A whole new thing…

 I was thinking about my entries in Queanbeyan show and rattling through my drawers (praying to the Goddess Anoia – read Terry Pratchett’s most recent novels if you dont understand) and I came upon something I a)didnt know I had and b) had never tried using before…


Gold craft wire to be precise.


I went there!

I was making the roses for the doily which now looks like this :

 doily needs blocking

In desparate need of Blocking

And I thought wire…. And I thought (noting I do not have my ears or anywhere else pierced) about earrings…

And I ended up with this:

 earrings  and then this: a necklace (10c coin and US half dollar are for scale) 

I feel there needs to be a little more pizzazzle yet.. And I need earring fittings.  

Open to suggestions.

Today has also included another trip to the Dentist. Specifically to the Hygienist Katrina who is so lovely.. and reads my blog.

 dentist are scary

She took these photos and even suggested photographing my xrays to show you the effects of the Toothbrushes. (She also reports having four so doesnt find my three so strange)

 lining up for the xrays

So – yes thats me looking apprehensive in the dentist chair.. and slightly dopey in the Thyroid collar lined up for xrays. Katrina knows I hate having those Xrays films in my mouth and always does it quickly…

The other news is the plans have changed again and we’re back to Toothbrush Three (instead of the Shiny Rocks… though that may still happen…) tonight… I can feel a quarterpounder coming on…..

To answer some comments and welcome our three new commenters HI!!!!

Barbara – the Camera shot is on my balcony – overlooking Darwin Harbour. Terrible view huh? And yes the Toothbrushes belong one to each house – Tooth Brush 1 is at Darwin, Toothbrush 2 at the Gold Mine and Toothbrush 3 at Kakadu.

KriS!! The freak storm was actually in Victoria but ours was pretty good too!!

Nice to know you all look to see when I’ve updated!!!

Michelle!! One of the stalkers – you really should get out her blog!

And Shellie – who is also a Michelle but is called Shellie! – That sounds much more like Toading if you had to redo because of guage!!!!

Hope you are all well.. thinking of you!!!


~ by SB&C on October 30, 2007.

4 Responses to “A whole new thing…”

  1. Wow, bonus for checking before bed-Manda posted! I love the pics, your hygenist has a good sense of humor. 🙂 Yeah, we all lurk around here waiting to pounce each time you post. For some reason I seem to beat everyone. lol I love the wire crochet! Did it cut your fingers?

    On another note, I have officially started my Christening gown. If you are curious I posted pics on the Help Clinic a couple of days ago. Its not what I have done, its what the pattern looks like. 🙂

    I am being bad though, I only have the yoke done on the layette saque and here I am starting something rather involved! I’ll be good tomorrow, I will do the saque body and then I’ll feel like I deserve a treat. lol

    Hope your day goes well!

  2. I like those wire-y pieces, another thing I will get to “one day” – I figure wire has to be better than thread 🙂 It seems almost unsual to come across someone who doesn’t have *something* pierced…

    Glad to hear your toothbrushes are doing their job 🙂

    — Michelle

  3. morning!

    i am barely awake yet….and freezing my butt off right now!

    you look like a little lost girl in that photo in the dentist chair. glad to see i am not alone in that!

    have a great day!

  4. OK. I’ve figured it out – you are THE person one wants to be trapped with on the proverbial ‘desert island’. The gold wire work is enchanting, perhaps to be placed at the fair for a prize? You are asleep now, it is 1:11am on Wednesday down there 🙂 – I have a world clock widget on my desktop set to Darwin LOL. I am going to attempt more wool work soon, arthritic neck/hands are calming down and I want to make things out of pretty string! Have a great and safe Wednesday!

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