder and turned 8 hanks into usable centre pull balls!!!

One of the reasons my day was so long was the weather:

 thunder head building over the dam 

It was a blustery day. I nearly got blown over..wind in the trees

 sign posts did blow over and excavators dont react well to lightning strikes….

 So today, I fealt I had earnt a good deal of slothing on the couch with crochet hook in hand. I’m finishing up things for Queanbeyan show…. and I finished the Peach Baby Blanket’s trim!!

 ribbons are onPeach ribbon with the darker colour in the bows.

 I am pleased with it and it smells divine!! Will show you a better photo after the show.

 On the way home from the Dentist I stopped by the Post Office to collect the goodies:

yarn.. drooooolllllllllSentiments mohair, Homespun for a Ripple and Barbie Patterns. They’re so much fun..

(and I love Sentiments mohair!!!) 

I noticed also today that we’re having a great many more visitors through – mostly from Crochet Pattern Central!  Hi!  And Canadian Barb – we need photos!!! 

 Anyway .. tonight I’m settling down to a night of crocheting in front of the TV feeling completely guilt free… I’ve hired “23” which I’ve never heard of before so will tell you about that tomorrow.

 And hopefully will have a finished doily to show you…

Love to you all!!!

Stay safe..


~ by SB&C on October 29, 2007.

5 Responses to “Thank you to the Toothbrushes”

  1. The peach blanket looks fabulous, I hope it gets good results at the show because it sure deserves them. I am looking forward to seeing the finished doily, too 🙂

    What’s this about Bed Dolls?

    (I am probably responsible for a good number of your hits today, I’ve been stalking your blog waiting for a new entry).

    — Michelle

  2. Good morning Manda…your heirloom blanket is out of this world!! your work is beautiful.

    And I love the colours of your new yarns..

  3. ROFL Michelle, you aren’t the only one that was stalking her blog-I am responsible for at least 10 hits myself! By the way, I have been meaning to tell you my name is Michelle. Dad calls me Shellie and so does the online community. 🙂

    I LOVE that baby blanket, Manda! I am very much into frilly stuff and I like using colors other than pink and blue too. In fact, the layette I am working on is white with color flecks. (called Bunny Print-pretty appropriate since I met the Mommy on a Rabbit Forum!)

    The sky sure did look dreary, its hard to want to do anything on days like those. Yesterday I had a problem-my tight crochet decided strangling was closer to the truth and my gauge was off by an entire inch! I had to frog away and decided to put it away for awhile before I had doll clothes!

    Congrats on the teeth bill of health, I won’t even confess how long its been since I have braved the dentist.

    I hope your day looks sunnier today, drive safe if you have to travel and we will hear from you soon.

  4. i plead the fifth. ok ok ok i am guity too! i can’t get through my day without my manda blog! lol!

    so i was reading your blog about the weather and on my noon news is a story about the freak storm in austrailia! don’t know if its the same storm just kinda weird!

    more later


  5. Wowee…that wind looked awesome. Do drive safely – do you have an anchor for the big blasts. LOL. I was out of town over the week-end and showed your blog to two other women, they are also quite taken with it. Peach Baby Blanket looks like a winner to me – the bows really finish it off beautifully. And the doily is like a spider-web sunburst – wow again. How did you get that camera shot in Darwin – did you climb on a crane? I’ve been crawling all over Darwin via Google layers…what a big place and wonderful bays & waterfronts. Dentists are a test of my faith…arghghg, but I’m always grateful I can get the work done. I’m going to have to read back postings now to figure out this Toothbrush 1-2-3 designations for the mine locations, perhaps those are the ‘resident’ toothbrushes? See you soon.

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