Is sleeping in until 5am after six weeks of alarm clocks that go off at 0420… if not before.

Is having an ensuite to your room so there’s no more laying in bed debating how close to bursting you really are and is it really worth putting on thongs and going outside and walking the 100metres to the loo…As that really does entail waking up fully and ……

 Is concrete on the ground outside your building, so you don’t have sand between the toes when you go to bed. Toothrbush Two amongst the Trees

See – Concrete!

 Is not having to wear my shirt tucked in and my sleeves rolled down and a hardhat every time I step out of my office.  

Is having internet for longer than 5 minutes a day. Granted it’s Wireless and so slower than a wet Sunday but there is much to be said for sitting in the doorway to my little house and watching TV and dogpaddling the Internet. (And on that topic – Mr Rudd, broadband access is not an election selling point) 

Is air-conditioning in the Northern Territory. 

And is also slightly my new CAT Hat…  CATHat 

The CAT Man was here today and brought goodies. Note to any company – corporate goodies are always appreciated. Hence why I have ProtectorAlsafe notepads, Extraman stubby cooler… 

Here at Shiny Rocks, amongst the grey clouds and red dust 

Toothbrush Two and the Red Dust  

and frantically writing policies with a computer that crashes every 20 minutes.

 And – just to make things funny, we’re having an argument over what is the  ACTUAL name of the company … This is due to a number of reasons including divorce, sales and pigheadness of at least 3 people. 

And no, Mother_figure, not me.  

Casting a slight shadow over the Bliss was: 

 My boot and a rock

This rock (shown next to my freshly oiled somewhat scratched Blundstone Safety boot for scale.)


The rock fell off a dump truck and knocked a serviceman on the noggin. Fortunately he was wearing a safety helmet but he has got a sore neck. And because he is tough.. he wont go to the Doctors. He is equal and reactive, remembered my name after not having seen me for six weeks (which is better than most people) and seemed to have a fair vocabulary to use, so short of hog-tying him and throwing him in the back of a Landcruiser.. Not much to do.

 On the way back from checking him out… I spied some lurkers in the bushes.

Do you remember our Brahmin girl of a couple of months ago?



They’ve multiplied! Little Brahmins .. Brahmites? have gorgeous eyes…. somewhat dopey ears.. but gorgeous eyes.

Cows with no guns

 And to the little one hiding behind the tree – I can see you.


Still no crochet – we have to wait until tomorrow for that.. L


Love to you all… from the one suffering from withdrawal symptoms…


~ by SB&C on November 1, 2007.

8 Responses to “Bliss”

  1. Funny how sleeping in as an adult is not the same as sleeping in when you’re a kid…but I think I appreciate every minute more as an adult!

    Very nice hat!

    I hope when you are happily reunited with your crochet, you will be parted again.

    — Michelle

  2. Hullo
    I’m baack. Sorry to everyone, I didn’t realise I’d be missed! Just a combination of fluey thing, overwork and bringing work home to do, and a computer that would let me read but not let me send. I don’t understand a yellow screened icon.

    Tonight we have rain!!!! so a very happy dance from us all – and I have put out lots of buckets to catch the runoff for my garden – and I have a bag of chocolates we bought to give to trickletreaters for Halloween, but noone turned up, so I have to dispose of them. The diet starts next week…

    And by the sound of things, I’m rather glad I’m not in the NT with a bored, crochetless, bookless, red-drink imbibing (we used to call it screaming soda in our house) red head. Even if she has perfect teeth. 🙂 And a big thank you to the mother who conscientiously took fluoride tablets all those years ago….
    And Man – your riotinto email don’t work! Try the rab one.
    And it’s good night from me
    I’m going to stick labels on 300+ envelopes, for my sins.

  3. yeah mother figure is back! glad you are doing better!

    why are men so obstinite (sp) getting knocked on the head with something that big needs to be looked at – hello?!!! MEN!!!!!!!!!

    oh and is that your room with the door wide open??? lol!

    shopping with gram today! will talk to you later

  4. Awwwwww, I would send you a hook but it would get there in like a month. lol Just one more day!

    Those Brahamin’s are adorable! Even the bigger ones look cute. lol

    I love the hat, Mom used to work for USDA and she got goodies too from the train and truck companies. She also got the best jokes too, some she could share with me.

    The weather looks great! Its cold here in the mornings then warms up to about 80’s so kinda weird even for SoCal in Nov!

    I am so glad to hear mother is doing better. Here’s a shout out to her from Southern California.

    Talk to you soon!

  5. Great shot thru the truck window…those look like bumpy roads & slimmy-slippery when wet. The Brahminians are wonderfully soft colored. I like the company goodies too, bags, pens, coffee take-along cups!

    That guy’s neck is going to talk to him for years to come – ask me how I know. Does that type of incident count make it a non-safety day?

    Air-conditioning seems a bit of a must in the metal rooms eh? We are super foggy-doggy since last night – I like it.

    Hi mother_figure, glad you are doing better.

  6. Are those goats? Mother_figure can we please get some goats too?
    And here is a story that will remind you of someone. On Wednesday night, while I was eating dinner chez Nicole, a not-quite-2-year-old person appeared beside me, climbed onto my knee and said quite firmly ‘book’. There were furry goats in the book too!

  7. PS – Oops! I had written “never be parted again” but I somehow managed to delete the never, kind of changes the message but I hope you understood! 🙂

    I’m not really cruel.

    — Michelle

  8. To Bob
    Why not goats as well!!! But I have goats – someone gave me goats last Christmas – they just don’t live with me. Where would a goat fit into the pecking order in my garden – orange mogs, magpies, fox, kangaroos, port and starboard parrots, blue wrens, and the now-exiled grey cat?? And I have enough trouble with parrots eating my roses – so would goats be scared off by fake snakes and cut-out black cats – probably not – and I need my roses.

    Small people and books took me back quite a way – the love of books in a small person will just grow and sustain her all her life. A great gift. With a book you don’t need anything else.

    Sorry Man again – there goes your blog again.

    And there is nothing wrong with sand between the toes, Christopher.

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