Addiction – Its a terrible thing

It’s a pitiful thing…

Hands are beginning that tell-tale twitching.. 

Next, comes the uncontrollable sweats and the shaking.

Wiping my face.. obsessive playing with my hair..

I cant sleep… I abjure food… I need… I crave… the sweet oblivion of c……

What’s happened you ask? 

Does Amanda have some secret recreational pharmaceutical problem that she hasn’t shared with us?

No, she couldn’t afford it. She’s got a $40 a day Mohair habit, and horses. She couldn’t afford drugs.

 So,why are we seeing these symptoms of withdrawal?

Has Toothbrush Three, under the shadow of the Rainbow Serpent (with regulation height windrows!!!)  run out of… Coffee?

Toothbrush three early in the morning

Or any other caffeine laden substance?

No.The truth is… and this is truly awful.

I’ve left my crochet bag back in Green Car…. back… 280 km away..

*Massive sobs*

So I’m here… without a hook in sight (and trust me I even checked under the bed) and not a scrap of yarn. 

I’m not so much going cold turkey but Frozen Pterodactyl.

Would you believe I seriously considered going to the workshop to see what they have that I could run through a drill or *something* and have been turning my hungry eyes towards the store cupboard where there are balls of cotton shop string…..

And I may still do it.

Even Worse…Because I packed my book in my crochet bag…

I had nothing to read last night…

And worse than that..I just spent two and half hours in the car with the owner of the company.

We only went round two corners sideways…

My initial job interview for the position of Safety Officer was conducted at 160kph.

Maybe that should have told me something!!!

Looking backwards to what thats going to bring

I’m now at Toothbrush Two and hating myself massively for not having my crochet with me.

But a friend was glad to see me:

Lizards A Gippsland Water Dragon – very far from home… But he likes it here in the NT in the Sun.

 As does his mate…However… on the plus side – I do have my little TV and DVD unit that lives here and two movies in Bluebag…

It’s been six weeks since I was here last.

Simon’s desk has been taken over by the Maintenance Manager from Toothbrush 3 and someone has emptied out the little collection of bottle tops I had in my top drawer that I used to throw at him when he was being a dope.

I haven’t been out on site yet (too shaken from the lack of crochet) and so I’m sitting here compiling SOPs and drinking my Pepsi.

I am looking forward to seeing how much has changed though..

ore blocks at shiny rocksMining for GOLDGOLDGOLD is different to building a dam.

These are ore blocks and the tape marks out where the gold is …

And my bed here is much more comfysome.

And now… to answer questions (plus its just started raining!!)

Shellie! So glad to hear someone else is onto the Christening Gowns !!!

I think it is actually good to have a few projects on the go as it stops you going stale.  

Also the wire was actually very easy to work with once I worked out how to keep tension.

The Pizzazz part has come to me too…

Michelle- Try Wire – you will adore it! Much much nicer feeling than thread (pick the convert…)Oooh – and thank you for the Kool Aid instructions. The yarn I bought on eBay was described as “alabaster” but its grey.. I think deep purple would look lovely over it…

Kris: Yes I always look small in dentists chairs as I’m usually trying to see if I can seep out of the chair and crawl across the floor without anyone noticing! And if you’re freezing I wont tell you how warm it is here…

Barbara – its funny you should mention the desert island thing – I’m 2/3rds of the way through writing a novel about something like that!!  Its awful when arthritis stops you doing something you love L *hugs*

Hello to Barb and Jess and Bob and everyone else..

Oh and Mother_figure is feeling better I’m sure she’ll say hi and her own thanks soon…

And even though I am here at Shiny Rocks World… and I have wireless internet access  to stave off the withdrawal symptoms , I may be reduced to whittling a crochet hook from a gum tree and working with copper circuit wire tonight…    


~ by SB&C on October 31, 2007.

7 Responses to “Addiction – Its a terrible thing”

  1. Well, Manda, I am sorry to hear you are without your crochet items…but it’s probably the last time you’ll ever forget them – so there’s the silver lining for you 🙂

    It is easier to improvise knitting needles (skewers, pencils or toothpicks if you want a challenge) than crochet hooks but really, I am sure you can think of something! 🙂

    I am looking forward to seeing whatever you do with Kool-Aid and grey yarn.

    — Michelle (who wants to crochet the wire necklace in the Encyclopaedia)

  2. morning manda! or should i say evening!

    you know your finger works really well for a crochet hook. but not if you don’t have the material to crochet! maybe you should keep a stash of the “cheap stuff” (sorry) at tb2 and tb3 for days like today! luckily it is a short week for you!

    has it really been six weeks since you were last at tb2? does not seem like that long! is it any easier?

    mother figure i am glad you are feeling better! but i will hold/bite my tongue until you are feeling much much better!


  3. I was so glad to hear your Mom is doing better!

    I am sorry you left your stuff, I think I would slowly go insane. Of course I don’t think its a good idea for the safety manager to be crazy. :p

    I agree, it doesn’t seem like it was six weeks ago that you were there. I hope the memories are good ones for the most part.

    Take care and good luck on making a hook!

  4. Argh and Yikes! My stomach turned cold with the impact of discovering no wool, no hooks, no BOOKS. I laughed out loud, here at software world, when you wrote about carving a hook and using copper wire. HA 🙂 That could be gorgeous really…something for out of doors – maybe conduct electricity over oneself? The NT pix are soothing; silver/lavender sunrise is spectacular and as is the sci-fi perspective of rear view mirror within the incoming horizon. And, most important, here’s to mother_figure getting better and better. Mothers are very important.

  5. Manda I missed something some where, what is wrong with our board Mum? 😦

  6. In some ways, it feels longer than six weeks.. and somehow it’s still very hard to believe.

    One pit is worked out now.. we’re looking at bioremediation for the land face. The pit will be flooded and turned into a lake. Trees are alreay finding their back into the open areas. They’ll be helped by the next bushfire which causes the seeds to open.
    I’m hoping to get out today and have a look!

    Michelle – I’ve seen that necklace!! And yes- I like it too!!! And I’m sure I’ll never forget my bag again!

    Kris – I thought about using a finger and I wish to all the gods I was organised enough to have stash at either Toothbrush. I found a sewing kit here at TB2.. Would you believe I looked VERY hard at the Dental floss? and about cutting garbage bags into strips….

    I have pliers and a bobby pin.. Stand by…

    Shellie – Hey! No – people dont get reassured when I go nutsy. Like .. last night when I “accidentally” drank red cordial from the dispenser before it was properly diluted >:)

    Think Fraggle…..

    Barbara – I’m glad you liked the photo in the side mirror – I like it as a perspective : Looking back on whats coming at you!
    And I nearly died when I realised that my crochet bag was still back in Darwin.
    You would have all had hysterics at watching me shake out my doona in hope… Sort through bluebag hoping hoping hoping…

    Barb, it was something that a couple of people noticed over the weekend (nothing to worry horribly about) that M_F hadnt posted for a little while.
    Over the weekend, she was exhausted and just needed to sleep for more than a little while. She will be back soon even though her school (she’s the Headmaster’s Assistant at a school in Canberra) blocks my site as “coaching” so she has to wait til the evenings to post a message – and the magpies and Mogs are all quite demanding.

  7. Oh okay, send her lots of hugs from me (((( )))))

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