Where am I?

I’m back! I’m sorry!!

 Yesterday I did my hobbit run, there and back again, to Darwin covering another 560kms. Good thing I like driving..   This morning, despite 8 hours of sleep, I feel somewhat folded up still.

It wasn’t the most eventful of drives, the Army moving what seemed like all  of their tanks and only one dead wallaby left behind. Honestly – that Wallaby had a death wish. It sprang out right in front of me and I caught it with the left front of the bull-bar.

While I’m on the subject of vehicle parts: To answer Barbara’s question – the Black snakey thing on the side of the vehicles is actually a Schnorkel or a Breather (depending on whether you’re Territorian or a Queenslander). As the Landcruisers, Hiluxes and Tritons are all dedicated 4 Wheel Drive Off Road vehicles (unlike my Prado which doesn’t have one, as it is a more “suburban” vehicle, just need the weight to tow the horsebox) we drive them through dust, mud and water.   The schnorkel allows air to go straight to the engine and therefore keep it going through the mud and water and dust.

I’m back at Toothbrush Three now, heading for a top of 34°C and a humidity of 94%.  Hitachi Excavator at SunriseBeautiful Sunrise this morning – the most gorgeous Purples and creams with our little (30tonne) Excavator working at the dam’s edge.

Important Safety Tip we learnt today: Always apply Aeroguard Insect Repellent AFTER you blow in the breathalyser. We had a record number of failures and some really baffled looks until we realised what had happened. Unfortunately, the poor breathalyser ingested way too much Aeroguard and has to go back to town to be recalibrated.

 a breathalyser unit I borrowed one of the parent company’s to cover us until ours is fixed. Interesting note : The security guard was too busy telling me about how great he is.. Army, go figure…  that he didn’t notice I didn’t sign for the loaner. Heee heeee heeeee

Since he is obviously *so* keen to tell me about his time in Timor (I might have to black-cat him and tell him about my 5 months in the Gulf) he might be an unwitting key player in the Evil Plan I have been developing.  You see… there’s this electronic bulletin board at the Front gate – controlled by the laptop in the Gatehouse…. (the Gatehouse I have to stop myself from waving my hand in front of the Guards’ faces and intone “you don’t need to see my identification” .. “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”)

And it flashes up these cutesy little messages.I hate cutesy little Safety Messages.  I seriously dig Safety Cartoons like These: safety cartoon 1  any thoughts 

Another Safety Tip : They are great for inductions, it’s so much fun watching people squint to read them and then ,2,3 as they process and then they laugh.

But I hate “Hydrate with a Mate”.. Because then people start thinking about beer. Mmmmm… Beer… (Now I’m even more distracted because I have Vin Diesel a la the Fast and the Furious – stupid Movie but great VD perving – in my head “You can have any beer you want : as long as it’s a Corona” hurrrrrrrrrrh Corona.  Huuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhh Vin Diesel.)

Anyway… my Evil Plan:

I would really really really like to hack into that signboard.

And have some more appropriate messages showing.

‘Social reform when mutually convenient” (if you’re a Pratchett fan)

“Steady Progress and Limited DisobedienceWhile retaining Well-Formulated Good Manners” (if you’re really a Pratchett fan! )

“May the Force be with you” (For the Jedis)

“Aussie Dollar hits $1 US” (For the economic minded)

“Dry Paint”  (that screws with people’s heads)

“Caution – turtles” (To make people look down)

“Caution – Asteroids” (you get me?)

“Please Do Not Feed The Elephant” (heee heee)

“Santa Claus is coming to town” (He is! )

“Snoopy 1, Red Baron 0” ( I love that song)

“I tawt I taw a Puddy tat!”

“Frodo Lives” (since I’ve got the Hobbitses from yesterday)

Slowly and surely,  I am drawing my plans against it   >:)

On the topic of Plans, Mother_figure reported last night, when we were talking about The Great Plan (which is entering more solid phases – I will soon reveal all!),  that it was cold at home in The Other Territory and she was wrapped up in her Red Blanket I made her (Its .. Acrylic… but very Good Acrylic and a lot of it too.- Next time I agree to make a rug for someone I am NOT going to use yarn that is 35metres to 50gram balls. You use a LOT of balls) and wearing sheepskin boots . Migrating to Bermuda might be a good idea too…

Kris – I have made careful note of M_F’s agreement to learn to ride! I will be looking for a suitable pony for her next year.  and nice song btw!

Sonntag and amanda
I’d put her up on Sonntag but Madam Le Spot is actually quite tall ( if you can see where my legs get to on her sides!!!)  So that should make for some good blog entries next year : it’ll be “Riding Boots and Crochet”.  

Oooh – Crochet! As I had an hour at home with Toothbrush One yesterday, I finished the fringe on the Coffee and Chocolate shawl. I am so pleased with the way it’s turned out. And I LOVE that yarn. Picture to follow!!!! 

A pile of Mohair squaresThe Picture I do have is the pile of squares has grown: so we’re well on the way to having a joining frenzy this weekend. One more day..

 As I haven’t put up any bird pictures for a little while

 – this is a Kite that I met this morning.  A kite early this morning

These are beautiful birds – they sit on the rocks waiting for a thermal and then they circle looking for lizards and bugs. 

Anyway – that’ll do for today as I’ve used up my five minutes and I still havent done half the things I meant to!

Lvoe to you all!

will be home tomorrow and will answer you all individually!!!


~ by SB&C on November 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “Where am I?”

  1. You sure do get around! Given that you’re a Safety Officer, I hope you “stop, revive, survive” (you’re doing well on the survival part so far and we’d like to keep it that way) 🙂

    Aren’t Plans fun – the Evil Plan seems like a good one and I am very curious now about The Great Plan. How soon is soon? 🙂

    Good job on the squares and I am looking forward to seeing the finished shawl, too.

    — Michelle

  2. Must remind you Man that I feel about riding hosses the same as I do about bicycles – my feet must be able to reach the ground in case of an emergency – so spotty one wouldn’t do at all.

    Keep working on the evil plan…army deserve it.

  3. I love the cartoons, those are hilarious! Your sky pic is as gorgeous as always. I can’t wait to see your blanket all done. I have been busy crocheting and finally managed TWO mittens that look the same. lol I was very proud. :p

    I hope you have a great weekend, its almost here!

  4. mm…The squares looks very soft and squish-squish-squishee. My friend & I have the pleasure of teaching a 12 year old to crochet this week-end…tee hee. We have a how-to binder and easy hat instructions ready to go! The sunrise pictures is a fantastic; the HUGE expanses on that damn, the excavator looks a mere blip.

    Hope your week-end is lovely. Maybe a horse with rockers for mother_figure?

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