Ok – So – I didn’t win the Melbourne Cup

I find it somewhat bemusing that occasionally my laptop comes up and asks me “sleep?” . yes, I’d love to.

Once again I beat the sun up!

sunrise 6 Nov 07

Its Melbourne Cup Day – I have applied my usual selection criteria and passed the tips onto those who have asked for them (The Fuzz, Sirimone and who ever #9 is.. And Purple Moon.. might be there too).   And apparently – he was.. 2nd…

The very good news for the day is that our Project Manager at Shiny Rock’s partner delivered a baby girl last night. Still waiting on more details but apparently everybody – including new small person is very well!

The sad news for the day is that Daffy has gone back to Thrifty. I’ll miss him….Not the Judder but hey.

The Utility I’m driving now is a lot newer (60K kms) but is a Mitsubishi and there are things about Mitsubishis I don’t like.

I was thinking back on all the vehicles I’ve driven, working amongst the rocks. Light vehicles, not the big CATS.

Like these huge ones today.

big dump trucks

The array runs from the Standard down-and-dirty model Hilux Toyota Utes. Usually with varying degrees of mechanical degradation. The more “executive” model Hilux of the Project Manager at TB 2, the car that distinguished itself on the muddy Friday morning by not being able to gain traction and so I left it behind at the top of the ramp and walked. (Ok:  Slid). This Hilux model has a problem with not being heavy enough in the rear and has a nasty tendency to swing out around corners.

silver Hilux

The Managing Directors’ Top of the Range Hilux. I have a love-hate relationship with this car. I love that it goes vrrrrrrm when you ask it but the seats are deep, the sides are high and I feel a little lost inside it.   Go figure.

 Then we have the bigger 100 Series Landcruisers which I positively have to abseil up into. Thrifty T, Daffy, the Silver Car, The White Car and.. Simon’s car. Poor old Simon’s car, that held up going sideways around corners and  Rescue car, but was also the scene of one of my more classic pratfalls.

Our client company decided to make a rule that we had to get out of the car and sign a book every time we went across one of the two railway crossings on site –they couldn’t fit lights, barriers, whatever; so we had to sign a book.  My first morning back: They’ve created this pile of gravel and a pole and the book is chained to the pole. The mound is like an ice-cream scoop next to the road with steep sides. I stepped out of Simon’s car (which is a big step for me) and slid down the pile of gravel, disappearing into the darkness with a little shriek. Simon loved retelling that story, saying it was something out of a horror movie: Girl opens the door into the swirling dark, disappears with a scream, sound of hands scrabbling against the side of the car… a palm slammed desperately against the glass…

Daffy has gone back, Silver car has relocated to Shiny Rocks/TB 2 to replace Simons’ car and Thrifty T is Ricks’ so I’m driving the Triton.

 Someone is driving off with my car

The Triton is not as much fun as the first Ute I was given. V8, D45 Landcruiser Workmate. You asked that car the question, it had ALL the answers. Including grade climb assist. J  hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh

And of course, there’s my own Green Car – Toyota’s nice Prado. He’s a good boy.

The other good news is I have crochet to show you.  I felt the need to mohair last night. I understand why there are fetishists about mohair (ok – there are fetishes are everything I suspect) but I love good thick luscious mohair and so we went on a jag last night.

You may have seen in my Gallery:

Melinda’s blanket 

 this blanket I made for Melinda, the nurse who was looking after Mother_figure’s mother.  I was really pleased with the way this turned out considering the Great Dye Lot Debacle – I checked. I rechecked. The numbers were the same… the colours looked the same Purple, plum and lilac but… they look NOTHING like each other when made up into squares. And I still have a dozen or so left. And a heap of Mohair. J

Purple Mohair rectangles Last night whilst cursing the idiocy of the woman on “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” (I do.. and I know what the word “perpendicular” means!) I made these four squares using two balls.  Blissfully soft after working with thread. And a 6mm hook feels like an absolute POLE after a 1mm hook (which reminds me – we haven’t heard from Canadian Barb for a while. Barb? Are you ok?? ). But I’m well on the way to having an afghan amount finished. I need 35, here’s 4, there’s 12 at home.. 8 more balls with me: that’s another 16 squares, 32 total! So, only really to do a couple more at home and we’ve cracked it!

 purple squares

And I still have the aquamarine one to join… Might do that this weekend. Along with finishing the fringe and the earrings!!

Catch you all later!!!


~ by SB&C on November 6, 2007.

7 Responses to “Ok – So – I didn’t win the Melbourne Cup”

  1. But second’s not that bad! I mean, it could have been last. lol I like the colors you have in that afghan, very soothing and soft. I know what you mean about going to yarn after working with thread hooks, it always throws me. To this day I can’t work with bigger than an H. The stitches are so tight I can’t get the hook through. lol

    But I have an accomplishment too, I finished my layette! Now I need to finish the kid’s winter set and I can get back to my gown. 😀

    Hope you have a safe and non-eventful day!

  2. Well, I am glad I didn’t ask *you* for tips (and I was considering it!) – yours are the same as mine but luckily, I forgot to put $ on The Fuzz. I hoped Sirmione and Zipping would do well but I’ve got a couple of dollars from Purple Moon & Mahler…of course, I got confused with my bets and ended up spending a bit more than I had originally planned (oops).

    I love the colours in your squares, they are very nice 🙂 – and somehow I have a newfound appreciation for Frank the Tank. At least I don’t need a ladder to get in (just a few cushions to see over the dash).

    — Michelle (who knows nothing about horses and really hates losing money – so she probably shouldn’t bother betting!).

  3. just a “hi” today!


  4. Terrific vehicle show there. I have had a question I’ve been forgetting to ask – didn’t know that ‘forgetting’ took that long, but it did becuz now I’ve ‘remembered’. So, on the Top of The Range Helix – is the black cobra-like squared-tube running up the passenger side by the front windshield a light? Is it used while driving across the deep dark?

    BTW, I have dropped the pix of the truck with HUGE trucks behind it as my dekstop wallpaper…

    Mohair is devine…I love adding a teeny thin squiggle of fuzz to a DK or even bigger, as it traps the heat so well and the fuzz is a nice caress against the cold.

    Low foggy-doggy skies here today. Wine crush is ending, the valleys smell like tannin and the vineyard colors are fabulous autumnal greens, yellows, red and gold.

  5. Hi
    Those trucks are very big!!!!

    But this is mostly to let you know that the postman delivered safely and the ladies in the front office all oohed and ahhhed over the goodies. They especially liked the baby outfit with its mop hat. Now I’m waiting for directions for QBN show…

  6. where is manda
    where is manda
    where can she be
    where can she be
    i miss my daily dose of fun
    i miss my daily dose of fun
    come back soon!
    come back soon!

    ok seriously everything ok?

  7. […] You can read it in full here […]

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