Cars, Crocodiles and Crochet!

Finally  I’m home and I’m reunited with the Stash..

 I walked in last night, two laptops, blue bag and my Brown backpack, still smelling of diesel and the general being in the NT life smell.. and spied :

 There you are

Hanging innocently over the arm of the couch.  I have been ENORMOUSLY stressed since Tuesday without crochet.. I’ve had to make some granny squares for a charity drive this morning to take the edge off it.

Bit better now.

I’ve also gone through the Stash, and as I promised a prize on WNTC for the best comment (that doesnt resort to “you guys are mean”dom) regarding my most recent post,  I have found 10 balls of yarn (Paris Mohair to be precise) and I’ve laid it out ready.

Been to the post office to collect a new book of patterns I’m devouring.  And I bought the post bags to send the last few things down to Queanbeyan Show – M_F : coming at you this week!!!

(And Bob – Laughing at the Book story as I remember the original version and.. No.. they’re cows.. not goats. However if I buy my farm… I can have goats.. cashmere…. hurrrrrrhhhhhh)

And to show you what else I’ve been doing apart from documenting procedures until I thought I had gone blind:

 Another car to be refuelled

On Thursday, we went out to dinner. This is far more glamourous than it sounds given we were all still dressed for work.. and.. true to form.. a car ran out of fuel..

What makes it funnier was a. Its the Boss’s Daughter car.. and we had no Unleaded with us so we had to drive to the Pub/Service Station and borrow a Jerry can of petrol.

Then we realised that we didnt have a funnel.

I did however find a roll of aluminium foil. Which when you make a funnel and mush it into the gas tank opening doesnt spill a DROP!

Once rolling again, we headed back to the Hayes Creek Pub (with the Service station and the fuel pump painted to look like a Jack Daniels bottle : Classy!!) and it was time for Dinner.

This increases the Tally to Amanda 2, Crocodiles 0

 Crocodile fingers

These are Crocodile Bites served with salad and Wedges. Wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce… hurrrrrrrrrrrrhhhh  A bit too much pepper is my only complaint.

The other girls did complain about a dinner guest:

 Brown snakes are deadly He’s an Eastern Brown Snake.

Its ok – he only crawled under the table twice…

Sunset Last night Looked Like this:

sunset  and this morning it’s raining so I am going to spend today catching up on emails and … crocheting!!

Lots to catch up on!!!!


~ by SB&C on November 3, 2007.

5 Responses to “Cars, Crocodiles and Crochet!”

  1. I am so happy you are reunited with your stuff! Crochet is part of my therapy so I don’t know what I would do if I ran out of everything for several days.

    I was glad to see other people were a bit irritated by the comments too. Of course we are not all going to agree on WNTC! Sheesh.

    I love what little I can see of your house and as usual your picture of the sky is gorgeous.

    Have a great weekend and happy crocheting!

  2. Hi
    raining here too – big grins all round.
    I’m soo glad you and crochet are reunited. Can see you sitting there getting your fix this afternoon.
    And I remember telling you once that sometimes you have to believe petrol gauges…

    I am going to a fete this afternoon. That means second hand books (want me to look for crochet patterns?) and old fashioned plants. Very happy me. And white elephants. and home made sweets 🙂 Ffig is hanging out for the fresh oysters and champagne – so very happy him too.
    I’ll check in later.

  3. You are having Bad Car Karma lately, particularly when it comes to petrol…I hope that’s the end of it 🙂

    Now you and your crochet have been reunited (very happy for you!), I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work.

    — Michelle

  4. hi glad your home! were you able to go to group today?

    just got home from the airport – more later!


  5. […] SB&C added an interesting post today on Cars, Crocodiles and Crochet!.Here’s a small reading:Another car to be refuelled. On Thursday, we went out to dinner. This is far more glamourous than it sounds given we were all still dressed for work.. and.. true to form.. a car ran out of fuel.. What makes it funnier was a. … […]

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